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  • Dragon Age: Origins:
    • Arlessa Isolde, wife of Arl Eamon Guerrin, step-mother of sorts to Alistair, and biological mother of possessed mage Connor. Her hatedom sees her as a conceited, magic-hating Karma Houdini of an abusive mother who didn't want her son's magic to shame her (à la the Dursleys of Harry Potter) instead of a distressed Mama Bear just trying to protect her only son. Thinking Alistair was the illegitimate son of Eamon, she was was especially harsh to him when he was a boy, making him sleep in the stables, shipping him off to be raised by the Chantry before he was ten, and making his life miserable whilst he was there. During the course of the game, she makes a number of ill-advised decisions concerning her upbringing of Connor that lead to him being possessed by a demon, who through him summons a zombie plague that you have to clean up. Her poor French accent (""Teeeeeeeeee-gaaaaaahn!") has also not endeared her to many. Ironically, if you sacrifice her life in order to save her son Connor (despite a Third Option), you will get a nasty What the Hell, Hero? later on from... Alistair, for harming his adopted family!
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    • Anora's hatedom is mostly due to her being seen as a Manipulative Bitch who will happily betray the player if it means she stays in power as the queen of Ferelden. Multiple times. The woman suffers from a serious case of Chronic Backstabbing Disorder:
      • The first time happens when you rescue her from captivity. You'll eventually run into Ser Cauthrien, lieutenant of Anora's father Loghain. Keep in mind that Anora is disguised so Cauthrien doesn't know it's her. While Loghain is your enemy, he cares greatly about his daughter, so you might be inclined to think that rescuing Anora nets you a one time Get-Out-of-Jail-Free card. Wrong. Reveal her identity and Anora simply steps forward and claims she was kidnapped by you, then runs off while you're left to fight one of the toughest boss fights in the game. If you opt not to fight then Cauthrien will let everyone but the Warden(s) go, but you have no way of knowing that's what her "mercy" entails. An Alternative Character Interpretation is that by pointing her out to Cauthrien you're the one who betrayed her first, but the game skates over this — Anora is the only one defending herself on this count and all of your companions will line up for a Take That, Scrappy!.
      • The second time happens during the Landsmeet, where under certain circumstances she gets back on her promise to support your cause and support her father instead. This is a big deal, because her support carries a lot of weight and might cause you to lose the Landsmeet. Even worse: if you let Loghain live and support Anora as the queen without convincing Alistair to marry her, she will call for Alistair's execution. While it makes a certain sense — Alistair is an official heir of the throne and letting him live will spark rebellions against Anora's rule, destabilizing the country even more — it is a slap in the face of a player who likes Alistair and had expected Anora to be more grateful for your constant support, including sparing her father's life.
      • On another note, she also gets some hate from fans of city elves, since in the epilogue she doesn't enact as many reforms as Alistair does and ends up cracking down harshly on a riot — a riot that isn't even mentioned if Alistair is king.
  • Dragon Age: Origins – Awakening: Velanna, added as Morrigan's replacement Token Evil Teammate Lady of Black Magic is seen as being irredeemably bitchy and insane. Being voiced by Grey DeLisle using her deadpan voice doesn't help. Her Freudian Excuse for revenge killings is made of Insane Troll Logic and directed at the wrong targets. She spends much of the game being angry and resentful, and displaying a frightening lack of remorse when asked about the innocent people she's killed. The only thing the fans liked was that you could call her out for her racism against humans, and have her believe it, as well as causing her personality to change for the better.
    • She also got a lot of hate from Nathaniel Howe fangirls, who did not appreciate that the two of them got a lot of Ship Tease.
  • Dragon Age II:
    • From the main game, Mother Petrice. She's the only one the whole fandom hates and for good reason. In Act 1 she tasks you with (ostensibly) guiding an escaped Qunari mage outside of the town, but when you finally get there, you realize the entire mission was all a set-up so that you would kill the Qunari waiting in ambush. When you call her out on this later, she completely ignores you and admits that she hired you for that only because she wanted to drive up the tensions between the Qunari and Kirkwallers. She is also always disdainful when talking to you. You see her again in Act 2 where she continues to do everything she can to provoke the Qunari (who have mostly kept to themselves up to that point) into attacking so that she has an excuse to exterminate them. She's so hated that even the people who dislike the Qunari think she's a bad example. When she dies from being shot by a Qunari, a number of people complained because they wanted to be the one to kill her. The others rejoiced.
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    • In the Mark of the Assassin DLC, the elf assassin Tallis (whose voice and appearance are based upon those of her creator, Felicia Day) is viewed by many as an unlikable Canon Sue. Players hate Tallis because of her Cutscene Power to the Max (her introduction scene features her killing half a dozen Antivan Crows without even breaking a sweat), her Can't Argue With Qunari attitude, and the fact that she succeeds at her goals regardless of whether you choose to support her or oppose her. Many also find her to be somewhat myopic about the Qunari doctrine, such as her statement that under the Qun, there is no such thing as slavery. This is despite the fact that under the Qun, a Mage Hawke would be considered Saarebas and forced to have their mouth sewn shut, wear a visor to obstruct their vision and be kept collared and chained at all times. For all intents and purposes, how is that not a horrific form of slavery? Anders even calls her out on this, and players were not impressed with Tallis's Non-Answer.
    • On a smaller note, Anders/Fenris are considered to be this if you side with the templars/mages. Each one represents a side of the issue in your party and will remind you at every occasion how the templars/mages are evil. The best way to summarize Anders can be this line (note that the same can be said about Fenris; replace "mage" by "ex-slave of the Tevinter who brings up the evil of magic every time"):
    Anders: That's unfortunate. Hating someone just because they're a mage is a shameful thing.
    Carver: I don't hate you because you're a mage. I hate you because you won't shut up about it.
    • For many, Anders in general is one. Many hate the fact that he was changed from a free-spirited flirt in Awakening into a rather glum activist. Admittedly, his story arc (fusing with the spirit Justice and the fallout from that) justifies some of the changes, but there are those who feel that the change would have gone over better if he had started the game as his old self and transformed into the version we see over the course of the game's 10 years instead of starting out as a completely different character. In the product we get, he's glum, whiny, and hypocritical to the point that even most of Hawke's companions don't care for him much.
  • Dragon Age: Inquisition:
    • Sera is a very hated character due to her very brash/crude manners, hypocritical opinions on mage oppression, treatment of Cole (the last two being derived from her great fear of anything magical), her views on elves, transphobic statement during the Orlesian ball, and her very emotionally manipulative actions if you romance her as a Dalish Inquisitor. She is also easily the most petty member of the Inquisition (she only joined the Inquisition because the game's events got in the way of her activities). The fact that you can call her on some of her actions but she never really changes her views or has any real character development probably contributes a lot to this. Interestingly, it seems BioWare was aware that she could be seen as an annoyance; she's the only character that you can simply shoo away at any time during the game using a dialogue option while in Haven/Skyhold. She was also (finally) given some much needed Character Development in the Trespasser DLC, making her a more tolerant and less obnoxious person.
    • As mentioned on the Inquisition page, Warden-Commander Clarel. From her Wrong Genre Savvy nature on the Wardens, to her Too Dumb to Live mindset of trusting an Obviously Evil Tevinter Magister, most players can't stand her. Adding to it, she's also technically responsible for the death of Hawke, Alistair, Loghain, or Stroud due to her bright idea of blowing up the bridge she was on to hurt the Archdemon, resulting in the party being sent to the Fade.
    • There are not many players who like Bianca Davri, given the way she appears to be attempting to continue to string her old boyfriend along even though she's married to someone else. This is only made worse by the fact that said old boyfriend is the wildly popular and frequently asked to be romance option Varric, that being seen in her company has led to assassins being dispatched against him, and that she inadvertently gave Corypheus access to the Red Lyrium thaig, the location of which Varric trusted her to keep secret. Pulling a non-romantic If You Ever Do Anything to Hurt Her... on the Inquisitor at the end of her quest led to grumbling that she's one to talk.


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