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Stone Age

Events of this age are depicted during: Justice League Unlimited
  • Vandal Savage made immortal
  • War between Humans and Snake-people fought

Ancient Ages

Events of this age are depicted during: Justice League Unlimited
  • Greek myths happen

Middle Ages

Events depicted during: Justice League Unlimited
  • The events of King Arthur's court.

Modern Ages

Events depicted during: All of them, including Batman Beyond in the form of flashbacks

Some time before any of the series proper

  • Destruction of Krypton.
  • Bruce Wayne's parents are murdered by a robber. Later on, he makes a promise to his parents to help prevent crimes minor and major. To that end, he travels the world, learning martial arts, escape artistry, and all kinds of other skills so he can be ready to take on crime himself. On the verge of breaking this promise, he meets up with and falls in love with Andrea Beaumont. She leaves him in order to hide from the mob, which helps push him back onto the path to becoming Batman.
  • John Stewart becomes a Green Lantern.

Series Proper

  • Batman appears and starts his war on crime.
    • He takes on several youths to help, ranging from Dick Grayson (the first Robin who then left to become Nightwing), to Barbara Gordon (Batgirl), to Tim Drake (the second Robin).
    • Unfortunately, the war on crime is far from easy, as new villains such as Harley Quinn (psychiatrist Harleen Quinzeel), Two-Face (former district attorney Harvey Dent), and Clayface (former actor Matt Hagen) appear. Other villains who rise to prominence in this time include The Penguin (deformed aristocrat Oswald Cobblepot), Poison Ivy (botanist Pamela Isley), Mr. Freeze (scientist Victor Fries), The Scarecrow (Professor Jonathan Crane), and his Arch-Enemy The Joker.
      • Thanks to Batman's efforts though, the traditional mob is eventually driven to ruin, with the "masks" and "freaks" taking over instead.
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    • Also during this time, Bruce's old flame Andrea returns, operating under the mask of The Phantasm, exacting revenge on any person involved in her father's death. She kills all the old mobsters and conspirators, but at the end, the last person involved is The Joker. In a 3 way battle, Batman, Joker and the Phantasm fight in the old future world park, leading to it's destruction and Bruce's final estrangement from Andrea. Joker, despite the insanity around him manages to survive to fight again.
  • Kal-El of Krypton is sent off to earth to escape its destruction. Kal-El lands in Kansas, is adopted by the Kents, and given the name Clark. His powers thanks to Earth's yellow sun begin manifesting in his teenage years, and after traveling the world and finding his father's fortress of solitude, Clark moves to Metropolis to work as an investigative journalist. He also begins his work as Superman to defend humanity from internal and external threats.
    • As the most visible and beloved of earth's heroes, Superman quickly becomes a target of villains such as Lex Luthor and Mr. Mxyzptlk. Other villains are created during the course of his career mainly to go against his success such as Bizarro, Metallo and Livewire.
    • Batman and Superman team up multiple times, helping out in each other's cities.
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    • Investigating the area around Krypton, Clark finds out about the sister planet of Argo, a thriving colony planet that unfortunately was ruined by the shockwave of Krypton's destruction, sending it into the deep freeze. The citizens try to survive in suspended animation, but unfortunately Clark finds only 1 survivor: Kara In-Ze. She's returned to earth and taken on as his adopted cousin.
    • The alien leader Darkseid and his hosts of Apokalips lead multiple invasions of earth. Each time Superman leads the charge to drive them off, continually frustrating 'seid and his minions.
      • On their 2nd invasion, they brainwash Superman to lead the armies, but he breaks it, and beats Darkseid to near death. His people refuse to kill him, and Earth now mistrusts him, but he promises to win back their trust one life at a time.
  • Virgil Hawkins is exposed to the Big Bang gas, becomes a metahuman, and takes on the title Static. He fights with and against similar metahumans ("Bang Babies").
  • Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, John Stewart (GL of Earth's sector), Wally West (The Flash), Hawkgirl (a Thanagarian warrior), and the Martian Manhunter all form the Justice League. It takes on many threats too big for one superhero, eventually leading up to them fending off a Thanagarian invasion. This prompts them to recruit others, forming what some believed to be the equivalent of a small army.
    • Before this though, Lex Luthor is exposed as a criminal, but then pardoned thanks to his help with the Justice Lords Crisis: an alternate universe where after the death of the Flash, the League became evil.
    • Also in this time, Brainiac and Darkseid are supposedly killed together.
    • The Justice League fight many of each of its members' foes, teaming up for bigger and bigger goals. They go up against Cadmus, the Legion of Doom, and a revised Darkseid-Brainaic hybrid.
    • By the end of the 2nd conflict with Darkseid, all but 13 members of the Legion of Doom are wiped out or disappeared, meaning an age of peace is about to ensue for a time.

Between end of JLU and start of Batman Beyond

  • Joker's "Final Joke" leads to his death, Harley Quinn goes straight, and the Bat-Family breaks up. Barbara and Tim retire formally from crime fighting, though Barbara ends up taking on her father's role as Gotham's police chief later on.
    • This also leads to Batman's gradual estrangement from the Justice League. Guilt ridden due to his failure to save Robin before his torture and Mind Rape, Batman instead devotes all his efforts to cleaning up Gotham. This means before long, he loses contact with all his old friends, with only his drive left.
      • Batman, as his body continued to give out, built better and better Batsuits to compensate for his decreasing fitness, but he retired on the day common muggers almost killed him and he was forced to use a gun (thinking he had no strength left for his crusade as Batman).
  • Having grown to respect Bruce Wayne's skills, compassion, and refusal to kill, Amanda Waller of Cadmus becomes convinced "there will always need to be a Batman". After searching for people with similar psychological profiles to Wayne's parents, Amanda Waller rewrites Wayne-Powers employee Warren McGinnis's reproductive DNA under cover of a "flu shot" to ensure a Bruce Wayne-half clone is made. She then goes so far as to set up the elder McGinnis's assassination, but the assassin (the Phantasm) refuses, saying it would destroy everything the Batman stood for. Waller is forced to agree and stands down (although she continues to monitor Warren and his sons, Terry and Matt).

Future Ages

Events depicted during: Justice League, Unlimited, Batman Beyond, The Zeta Project

40 Years into the Future

  • Terry McGinnis loses his father, and in pursuit of vengeance becomes the new Batman. He takes on many of Bruce's old foes, along with his own. The most prominent of these is the Joker, who came Back from the Dead via a hidden microchip on Tim Drake. Thankfully, with the chip destroyed the Joker is killed once again.
    • A new Justice League is formed around this time, due to the old one having aged out of fashion.
  • Zeta, a robot designed for infiltration and assassination, develops a conscience and refuses to kill his target. The government assumes Zeta has gone rogue and Agent Bennett pursues a fugitive Zeta who tries to prove his own sentience.
  • Static travels to the future and helps Terry McGinnis rescue his adult self in a Stable Time Loop.

65 Years into the Future

  • Bruce Wayne (now in his mid-90s) suffers from kidney failure. Terry (who has fully embraced the identity of Batman and is a member of the Justice League of the time) offers to donate one of his own but is shocked when genetic testing indicates he is biologically Bruce's son; he considered telling off Wayne (whom he assumes knew of his origins), leaving Dana Tan (whom he is still dating), and quitting the League. He confronts the now-elderly Waller, who tells him of his origins and says that it's up to him, not his genetics, as to how to proceed. Realizing his current relationships are more important than his past, he proposes to Tan and makes peace with his biological father.

The 30th Century

  • The Legion of Superheroes are almost all captured by their enemies, and in desperation summon 3 League members to the future to help. Together, they defeat the villains, but more comfortable with the technology of the time, and forming an affection with Brainiac 5, Supergirl chooses to stay and protect this time instead.

30,000 Years (at least) into the Future

  • In a timeline where Vandal Savage accidentally devastated the Earth with a gravity-control device intended to wipe out the League, Superman (catapulted into the future by that same device) took on some wolves, made friends with a now-penitent Vandal, and traveled back to the present with a time machine Vandal helped construct. These events here were erased from the timeline once Vandal's original plan was stopped.


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