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Trivia / Baldur's Gate

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  • Fan Nickname:
    • Charnamenote  for the Bhaalspawn; kensage for a dual-classed kensai/mage; swashy for a swashbuckler.
    • "Abduh", for the novel protagonist Abdel Adrian. Emphasis on the "duh".
  • Name's the Same: The Professional Wrestling promotion CHIKARA also had an Eye of Tyr, although there it was presented as a Norse Mythological artifact that could be used to control minds.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • The Enhanced Edition was supposed to be an HD version, but the original art, background areas and 3D sprites were lost, hence the Enhanced Edition. Word of God from Beamdog explained that their sole tape backup was stored at one of the developers' garages and it got flooded.
    • Beamdog tried to contact the authors of the BG1 NPC Mod (a mod which greatly expanded the characterizations of the companions from the first game) for permission to include it in the Enhanced Edition, but were unable to reach them.
    • Khalid was originally planned to be a Fighter/Mage. There's at least one Game Mod out there that reverts him to this (and bumps his INT to 17 in the process).
    • Imoen didn't exist for the majority of the first game's development. She came about when the developers realized that the player character would have no starting party member if they turned down Montaron and Xzar. Her addition happened late enough that there was no time to record new voice over, and the voiced lines she has in the first game were edited together from a demo recording.
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    • There was going to be a PlayStation port of the first Baldur's Gate.
    • The NPC Durlyle (if PC is female) or Delainy (if PC is male) was meant to have a bigger romance role than the brief flirtation that was actually implemented in Tales of the Sword Coast.
  • The Wiki Rule: The Baldur's Gate Wiki.


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