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Tear Jerker / Star Wars Expanded Universe

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  • Omri's Heroic Sacrifice towards the end of The Phantom Limb. Especially since he started becoming friends with C3PO.
  • In The Screaming Citadel, despite everyone justifiably looking down on Aphra for being untrustworthy and manipulative, Luke — who had also looked down on Aphra for the same reasons everyone else does and even stated so at the beginning of the arc — stands up for her and affirms that she is his friend, something she is genuinely touched about. Keep in mind she had already threatened to use Luke as a bomb against the Queen earlier in the same issue. Sadly, in the climax of the arc, Aphra attempts to Screw This, I'm Outta Here! once again, but this time, Rur points out that she really does feel guilty and has sadness in her heart, causing her to go back and save the others. The arc ends with everyone still disappointed in Aphra for still not having changed her ways, and even Luke rebuffs her, telling her to stay away from him and his friends.
    • Saw recalling Steela's death to Jyn in Rebel Rising, believing it was all his fault he got his sister killed since she only fell because of a gunship he shot down that crashed near her. Not only that, but he's bitter that Ahsoka couldn't save her, the Jedi couldn't save the Republic, and everyone saying that Steela had to die to liberate Onderon only for the entire galaxy to fall under another tyranny.
    Saw: Don't give them [the Jedi] another thought. Jedi think they can do anything, but where are they now? All dead. And before that? Sure, they helped, but not enough. [...] But they couldn't hold on. For all their power, they couldn't hold on, not when it mattered.
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  • In Bloodline, it is revealed that Leia, unlike Luke, does not forgive Anakin/Vader. Unlike Luke, Leia has always had a mother and father, so she's had no reason to want anything more than that in her family. And even in death, Vader's influence inadvertently ruins her life in ruining her reputation to the New Republic and taking her son (and indirectly, her husband) away from her. It's a contrast from Legends, where she had closure with a Force-ghost of Anakin and even tried to redeem his name by naming her son after him (which she realized also ended up stressing him out as he felt he had to live up to the name). But here, none of that except for her son turning to the Dark-side to be like his grandfather, just like her other son in Legends happen. She at least accepts Padme, but she does not understand how someone so strong, smart, and caring could fall for such an apathetic murderer. And since it's been fifty years and no one that knew Anakin personally is alive anymore (except for Kix, but the likelihood of Kix and Leia ever meeting is low given their respective circumstances), and no one other than Anakin knows the story of his tragedy, no one will ever know who he really was and why he fell.
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  • In Dark Lord of the Sith, it turns out that the Grand Inquisitor fell because he was angry that the Jedi would never let him learn from the greater Jedi Archives, as he believed that he was of a high enough stature to deserve it. When he sees a Jedi Temple Guard uniform on display, he begins to remember, but walks away, bitterly saying that he only remembers the lies of his past.
  • It is revealed in Dark Lord of the Sith that Quinlan Vos survived Order 66, like in Legends. Unlike Legends, however, as far as we know, he's not accompanied by the people he loves and he probably won't get to live the rest of his life in quietness. His master, Tholme, has been long dead; T'ra Saa doesn't exist, and neither do his wife Khaleen and their newborn son Kortos; he might not even know who Vilmarh and Chak are. All he has to accompany him are the memories of his late master, late Padawan, and late lover.

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