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  • In Lando, Lobot allows his cybernetic implants to "optimize" his brain so that he can reactivate a ship's escape pods, turning him into the mute and emotionless cyborg we know from the films. He leaves a pre-recorded message for Lando imploring him to end his criminal career. And the thing that plays the message is Lando saying "cure." Lobot knew that Lando would try to help him return to normal.
  • In Chewbacca, the titular Wookiee gives Zarro his medal he got for being a hero of the Rebellion — the same infamous medal that we never got to see him receive in the end of A New Hope. Zarro asks him if he's sure, to which he replies that he has his bandolier, which is good enough for him and she immediately understands. The epilogue reveals that Zarro had realized that Chewie had a small bandolier in the box he had the whole time, and it turns out that it's a gift for his son, Waroo/Lumpy.
    • At the end of Thrawn, the titular character leaves behind his personal journal entries for his former aide Eli — who is leaving for the Chiss Ascendancy — to see, with the closing words affirming that he is grateful for Eli and their friendship throughout the years. Eli reciprocates. It's a far cry from back in the beginning of the book, where Eli wanted little to do with Thrawn and Thrawn claimed the only reason why he's keeping the young man close to him is as a tool.
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  • The ending of Servants of the Empire. Dhara is back with her family after having been kidnapped and attempted to be brainwashed on by the Grand Inquisitor. The final lines seal the deal (doubling as Tear Jerker):
    "Mom, Dad," Dhara said from the middle of their warm, happy knot. "Don't let go. Don't let go."
    And for a very long time, no one did.
  • The Screaming Citadel begins with Luke and Aphra having an Enemy Mine, with the two butting heads considering as far as Luke knew, Aphra is/was The Dragon to the very evil that killed innocent people including his father, and Aphra is as abrasive as ever. However, as the situation at the Citadel escalates and the tensions are targeted at Aphra, Luke defends her, saying that she is his friend. She silently looks at him surprised and genuinely touched that someone is willing to stand by her side not so to gain anything out of it, but because they genuinely care about her. Keep in mind that within the same issue earlier, Aphra dismissed Luke as being some clueless naive poster boy for the Rebellion and was willing to use him as a bomb against the Queen. However, this becomes a Tear Jerker at the end of the arc. Scroll down to see why.

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