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The Adventures of Dr. McNinja

The doctor is The Doctor.
Let's see here... Eccentric personality? Check. Pacifistic personality despite action-type lifestyle? Check. Knows major historical figures? Ben Franklin and Dracula, so check. Has sidekicks? Judy and Gordito, another check. Expert in things that fall outside normal human experience? Check. Being riddled with bullets may well have cost him a regeneration rather than just being something he survived though sheer force of will, but we can't tell if his face looks different because he's wearing a mask.
  • Who says a Time Lord has to look different after a regeneration?
  • Not to mention he refuses to tell anyone his first name. Clearly "the wizard" is just a code for whatever the real reason he doesn't use his name is.


Murkoph is an insane Time-Lord.He's disturbingly knowledgeable, seems to know the inner-workings of the reality of Unsounded, and could have been trapped in the Khert when he was fleeing from the Time-War.


Kin is a Time Lord.
  • At least Scorpion Kin. It's mentioned that she has two hearts, and the Doctor has mentioned that he might not regenerate looking human. Not that the concern ever seems to be justified.

Riku is a Time Lord.

Namine just said she thought Riku was dead, and Riku said he was, and he would explain later. Clearly, he just regenerated.
  • Confirmed! While lampshading this very page!
    Axel: "And Alcohol? Best TARDIS ever."

Xemnas is a Time Lord.

His wacky coat is his TARDIS. And a central part of his plan is to take Sora back in time. Red XIII is his current companion, Larxene was once but she was convinced into staying with the main cast.

Susan is a Time Lord.

Diane is one of her regenerations, naturally.
  • Squick Alert: this opens up the possibility that, due to Time Travel the woman Susan's father cheated with is in fact Diane, who is in fact Susan. After all, Susan doesn't seem to remember what her father looks like, so if she met him in the past, she wouldn't necessarily realize who he was.


Otto Wisebottom is a Time Lord.

After all, he's invented a time machine!

Lucrezia is a Time Lord.

The Master, actually, being evil and all. She has a time machine!
  • And Klaus is the Doctor. He's got David Tennant's hair and everything.

Agatha and/or Gil are Time Lords

Trope Law Fourteen demands it!
  • The entire Heterodyne family could be Time Lords, with Castle Heterodyne as their TARDIS.

Dr. Disaster is a Time Lord.

Annie describes him as "the saviour of the universe, apparently" on the old version of the Cast Page. His simulations are combat training for an inevitable alien invasion. The students' strange accommodations were his idea — protection from aliens that can't scale heights.
  • As TARDISes are not built, but grown, this ties in with the above-mentioned theory that the Court was grown.
  • Speaking of TARDISes, it should also be noted that Annie's current dormitory is inside a large room. A very large room. While the Court is big enough to plausibly contain such a building, we've yet to see an exterior shot of any building that big.
  • And those Men in Black from Zimmy's flashback? Torchwood.


Starface is a Time Lady

Don't know what her TARDIS is, but come on. How else does she keep appearing at the final battle of every Mother game to see that the main character performs his heroic deed?

Cale is a time lord

Richard is his tardis
  • I... love you
  • You got it all wrong! Richard is the Time Lord. His TARDIS is the Fork of Truth. Also, the old mage from Past Kethetnica(can't spell it) is his prior Regeneration. Sometime after that form, he Fob Watched himself into the Lord Ashendale persona and then went on to Regenerate into Richard. Cale is just his Companion, like the Beholder.

Comments on a Postcard was/is created by a Time Lord.

The details given about the artist's personal life are unbelievably inconsistent, especially with regards to when the comic was created. All of the origin stories are true —- the Time Lord in question has been all the people mentioned in them, and the forum user who suggested it is just the current incarnation.

The entire storyline of Misfile is a prequel/origin story for Doctor Who

Rumisiel is obviously a pre-William Hartnell version of the Doctor before he got all clever and the Tardis. Cassiel and Vashiel are early versions of The Rani and The Master explaining their Ripple Effect-Proof Memory. "Heaven" is Gallifrey and the Celestial Depository with it's reality altering, omniscient and omnipotent files is its central computer. Even the absent God story corresponds to the absence of Rassilon and the whole Satan's takeover thing was the first Time War. Ash and Emily are obviously prototype companions.

Jade (gardenGnostic) in Homestuck is a Time Lord.

It would explain how she somehow has knowledge of future events in the storyline.
  • Actually, now that we've seen more of her, it seems that she's unware of her precognitive abilities for the most part. On the other hand, her Grandpa has been described as "badass" and "eccentric", and seems to know more about the events in the series, so it's possible that he's the Time Lord instead.

John Egbert is a TARDIS.

John being a TARDIS makes so much sense. He's able to travel to different universes, planets, and time periods in seconds. He's blue, can fly, and is capable of changing into different "forms" (i.e outfits) within seconds, and his specibus is technically infinite.

Pickle Inspector is every Time Lord.

By default, since all matter in the universe is made up of subatomic-sized time-displaced reincarnation of PI.

Spades Slick is a Time Lord.

Because he's everyone.

Lord English is The Doctor himself.

It has already been speculated once, but we got a clearer picture now.
  • Confirmed to be a Time Lord for certain by Intermission Two and Andrew even personally comparing the Cairo Overcoat to the TARDIS, at least.

Dave and Aradia are Time Lords.


uu is a Lord of Time, and whatever chat program he uses to jeer at people is his TARDIS.

  • With [S] Caliborn: Enter, we can assume undyingUmbrage is Lord English, tying this theory and one of the above theories together.
    • Confirmed as of the latest update. That he's a Lord of Time, at least, and that he's Lord English (making his TARDIS the Cairo Overcoat.)

The MitD is Half-Tarrasque, Half-Time Lord

The pink umbrella is his TARDIS, which explains how a Tarrasque fits under it.
  • Redcloak had the umbrella before (and probably Xykon gave it to him), so one of them must be the Time Lord, if at all.

Oasis is a pyrokinetic Time Lord.

With exceptional control over the physical aspects of her regeneration, but very little mental stability.

Riff is a Time Lord.

Think about it. The DFA is probably his TARDIS.

Bun-Bun is a Time Lord

The Master, or one of a similar alignment. He's nearly unkillable, he has regenerated from near-death several times, and the switchblade is his TARDIS. Oh, and there were those (two) times that he was thrown out of the space-time continuum. Only a Time Lord could survive that.

All the various Deaths are dead Time Lords.

They are able to travel through time at will, and are used to experiencing events in a non-chronological sequence as a result. Also, the Head Death knows about time paradoxes and how they can lead to the destruction of the universe. Multiple paradoxes happening simultaniously in a number of different times fits with the Whoniverse's timey-wimey ball, and implys that only one, or just a couple of paradoxes would not be a problem.
  • Since the author was a Death for a short period, this would imply that HE is a Time Lord as well. This would explain how he is aware of, and able to show in the comic, all the varios events, including those hapening in the past, future, and alternate timelines.

Alex is a Time Lord. It is somehow imperative to the future of humanity that Taiki come out of the closet, so she was sent to be her Closet Key. Kai becomes her companion and the reason they haven't been seen since volume 4 is that they're off in Alex's TARDIS having adventures.

The Beret Existentialist is a Time Lord.

Like most xkcd characters, he has no name, but displays many personality traits similar to The Doctor such as moments of Cloud Cuckoo Lander -ness, and very philosophic tendencies. Also, recently, the ability to grow infinite wings. Given the style of his Nice Hat, possibly a reincarnation of Jamie from MythBusters.

Jack Fortinbras is a Time Lord.

His character page suggests that he might be one. How else does he have time to get straight As in Physics and captain the Varsity Rugby team?

Tiffany Et becomes a Time Lord.

What else can be the result of murderously hijacking your own FUTURE self's time machine? And come to think of it, hasn't the Doctor had troubles with an amoral scientific sort? Did they ever say what The Rani's name was?

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