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The panel in 2019, from left to right: Carrie Ann Inaba, Sheryl Underwood, Sharon Osbourne, Marie Osmond and Eve
The Talk is a daytime talk show which debuted in October 2010 and airs weekdays on CBS. It is hosted by a panel of five celebrities who engage in news commentary, celebrity gossip, and newsmaker interviews. The show was created by actress Sara Gilbert, who also serves as an executive producer, along with John Redmann. The show is based on the British daily women's panel show Loose Women, which has been running regularly in the United Kingdom since 1999. The start of the show's ninth season saw the announcement that Julie Chen had left the show; Gilbert took the moderator's chair, and Carrie Ann Inaba officially became a full member of the panel on January 4th, 2019. Three months later, on April 9th, Sara Gilbert announced she was leaving the show, and at the beginning of the next season, Marie Osmond joined the remaining ladies as a co-host. Osmond left at the end of the season in the summer of 2020. Sharon Osbourne was the last original co-host to leave in March 2021. She was replaced by Jerry O'Connell in July 2021. Natalie Morales joined the panel in September 2021.

It's always the right time to name those tropes:

  • Awesome Moment of Crowning: Eve's introduction as a co-host. Eve walked out to a confetti cannon and hugs from her fellow co-hosts. What's even more awesome is that she walked out to her biggest hit "Let Me Blow Ya Mind" which notably became the inaugural winner for Best Rap/Sung Collaboration at the Grammy's; not to mention, the song is very fitting, too.
    • Sheryl Underwood revealed (via footage from the Netflix special Def Comedy Jam 25 which Underwood also appeared) that Chris Rock said Underwood is "the dirtiest comedian that ever walked the Earth. I don't know if there's anybody I wanna follow less than Sheryl Underwood it's like a toss up between her and Bernie [Mac]." Guest host Vanessa Lachey (who auditioned for Aisha Tyler's spot) said "Now I don't wanna say anything after that there's nothing I say gonna top [that]" which she later revealed that was she and her husband Nick Lachey ran into Julie Chen (who she idolized during her TRL days) at The Montage Hotel.
    • Sheryl Underwood received a Wounded Warrior Project Challenge Coin from former Marine Sal Gonzalez (of America's Got Talent fame) and it is awesome.
    • Aisha Tyler told Entertainment Tonight Eve is "doing an amazing job" as her replacement.
    • Despite Karrueche Tran saying she is not "musically talented at all" and she "can't sing or dance and I got two left feet." Eve told Tran she loved her performance of "Let Me Blow Ya Mind" on Lip Sync Battle when Tran appeared on The Talk.
  • Badass Crew: Do NOT think of interrupting them at an award show. Aspiring rapper Zacari Nicasio learned this the hard way at the People's Choice Awards when Sharon Osbourne literally kicked him twice off the stage and Sheryl Underwood called security over to escort him out of the building. Not to mention, Sheryl Underwood is an Air Force veteran and Eve is the only female of DMX's Ruff Ryders label and crew. When 50 Cent admitted to the ladies on air that he was intimidated when he's on the show Julie Chen jokes that they now have "street cred."
  • Bait-and-Switch: As just one example, the segment which was supposed to feature Sara's contribution to Dare Week opened with a great deal of exposition on the theme, and after several minutes of buildup, Sara announced that she couldn't even do the thing because she was pregnant.
  • Be Careful What You Wish For: A rare real life example of this. Before co-hosting the show; In 2015, Eve remarked about Iggy Azalea (who was facing cultural appropriation accusations) and her place in hip hop as an Australian rapper on Sway in the Morning; "At the end of the day I get it. I get that people might be upset about certain things but yeah she's white but they grew up with our shit. Hip-hop is everywhere — every neighborhood, every country, every city — and it didn't just hit... yes it's from us and it's our thing but she's representing a group of girls right now as well. She's from a different place and I've said this before, it would be dope to hear her with her swag, Who are you, what are you, what is that?" Three years later, Eve ironically gave her co-host Julie Chen lessons on how to rap as part of the shows New Year's Evolution each co-host took on. Eve ate her own words listening to Chen's freestyle about being a Chinese MC and she was not pleased with the results. Perhaps, Eve should've listened to Iggy before hearing Chen's freestyle. However, she had a change of heart after performing 2Pac's "California Love" with Chen which was overwhelmingly well-received including Eve herself. Although her feelings on Azalea did not change; Eve welcomed hip hop's impact as a global phenomenon with open arms and even admitting on the show that she is a fan of Fergie. She also was happy to find out hosting the Red Carpet event at the Grammy's Kelly Clarkson is a fan of hers and she admitted to Clarkson that she also is a fan of hers as well. Eve did hint on the show she wants to write a letter to somebody she hurt their feelings a few years ago most likely referring to Azalea. On the September 14, 2018 episode Eve said that she was remorseful over what she said to Azalea as her comments devastated her. Eve wrote an apology letter to Azalea about her comments. Eve called her amazing and wished her the best. Eve felt she had more to do for Azalea due to her comments. Sharon Osbourne out of curiosity wanted to know what her comments were and Eve warns her not to start with her about it.
  • Breakout Character: Sheryl Underwood easily fits this trope. Although, she has been doing stand up for years (even appearing on Def Comedy Jam); this show is considered her big break and easily becoming a fan favorite.
  • Catchphrase:
    • "Let's start talking!"
    • "It's always the right time to have The Talk!"
  • Crossover: The show has crossed over with Supergirl (2015) and Jane the Virgin on their respective shows.
    • In 2017, Julie Chen made a guest appearance on The Young and the Restless and at one point Hilary runs into Chen on the set of The Talk.
    • For that matter, The Talk has had stars of The Young and the Restless'' on so many times (and so frequently!) they're practically on speed-dial.
    • Drew Carey hosted actual games (complete with props) from The Price Is Right on the set of The Talk multiple times.
    • With Entertainment Tonight frequently as top talkers and occasionally guest co-hosts. Not to mention, the hosts of The Talk have been on Entertainment Tonight multiple times.
    • On The Osbournes Podcast (hosted by the Osbourne family and based on their show The Osbourne Show) the first two guests on the podcast announced was Sharon's co-host from The Talk Sheryl Underwood and frequent guest co-host Carnie Wilson.
    • The cast of Young Sheldon had their interview crashed by John Goodman, Lecy Goranson and Laurie Metcalf of Roseanne the latter being Zoe Perry's mother.
    • Although, Carrie Ann Inaba is a permanent host on the show she has no problem bringing out her Dancing with the Stars paddles for comic relief during certain segments and when former Dancing with the Stars contestants appear as guests (or as guest co-hosts) Inaba has no problem reminding them of their time on the show (even her fellow co-host Marie Osmond is no exception).
    • The Talk made a cameo during one of the final episodes of The Late Late Show with James Corden, where it is revealed that they had managed to both steal and successfully conduct Corden's "Celebrity Noses" game (which had always gone wrong on his own show).
  • Dueling Shows: Typically with The View. Sharon Osbourne does not have anything nice to say of them. When Sara Gilbert mispronounced the names of The View's co-hosts (by mistake) during the Daytime Emmy's announcement The View co-host Whoppi Goldberg poked fun at them at their expense. Gilbert did apologize for the mispronunciation hours after The View makes fun of them for it. Ironically, in 2018 Joy Behar hosted a 20/20 on Roseanne a show Gilbert is most famous for, and on March, 27 2018; Gilbert even made an appearance on The View to promote the reboot of Roseanne with Roseanne Barr and John Goodman.
    • Also with The Wendy Williams Show mostly due to Sharon Osbourne's dislike of her and Williams bullying Carrie Ann Inaba to lose her job on Dancing With The Stars due to her constructive criticism of her dancing.
    • Subverted with The Real mostly due to Sheryl Underwood and Loni Love's friendship. Not to mention this awesome selfie of Aisha Tyler and Sheryl Underwood with the ladies of The Real. Underwood even gave Love a shout out when discussing Sean "Diddy" Combs' name change to Brother Love. Love wished Tyler good luck on her directing career on Twitter and even congratulated Eve as well on Twitter when she got hired as a co-host on The Talk. Another fun fact: Eve and Adrienne Bailon once toured together on the TRL Tour. In 2018, when The Real won their first Daytime Emmy for Outstanding Entertainment Talk Show Host (which they were in the running for) the ladies of The Talk also celebrated their win knowing first hand what it's like to be the underdogs. Sharon Osbourne hilariously celebrated their win on an airplane (as she was touring with her husband that night) believing The Talk won that category until her daughter Kelly told her The Real won (The Talk won an Emmy that night for Outstanding Talk Show/Entertainment). The Real thanked them for cheering them on (and also celebrating their Emmy win) sending the hosts, producers and crew some cupcakes.
  • Eat That: David Alan Grier (of In Living Color! fame) brought a giant water bug for one of the ladies to eat which Eve agreed to try (and vowed never to eat again).
  • Face Your Fears: There was a series of segments about this, with each of the hosts taking on a challenge and turn. Sara didn't get to do hers, though, because when her time came, she was pregnant.
  • Final Speech: Aisha Tyler's goodbye speech to The Talk is a real tear jerker. She left The Talk to pursue her directing career. Even her departure announcement is a real tear jerker. Tyler did make a brief return in season 8 as a guest co-host and returned on April 17th, marking the first time Tyler and her replacement Eve were at the table together. Luckily, Tyler said she would be "haunting" them, and it would not be the last time the fans will see Tyler on the show.
  • Funny Background Event: As the spinoff The Talk: @Home is shot entirely on Zoom there have some funny usernames that have been seen on the show. Wayne Brady listed his username as "Your Mom Loves Wayne," Sean Hayes listed his username as "Joe Exotic" and on the April 15th episode Sharon Osbourne's username was accidentally set to "Sharon's iPhone" before changing it to "Sharon" after her house tour segment.
  • Graceful Loser: The hosts warmly congratulated their friends at The Real on their 2018 "Best Talk Show Host" Emmy.
  • Guest Host: When other work commitments or life events get in the way for one of the co-hosts this is expected. The most notable being Carnie Wilson (who was also in the running for Aisha Tyler's spot) who has been subbing for the co-hosts since the first season, and Carrie Ann Inaba (who also auditioned for Aisha Tyler's spot before taking Julie Chen's place at the table in 2019).
  • Misaimed Stereotyping: Sheryl Underwood asking Sharon Osbourne what is a countess is.
    Sheryl Underwood: "What is of this countess [what is that] what is that Mrs. O?"
    Sharon Osbourne: "When I find out on the internet."
    Audience: (Laughter)
    Sheryl Underwood: "Sorry."
    Big Boy: "You see I tried to play it off like I knew. I was like 'I'll ask later.'"
    Eve: "Royalty."
    Big Boy: "That would've been a smooth Google for me."
  • My Greatest Second Chance: Sharon Osbourne had a talk show of her own called The Sharon Osbourne Show; Osbourne noted "it didn't work well." She said she was a lot more successful with "her girls" then by herself, noting the show's success is because of their friendships.
    • Marie Osmond hosted a talk show with her brother titled Donny & Marie from 1998-2000 and her own talk show in 2012 titled Marie which lasted only one season. Osmond got a third shot at being a talk show co-host on The Talk joining the show once it had already reached its tenth season.
  • Never Mess with Granny: Sharon Osbourne easily fits into this trope being one of two grandmothers on the panel (the other being Marie Osmond). Do not think about messing with her especially if your crashing an award show, writing horrible things about her in the tabloids or pushing her to get a picture with her husband.
  • Odd Friendship: For the current panel: Who would've thought that a former teen idol, Ruff Ryders First Lady, a wife of one of the biggest rockstars in the world, a Dancing with the Stars judge and a legendary comedian would become best friends? It's actually awesome. But it's also a requirement to have chemistry with all of the co-hosts in order to be a permanent co-host on The Talk. Sara and Julie had a whole discussion about this on their friendship especially when the two go hang out together.
  • Once a Season: The hosts have been marking Halloween with a perennial "Rocktober Lip-Sync War" since 2015.
  • Pie in the Face: Sara had one of the stagehands give her some whipped cream and a plate so she could recreate an instance of another person getting pied; she came close to Julie in order to demonstrate. Julie lost control of the pie, and Sara herself ended up getting it full in the face.
  • Plucky Comic Relief: Sheryl Underwood easily fits this role since she is a comedian. Former host Aisha Tyler (who also is a comedian) also filled that role from time to time.
  • Revolving Door Casting: This is a zig-zaged trope. Although the show will have substitute hosts when a permanent co-host is unable to make it to the show (the most notable being Carnie Wilson of Wilson Phillips); only "Mother on the Street" Marissa Jaret Winokur, Leah Remini, Holly Robinson Peete, Aisha Tyler, Julie and Sara Gilbert have left the show (Tyler left to pursue a directing career). Tyler said the show worked so well (and rarely having any permanent co-host changes) is because of their real life friendships. Tyler proves her point because she, Gilbert and Winokur made guest appearances respectively on the show following their departures. Remini and Peete did not return because of their surprise terminations. Chen will most likely not return due to her husband's infamous Me Too scandal. The on air auditions of season 8 qualify for this trope because every week there was a new lady auditioning for the show before producers ultimately decided on Eve.
  • Shout-Out: Before the possibility of a Roseanne reboot was even brought up, one episode of The Talk opened with a Roseanne sketch featuring not only Sara, but John Goodman, as well.
  • Sir Swearsalot: Sheryl Underwood and Sharon Osbourne fall into this trope the latter saying "s***" by mistake a few times (the camera pans into the audience with no audio when the word is said) since no one can say that word on daytime TV.
  • Spiders Are Scary: Julie Chen faced her fear of spiders on the show.
  • Spotlight-Stealing Squad: Although, not intentionally (as all of the co-hosts revolve the show on their real life friendships) Sheryl Underwood's comedic antics and jokes gain a lot of attention on the show to the point where if any of the other co-hosts are asked about The Talk Sheryl is usually brought up. Take CBS's Philadelphia's interview with Eve, for example. During discussion of the co-hosts first meeting with Eve, Underwood's antics prompted the reporter to ask about her first.
    Ukee Washington: "What kind of tips? What does Sheryl say? I wanna know what Sheryl says."
    Eve: "I said to her the first week I tested 'Oh my gosh I'm so nervous' Sheryl said to me 'You know I'm still nervous myself and Sharon we're nervous.'"
    • Sharon Osbourne acknowledged this trope on the February 7, 2020 episode when Eric Braden was a guest and at the start of Braden's interview Osbourne said to Underwood she takes up "far too much time" as she got "an official complaint" from her antics.
  • Talk Show: One of the more prominent American examples.
  • The Missus and the Ex: On the June 2, 2020 episode their guest Kristen Bell revealed at the start of her interview that her now husband Dax Shepard once dated Eve before they knew each other (and before Eve met her now husband Max Cooper). Both Bell and Eve have no issue over the matter noting it was a cool fun fact and both women have a mutual respect for each other making this a subverted trope.
  • The One Guy: Jerry O'Connell is the first man to be a co-host on the show.
  • Transatlantic Equivalent: This is the American version of Loose Women, which Sharon Osbourne has appeared on several times. Osbourne also got Sheryl Underwood and Jane Moore to meet for the first time during a taping of the British version of X-Factor.
  • Unintentional Backup Plan: Carrie Ann Inaba originally announced on the March 12, 2020 episode that due to the corona virus pandemic The Talk will be shot without an audience. After CBS forced production to shut down Inaba took matters into her own hands by hosting a daily Instagram live from her own house (normally when the show originally airs at 2 PM Eastern Time) under self quarantine solely because she misses her friends on the show and the audience. The shows Twitter and Instagram page even promotes it. The topics discussed on Inaba's Instagram live (on her page and The Talk's official Instagram page) were originally intended for the no audience shows and after the first 15 minutes Inaba discusses topics from her podcast Carrie Ann Inaba Conversations exclusively on her personal Instagram. Brigitte Nielsen and Eve were guests on Inaba's live stream on March 17 and 18 respectively. Carnie Wilson and Drew Scott also tuned into Inaba's livestream on March 17, 2020. Sheryl Underwood joined Inaba's livestream on March 19, 2020 filing in for Sharon Osbourne as Osbourne was unable join her Instagram live. Underwood took over for Inaba on March 20, 2020 with Camila McConaughey as her guest. Coco Montrese (of RuPaul's Drag Race fame) tuned in to that livestream. Dorit Kemsley (of The Real Housewives fame) will be a guest on March 23, 2020. Other guests included Dr. Phil, Raven Symone, The Bella Twins and Tyra Banks.
    • During Raven Symone's interview Symone mentioned her music was not for the radio as they don't play the music she currently makes. Sheryl Underwood offered to play Symone's music on her radio station which Symone immediately accepted her offer.
    • Making this a zig-zaged trope, the show announced it will now air an in-home edition on CBS (at it's regular time) starting on March 30, 2020 with Wayne Brady as their first guest. To the relief of the ladies and their guests who had no idea how to work an Instagram live and how to join an Instagram live no one will have to worry about that anymore. Inaba mentioned there will be no production crew throughout these episodes on Instagram as these episodes are conducted entirely off of Zoom video chat and are prerecorded two days before they go on air.
  • Voice of Reason: When Sheryl Underwood isn't being the comic relief on the show, she becomes this when something serious is brought up just listen to Underwood on racial profiling for example.
  • Who's Laughing Now?: Sheryl Underwood revealed that she turned down an opportunity to be in The Queens of Comedy due to a lack of details of her payment. Underwood also mentioned she had an another opportunity to work with Adele Givens, Laura Hayes and Sommore after Mo'Nique went on to be in The Parkers. On a conference call, the aforementioned ladies (with the exception of Mo'Nique) questioned Underwood's appearance and abilities as a comic which Underwood overheard and put herself on mute to take notes on what they where saying. Underwood said she was "bruised but I wasn't broken" because she is "right where I belong [as a co-host of The Talk]." This prompted her then co-host Aisha Tyler to give her a hug. Underwood went on to be a bigger star than the aforementioned ladies as a beloved co-host of The Talk.
    • Eve's story about Foxy Brown (not mentioned by name) sabotaging one of her first gigs performing club rounds. The promoter calls Eve to tell her "one of her friends called and wants tickets to [her] show." It turned out to be Foxy Brown who Eve was not friends with. Despite Eve's pleas to the promoter to not give Brown a ticket (she admitted she knew something was going to happen if he did it), the promoter told Eve that he has to give Brown a ticket "because she's bigger than you and I don't want to mess up this relationship." When Eve got ready for the show she believed Brown would not show up to her performance but Brown did show up to the performance. During her performance, Brown's appearance in the balcony behind Eve prompted the crowd to scream Brown's name rather than Eve's. Eve admitted this made her want to cry but she said "[But] the rapper in me and the Philly in me was like 'Oh you want to battle me?' You know like on stage and she didn't want to battle me at all she just wanted to mess up my show." This discussion prompted her fellow co-hosts as well as top talker Sean Valentine to find out who Eve was talking about. Eve said at the end of her discussion that she's "much happier in [her] life then [Brown] is right now." Eve had the last laugh having a much more successful career than Brown especially since Eve is the first rapper to be a co-host on a daytime talk show (Queen Latifah being the first to have her own talk show).
  • Why Did It Have to Be Snakes?: Sheryl Underwood faced her fear of snakes on the show.
  • Written-In Absence: Although the show is a talk show, in 2017 Sharon Osbourne was forced to have back surgery after damaging her L3 and L4 discs from playing with her grandchildren. Julie Chen addressed that Osbourne was in the hospital recovering (complete with a video sent to the producers by her daughter Kelly). Osbourne was given two weeks off to undergo surgery and recover. When she returned to the show she was not allowed to wear heels for a month (encouraging her co-hosts to take her shoe shopping) and had to use a pillow on her seat throughout her recovery time.
  • World of Snark: everybody on the panel has snarky moments at least periodically; it's not uncommon for one of the ladies to cut up just before a throw to commercial.