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Guesses on future EU works.
A new EU comes with a clean slate. Plenty of room for ideas.
  • A television series taking place in the Old Republic era, basically being a reboot to the Knights of the Old Republic games and The Old Republic.
    • Showing the Scourge of Malachor and what was up with the Darth lady in Ezra's Sith holocron.
    • The Bendu showing up and seeing/hearing about a holocron fusion (and its results) for the first time.
    • Some characters wielding crossguard lightsabers.
    • What was going on with Tarre Vizsla and his ties between Mandalore and the Jedi Order, as well as how the Darksaber really was 'stolen'.
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  • A television series taking place before The Force Awakens, revolving around Luke's Jedi Order, and either having a widespanning POV like The Clone Wars or a character-sized POV like Rebels.
  • Hera/Captain Syndulla: a comic about Hera Syndulla before she meets Kanan Jarrus in A New Dawn. Can include how she acquired the Ghost.
    • If anything, Greg Weisman has expressed interest in doing one.
  • Chopper: a short story about Chopper during the Ryloth campaign, starting from before he boards his Y-Wing with his clone pilot, ending with Free Ryloth rebels finding the crashed ship.
  • Sabine: a comic about Sabine Wren about her life with her clan and family, her experiences in the Academy as an arc, then an arc as a bounty hunter with Ketsu, possibly followed up by an arc about her and the Ghost crew before Ezra joins.
  • A novel or comic about Sabine's parents before her birth or at least when she was at a younger age, showing their life before becoming parents and how they got together.
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  • Zeb: a comic about Zeb's life on Lasan and joining the Honor Guard, then an arc about the Siege of Lasan (with a possible Kallus cameo) and another one of him joining the Ghost crew.
  • Ezra/Bridger: a comic about Ezra's life with his parents before they were taken away, to his life on the streets and how he meets Moreena. Could be similar to Kanan, where Ezra, like Kanan, has flashbacks while doing things in the present, like possibly getting his second kyber crystal.
  • Captain Rex: a novel about Rex after he parts ways with Ahsoka in Ahsoka/the Siege of Mandalore, and how he meets up with Wolffe and Gregor as well as how they settle on an old Republic walker on Seelos.
  • Commander Cody: a comic about what happened to Cody after Revenge of the Sith/Order 66, showing his days as possibly an Imperial Academy instructor.
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  • Kallus/Agent Kallus/Kallus: Agent of the Empire: a novel about Kallus starting from a little bit before he joins the Royal Academy on Coruscant, exploring his academic struggles and graduation, to Onderon, to his promotion to senior agent in the Imperial Security Bureau.
  • A short story about how Kallus became a Fulcrum informant.
  • Barriss: a novel about Barriss after the Fugitive arc from The Clone Wars, to possibly how she survives Order 66 and goes into hiding from Inquisitors.
  • Ahsoka: the Fulcrum Years: a sequel novel to Ahsoka, exploring Ahsoka enlisting dissidents to the rebel cause and interacting with previously established characters in an attempt to recruit them into the fledgling Rebellion throughout the years.
  • A short story(s) showing how previously established characters like Riyo, Chairman Papanoida, Lux, Nix, etc. are reacting to Imperial rule.
  • Imperial Inquisition: a comic revolving around the Inquisitors, showing the origins of some of them and their encounters with Jedi survivors.
  • Black Sun: a novel series about Ketsu's exploits as a bounty hunter enlisted by Black Sun and her encounters with other bounty hunters/mercenaries.
  • Kryze/The Clan Wars: a novel about House Kryze during the Great Clan Wars, specifically how Satine (accompanied by Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan) manages to find peace between the clans while on the run from assassins, how Bo-Katan becomes cynical enough to become a Death Watch lieutenant, as well as how the entirety of the Kryze family deals with Duke Adonai's death and their loss of power on Mandalore.
  • The Clone Wars: ???: a comic arc using the scripts of an unfinished arc of The Clone Wars, where Rex gets injured but is accompanied by Artoo and a reprogrammed super battle droid.
  • The Clone Wars: the Underworld: a comic arc using the scripts of an unfinished arc of The Clone Wars, showing Ahsoka adapting to her new life in the Coruscant underworld and befriending Nix Okami, before teaming up with Obi-Wan, Anakin, and Yoda once more to help escort the latter into an investigation to the Sith Temple beneath the Jedi Temple. Turns out there's a Sith monster there, leading to them re-unleashing the Zillo Beast one more time to fight it to do another Godzilla homage.
  • The Clone Wars: Settling a Score: a comic arc using the scripts of the unfinished Boba vs. Cad Bane arc of The Clone Wars.
  • The Clone Wars: Return to Mon Cala: a comic arc using the scripts of the unfinished Mon Cala sequel arc of The Clone Wars, involving Senator Tikkes.
  • The Clone Wars: The Siege of Mandalore: an animated special using the scripts of the unfinished series finale arc of The Clone Wars.
  • Jango Fett (20XX): a novel covering the backstory of Jango Fett so we can finally learn if he's actually Mandalorian or not in this canon.
  • Boba Fett (20XX): a comic or novel centered around Boba Fett as a bounty hunter during the reign of the Empire and whether or not he survived the sarlacc pit.
  • Cassian: a novel about Cassian Andor from his childhood to sometime before Rogue One, covering his days as a Separatist supporter to an agent of Rebel Intelligence. May or may not include how he acquires Kaytoo.
  • Otherwise, a short story about how Cassian acquires Kaytoo.
  • Phoenix Squadron: a short story about a bunch of pilots from Phoenix Squadron (and also Commander Sato as a major/main character) doing ops behind the scenes of Rebels and/or before meeting the Ghost crew. Bonus: includes Wedge and Hobbie if it takes place in Season 3 and beyond. Could be part of a rebooted X-Wing series.
  • Phantom Squadron: a novel that is a part of a rebooted X-Wing series, taking place after Life Debt.
  • Republic/Jedi reboot: comics recanonizing backstories of Jedi.
  • A short story about the Lothal Imperials before the events of Rebels, like Governor Pryce, Minister Tua, Lieutenant Lyste, etc.
  • A short story about a day as a Cuy'val Dar (possibly from Jango's POV or Rau's POV) while training the clones on Kamino before Attack of the Clones.

The threats from within the Unknown Region are the Yuuzhan Vong.
In Thrawn, Thrawn's description of them matches how in Legends, the Chiss had no idea who or what the Vong were other than they were foreign invaders. And of course, we know that the Vong end up becoming a huge threat to the Galaxy later on in Legends.

Alternatively, it's whatever Snoke came from.
Or Snoke is a Yuuzhan Vong.

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