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    Sophia Miller 
Actor: Siena Agudong


  • Control Freak: She insists on everything being done "her way" because she knows what is best. She did learn her lesson when she tried to direct the local historical play and ended ruining the practice rehearsal because she insisted on doing every part herself!
  • Friend to All Living Things: Sophia was responsible for getting her mother to open a pet adoption centre and is very attached to all living creatures.
  • Spiders Are Scary: Sophia can't even stand to look at spiders, particularly, tarantulas.

    Diamond Brooks 
Actor: Kamaia Fairburn


  • It's All About Me: Diamond is quite self involved, but downplayed in that if reminded her actions do affect other people, she will think about how those actions will/have caused inconvenience to those people.


    Beth Miller 
Actor: Elena V. Wolfe


  • Friend to All Living Things: Also fond of all living creatures. Unlike her daughter Sophia, she does not fear spiders.
  • Kindly Vet: She's the town's resident veteranian and animal expert.
  • Only Child Syndrome: It is implied that Beth is Lou's only offspring. She specifically identifies herself as his firstborn.

    Craig Brooks 
Actor: Dion Johnstone


    Phoenix Brooks 
Actor: Jadiel Dowlin


    Bo Brooks 
Actor: Marcus Cornwall


    Secondary Characters 


Tomaso Sanelli

  • Handy Man: Is primarily employed to repair damaged structures at the Animal Adoption Centre. He's also skilled in construction. And he has his own toolbox.


Actor:Shawn Lawrence

  • Grumpy Old Man: Or at least he'd like his family and the Brooks to think he is. Lampshaded by his daughter who points out that even though he's irascible, he still comes to visit them every day.


Actor:Liz Johnston


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