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Quotes / Baldur's Gate

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"This is silly! Buttons are not how one escapes dungeons! I would smash the button and rain down beatings liberally on the wizard for playing such a trick!"

"Stand and deliver, that my hamster might have a better look at you!"

"Just Following Orders" is a coward's excuse!
Dorn Il-Khan

"No, you'll warrant no villain's exposition from me!"
Jon Irenicus

"Life... is strength. This is not to be contested; it seems logical enough. You live; you affect your world. But is it what you want? You are... different inside. [summons random woman] This woman lives and has strength of a sort. She lost her parents to plague, her husband to war, but she persevered. Her farm has prospered, her name is respected and her children are fed and safe. She lived as she thought she should. And now she is dead. [kills her] Her land will be divided, her children will move on, and she will be forgotten. She lived a good life, but she had no power; she was a slave to death. I wonder if you are destined to be forgotten. Will your life fade in the shadow of greater beings?"
Jon Irenicus

Alternative Title(s): Baldurs Gate II