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Hey guys, just a sandbox for myself. Didn't know I could do this earlier so I could save my progress while working without having an unfinished page.

    Kedi the Tiger 
Kedi is the third hero unlocked and is the most capable damage dealer of all the two-hitters.

Kedi was found by the Epic Band of Heroes while they were exploring an abandoned city sewer, where she was trapped inside a magical paperweight. note  While she was trapped in this prison, she had lost her memory, where the Heroes named her Kedi, who began to follow the group afterward. Unlike the other two-hitters, she doesn't have any major abilities, but in return deals a lot of damage.

  • Balance, Power, Skill, Gimmick: Power. She deals the most damage out of all the two-hitters, starting with at least 80 damage per usual attack. In addition, she recovers health with every hit so she can abuse Dark spells if the finds them.
  • Earthy Barefoot Character: Along with her Nature Hero status, Kedi is never seen wearing shoes.
  • Fantastic Racism: She makes a few derogatory comments about humans, though this is never quite touched upon by other characters.
  • Furry Reminder: Sometimes, when you visit a Locksmith, this (slightly paraphrased) conversation occurs;
Kedi: [to one of the princesses] Come. I want to look at the merchandise a little closer.
One of the Princesses: To be sure of its quality?
Kedi: Nah. I just want to rub my head against things and purr a little. It is a cat thing.
  • She also might mention her dislike of surprise baths when standing in front of a Water Spellvendor.

    Khar the Dwarf 
Khar is the fifth hero unlocked and strikes a balance of abilities between the other two-hitters.

According to the Frozenbyte blog, Khar is the youngest descendant of a rich dwarven merchant. He abandoned the business to hunt for the Mountain Tear, a precious gem, where his travels eventually led to him joining the Epic Band of Heroes in hopes of riches. In-game, Khar uses hammers with high variation in their damage output and can quickly recharge his spells by hitting enemies.

Khar: "What a jolly little ruckus!"
One of the Princesses: "These battles sure are exciting!"
Khar: "That's the spirit, your Highnesses! We are putting the laughter back into the slaughter!"

one-hitters down here m'kay

    Florencio the Wrestler 
Florencio note  is a wrestler that specializes in Lightning magic. He is the second character you unlock.

When he was young, Florencio dreamed of becoming an anthropologist, but his dreams were dashed when the evil sorcerer, Primer Ministro Juan Batidor stole the tax money that was going to La Universidad, forcing Florencio to become a wrestler known as "El Antropologo." Eventually, he joined the Epic Band of Heroes to fight injustice alongside them, hoping to collect enough money from the random treasure chests lying around throughout their travels to donate to La Universidad and restore it to its former glory. In-game, he strikes a balance between spells and physical damage, being a potent character overall.

    Zakwas the Bodyguard 
Zakwas is the fourth character unlocked and specializes in Ice magic.

Zakwas hails from an eastern land and was once the bodyguard of an emperor. This emperor was assassinated under his watch, leaving him no choice but to flee. He would soon stumble upon the Epic Band of Heroes and join their cause for his own safety, though his experiences have left him Properly Paranoid. He's sure "they" are coming for him, though even he is not sure who they are or why they would attack, valuing the safety of his group more than anything else. In-game, Zakwas has somewhat mediocre attacking strength but can greatly increase his damage output by backstabbing enemies.

  • An Ice Person: Zakwas specializes in Ice spells and always starts with one.
  • Back Stab: Zakwas can increase his damage output by hitting enemies on the way back after an attack, or "backstabbing" them.
  • Balance, Power, Skill, Gimmick: Skill. He has the least health of the one-hitters but the fastest melee recharge, and can drastically inflate his attack power by backstabbing enemies.
  • BFS: Wields an enormous saber that's almost as long as he is tall.
  • Conspiracy Theorist: He is thoroughly convinced there's something fishy going on with the Locksmith and the chests.
Zakwas: "Doesn't anyone else find this merchant peculiar? He is selling keys but no locks at all? Where and how are the keys manufactured? How do they unlock all the conveniently located abandoned chests we encounter? Call me a conspiracy theorist, but this is dubious with a capital D!"
Zakwas: "Hey! We should take a shortcut through the abyssal wasteland with the explosive eruptions! Said no one ever."
  • Failure Knight: His previous failiure to protect his emperor plays a big part in his drive to protect his allies. This is best captured in this dialogue that can occur when Zakwas enters the Underworld.
Zakwas: "One sovereign has already perished on my watch. I will never leave nor forsake the princesses and their souls."
  • My Greatest Failure: The emperor he once was sworn to protect was killed under his watch.
  • My Greatest Second Chance: According to the above quote, he treats this mission as such.
  • Named Weapons: His variants all have a menacingly named sword; Executioner, Abaddon and Armageddon respectively.
  • Nice Hat: Wears a neat turban. With variants, he can also wear a fez, among other hats.
  • Randomized Damage Attack: His fourth form can deal anywhere between one and 500 damage in a swing, without items.

    Roho the Robot 
Roho is the final character unlocked and specializes in projectiles and Wind magic.

Roho was given to the Epic Band of Heroes as an inheritance from a dying sorcerer/engineer. It was first assumed that Roho was merely a robot but in time Roho proved that it had a mind of its own. Nothing else is known about the robot, other than that it likes music and baby animals. In-game, Roho is a Mechanically Unusual Fighter, using projectiles instead of proper melee combat, with spellcasting augmenting its attacks with magic properties.


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