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Teeth Clenched Teamwork / Webcomics

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  • The Light Warriors of 8-Bit Theater are each others' greatest enemies and can barely cooperate. However, unlike other examples, this indeed makes it so that they tend to make little to no progress for much of their story, most of it being the actions of others or an individual member (in fact, teamwork tends to make things worse). The problem is that they're a Five-Man Band with no fifth member. The closest thing they have is White Mage, who tries to get them to cooperate — but that only leads to more bickering. Couple that with the fact that the closest thing to a Hero amongst them is a Cloud Cuckoolander who is only capable when his Crazy Awesome falls just right into place (which is rarely), and the other three are an amoral swindler, a homicidal philanderer, and a delusional roleplayer... well, yeah. It's surprising they're capable of doing ANYTHING throughout the series.
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  • All twelve trolls in Homestuck. They spend 90% of the Hivebent arc bickering, scheming against, and attempting to murder each other, but eventually knuckle down and work together to fight (and defeat!) the Black King in their session. It doesn't last for too long after that however...
  • In Juathuur, Juoira's group bicker a lot, but most of the bickering is playful, and they still function. Contrast with Faevv's group. which bicker less until everyone goes separate ways because of a general lack of cohesion.
  • In TwoKinds, "Red" and Sythe, who normally can't stand each other, go into this when an assassin's actions leaves them as the only two members of their party still on their feet.
  • Zii and the Troublemakers, the three-woman rock band in Ménage à 3, more or less runs on this. Yuki and Sonya can't stand each other (though Sonya quite enjoys provoking Yuki), and Zii finds both of them stressful to work with for various reasons — but they all enjoy being in the band too much.
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  • Wastelanders Anonymous has Benjamin, Jeff and Felix not getting along with each other. Benjamin especially keeps trying to quit the team but then he keeps coming back to the team.
  • In The Order of the Stick, the Order of the Stick's predecessors who created the original Gates were individually strong but two of them had some serious problems working together. The Chaotic Rogue Girard Draketooth and the Lawful paladin Soon Kim did not get along at all. The death of a comrade near the end of their journey brought their mutual hostility to a boiling point and only the intervention of another comrade kept them from killing each other on the spot. An illusionary trap left behind by Girard reveals that he apparently never stopped hating Soon.
  • Winter Moon is set in an MMORPG. The two main characters kind of hate each other, but end up forming a guild and (barely) working together because they've made powerful enemies. They do become genuine friends later, though.
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  • The Lackya of Girl Genius were built to be perfect servants in upper-class households, so they despise the rowdy, violent Jägermonsters... but they all work for Baron Wulfenbach, and they all hate the Other's mind control wasps.
    Jäger General: Sir—dere iz a time to twit nancy-boy feetsmen und a time to crush bogs.


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