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The space ship with the time machine on it is the Ideon.
Irregular Webcomic! destroyed the universe!

David Morgan-Mar is trying to get a self-referential mention on every TV Tropes page
This is almost certainly what today's mention of Cliché Storm was about. I almost added it until I realized this was clearly a devious plot.
  • Most definitely not confirmed with this strip's annotation.
  • He doesn't use any 'adult' themes, so this can't happen. Unless you count every page except those.

The "main" IWC-verse is one huge Stable Time Loop.
Its divergences from our universe are caused by meddling with history caused by the restart of the universe. This creates all the wacky situations from the comic, eventually leading to the Crisis Crossover that resulted in the end and restart of the universe in the first place.
  • In addition, the in-universe DMM will eventually discover webcomics, leading to a repeat of the entire run of the comic, starting from strip 1.
    • That last one seems to have been sort of confirmed with strip 3182. (Leading to, coincidentally, a Guest Week that as I write this is on its ninth day.)

The head of the Paradox Department is a frog because of these
.And, of course, it's a Stealth Pun.

80's Adam and Jamie have ended up in the Darths & Droids universe
It is stated that in the Darths & Droids universe the Star Wars movies don't exsist, and in recent events in Irregular Webcomic 80's Jamie and Adam have travelled forward in time to the present, while the latest strip has them concluding that they are in an alternate timeline and the reaction of their present day/alternate time line selves to a Star Wars quote tells us that the movies didn't exist (or at least didn't become extremely popular and mainstream).

Each Death isn't the first to die by a specific death.

They're the most recent to die by a specific death. Every Death gets promoted when they collect a soul from their category, and those souls take their place.

Although this doesn't apply to all of them, judging by the number of demotions.

Erwin is Erwin Rommel.

He was a brilliant soldier, one of the few nazi generals not involved in war crimes or crimes against humanity (and therefore could be portrayed, if possible, as a "good nazi", and physically looks like his art from the cast page. Furthermore, the main action of Cliffhanger is set in 1936, when he was lieutenant-colonel (and so could be the left-hand man of colonel Haken), while two years later, he was promoted colonel and leader of Hitler's bodyguards.


The IWC universe is going to implode... Again.

Look at the most recent stuff, both Past!Mythbusters and Present!Mythbusters are colapsing back into time travel, Steve is stuck in Cliffhangers aparently and Newton is hopping off in a TARDIS expy, and Space is probably gonna meet back up with its past selves.

The "Fantasy" theme is heading into an extended homage to Avatar The Last Airbender.
It would definitely be a deviation from DMM's normal reference pools, but after these two strips in particular, it needed to be said.

During the next Crisis Crossover, Will and Ophelia will have a Relationship Upgrade.
Many of the themes seem to have mentioned time travel or are including time travel as a plot point. This will lead to the universe being destroyed again. During this, Will and Ophelia will realize how they really feel...and then everything gets rebooted.

Jane Goodall is a Time Lord.
Ladies and Mentlegen, I present the evidence:
  • She is not scared of the fact that time itself is collapsing.
    • Further solidified by the fact that Steve, who has faced Cthulu and survived, is freaking out.
  • Her cell phone works in 1940, clearly a case of Universal Roaming.
  • She knows exactly when is the best time to find a time machine.
  • She has near-omniscience. There's nothing she doesn't have the answer to, cause she's Jane freakin Goodall!

Monty Jones will come across a trap containing... spiders!
He is a fear of spiders as demonstrated in this comic. Only a matter of time...

The Nazi Germany time loop problem can be traced back to the creators of Monopoly.
Monopoly being a Berserk Button of David Morgan-Mar.

Death of Choking On A Giant Frog is Hitler
Just look at the strips 3158 and 3165! It all makes sense now.
  • Technically, the guy in #3165 is not exactly Hitler but Hitler's brain in Me's body. Given, though, that (at least in the rebooted continuity) it seems that Hitler had been a Brain in a Jar even before the Reichstag fire, the guy from the strip is for all intents and purposes indeed the actual (eventual version of) Hitler.

The Head Death is Abel.
It's all but confirmed that Deaths are the first person to die of their assigned method (promotions and demotions notwithstanding). But who could possibly be the one in charge of all the Deaths, and why that soul over any other? Perhaps if he had been the very first person to die...

Steve is related to Erwin
Just for Pun, as a parody of Steve Irwin, the Steve of the Terry&Steve theme's surname is actually Erwin and is either a grandson or nephew of Erwin from the Cliffhangers theme (and as I don't believe we've ever been given another name for him, this would mean Erwin is his surname and we have yet to be told his first name rather than it being his first name and his surname unknown).

The players in the Fantasy theme aren't humans - they're sentient miniatures
The players alternate between acting like real humans, interested in metagaming, and acting like the characters they represent, being interested in drinking and debauchery rather than experience points. That's because they're not human. Much like Toy Story, the players are sentient toys, the miniatures whe see moving in the strips, and therefore, have personalities founded on fantasy stereotypes. That explains...
  • Why Lambert's player was stuck in a dark room, yet still met "Gollum" while the DM was with the others.
  • Why Dwalin started out as a GMPC, then suddenly was arguing and disagreeing with the DM.
  • Why Lambert has such a long backstory.
  • Why they can meet Death when they die, rather than rolling new characters.
  • Why villagers can reminisce about the main characters even if they're not around.

Death by Insanely Overpowered Fireballs' original assignment was "Slashed by a Scythe"
A lot of deaths seem to carry weapons based on what they're assigned - a pike, a cutlass, a Mars rover rock abrasion tool, and so on. So, if Fireballs has a scythe, it makes sense that he started out with an assignment related to scythes. Meanwhile, his rival Chocking on a Giant Frog, has no weapons, cause he was originally death by being choked by hand.

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