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Small town family meets big celebrity family
Star Falls is a Kid Com that aired on Nickelodeon and was later moved to TeenNick.

Craig Brooks, a famous movie actor, announces to his three children that his next film is being produced in a small unremarkable town. Naturally, being urbanites, they're not happy to leave Los Angeles and go to an obscure town where nothing interesting ever happens.

When Sophia Miller unknowingly rescues the Brooks' family dog, she takes advantage of the situation to rent out their spare rooms to the Brooks so that she can get her mother (who is Craig's biggest fan) to marry him.


Star Falls exhibits these tropes:

  • Ambiguously Absent Parent: It is never explained why Sophia's father or the Brooks' mother is not appearing in the show.
  • Artistic License – Biology: When a tarantula is accidentally released in the Millers' house, Phoenix worries about it being venomous. But the venom of tarantulas is harmless to humans unless they are allergic to this toxin.
  • Berserk Button: When a visiting actress friend of Craig's starts denigrating the town, he loses his temper and shouts back at her because he's become quite fond of the town.
  • Idiosyncratic Episode Naming: All episode titles follow the format “The (event)”.
  • Performance Anxiety: Unusually, Diamond becomes subject to this when asked to be the lead actress in Sophia's play. When Nate questions how she can have this despite the fact she livestreams to millions of people, she reminds him that she doesn't have to perform in front of anyone but a cameraphone.
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  • Series Goal: Set the two parents up and get them to date and marry eventually.
  • ShippersOnDeck: Sophia Miller and Diamond Brooks are very personally invested in making sure their parents become an official couple, even wanting them to get married.
  • The "The" Title: The series loves this trope.

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