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The Scrappy / Baldur's Gate

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  • Several NPCs have minor hatedoms. Anomen, however, has a fairly major one, not only because he's a major jerkass and a hypocrite but, until the Enhanced Edition came out, for being the only canonical female Player Character love interest on top of that. It really doesn't help that initially, he really has pretty average Wisdom scores - something Clerics needed plenty of in order to cast quite a few high-level spells.
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  • There's also the non-playable-non-player character Queen Ellesime, whose actions in the backstory and perceived belief in Can't Argue with Elves (she's one) have earned some hate. Her past actions aren't really shown in a good light, in effect having created someone who's seen as a monster by everyone in-game, but the dislike seems to be aimed towards a more flanderized version of the character; she did admit her mistake at the end, and presumably there were reasons for it other than just one-dimensional arrogance. To expand upon it, Ellesime dated the Big Bad, then dumped him after he committed his first real act of ultimate-taboo-evil, and decided that stripping him and his sister of their souls and exiling them to live outside of the Hidden Elf Village until they died as mortals was a good punishment. While leaving him with all his incredible magical powers, of course. In her own words, she hoped that their change in circumstances which teach them to appreciate how good the elves have it, and learn some humility. Shockingly, it didn't quite work out like that. So, while her actual demeanor is somewhat apologetic about the whole thing, some people find this insufficient recompense considering how epically she screwed up. This leads to the above mentioned Flanderization.
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  • The whole point of Noober is that if you put up with him long enough you earn 400 XP and he goes away. However, he's deliberately extremely annoying: you have to allow him to interact with you 32 times and 21 of the last 22 of those times are him repeating the same question, so players who don't already know that eventually he'll get tired and go away are likely to assume he's an infinite loop and just kill him off. The developers seem to have anticipated this, as murdering him is *not* considered an evil act.


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