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Recap of 1st movie

    Open Season 
  • Boog is a performing bear raised by forest ranger Beth.
  • Elliot is a deer that got run over by hunter Shaw; alive, but strapped to Shaw's car, and with an antler broken off.
  • Elliot meets Boog the bear at sheriff's office & Boog, feeling pity, frees Elliot from car.
  • Elliot thinks Boog is now a friend, and after finding out Boog's pretty much a pet, repays him by taking him out for a night on the town; this results in the destruction of a convenience store and a sugar hangover.
  • Shaw finds Elliot in town and tries running him down, endangering civilians in the process
  • Elliot goes to Boog for support during one of Beth's shows, but things go really badly. Shaw gets reprimanded for firing a gun in a public area, and Beth shoots Boog & Elliot with tranquilizers.
  • Beth decides it's finally time to release Boog into the wild, and takes Boog & Elliot (and Boog's teddy bear) to the higher part of the woods, where they'll be safe from the hunters' upcoming Open Season.
  • Shaw starts making his way to the forest, now thinking that the two animals are purposely conspiring against him, passing a motor home that he thinks is being driven by a Weiner dog named Mr. Weenie (but is actually driven by his owners Bob & Bobbie). Shaw quickly extends his paranoia to think he's the only defense against an animal uprising.
  • Boog tries to find his way home, but keeps walking in circles, angering a squirrel battalion led by McSquizzy in the process.
  • Elliot offers to help Boog get back to town, as long as he can be his partner & live in Beth's garage with him.
  • Wacky hijinx ensue as they travel through the woods, including a painful encounter with Buddy the porcupine, a silly encounter with kung-fu fish when Boog gets hungry, a smelly encounter with a pair of sassy female skunks, and an embarrassing moment with beavers that act like city construction workers.
  • Boog tries to get help from ducks suffering PTSD when Elliot runs into his crush Giselle the doe; turns out the rest of Elliot's old herd is there, including Reily & stupid Ian, and that he was banished for...being Elliot. "Ha ha ha! I called him Smelliot." Jerk!
  • Boog realizes Elliot is in trouble and defends him from the other deer, getting mocked but establishing true friendship.
  • That night, Boog discovers snacks packed into his teddy bear, reaffirming his belief that all will be better when he gets out of the woods and returns to Beth.
  • Meanwhile Shaw encounters Bob, Bobbie, and Mr. Weenie again, while the owners are trying to teach their pet to beg by acting it out. Shaw warns them about animals becoming dominant, while Bob & Bobbie tell him that they're just looking for Bigfoot; Shaw, without a hint of irony, thinks they're a pair of weirdos.
  • Next day, Boog comes across same animals from previous day, and realizes Elliot doesn't know his way back to town either
  • Shaw finds Boog and Elliot, and attempts to shoot them; chaos ensues, leading to Boog accidentally breaking the beavers' dam, causing a massive rush of water and getting all of the animals met so far swept to the part of the forest where the hunters are permitted to kill. The animals blame Boog for endangering them all, and when Elliot tries to defend him, Boog blames Elliot for everything and leaves
  • Boog finds a cabin to take shelter in, but it turns out to be Shaw's, leading to a tense escape.
  • Boog finds the road back to town, just in time to see other hunters start driving into the woods
  • The animals are terrified, save for Elliot, who acts completely despondent and depressed
  • Boog decides to return to the animals, and turn things around, especially since hiding everyone in Beth's garage is impractical. "I say we get these hunters out!" Even the squirrels join in, mainly because McSquizzy wants to be in a fight.
  • The animals raid Bob & Bobbie's mobile home for supplies to take on the hunters. Mr. Weenie, instead of stopping them, wants to join them. "I've been living a lie! (Rips Shirt) Please, take me with you!" "Wow."
  • Animals, led by Boog and Elliot, take on majority of hunters using their stolen supplies, and are victorious. Hunters attempt to contact sheriff for help, who alerts Beth.
  • Shaw shows up for one more fight with Boog; animals attempt to help, and when it looks like Elliot's been shot trying to defend Boog, the bear gets a Second Wind and pummels Shaw.
  • While the other animals make a mess of Shaw, Boog checks on Elliot; the deer's alright, but his other antler's now broken off.
  • Beth shows up, and recognizes Boog. She offers to take Boog back home with her, but Boog just gives her his teddy and chooses to remain in the woods.
  • Elliot is upset that he's not going to live in a safe place like Beth's garage, but is glad to still be friends with Boog, stating Bros before Does…right up until he sees Giselle, and immediately chases after her.
  • Boog's happy to have found a new home, and participates in a rabbit-throwing fight right before the credits roll. "No rabbits were harmed in the making of this movie."
  • In The Stinger, the messed-up Shaw is hit by Bob & Bobbie as they drive; mistaken for Bigfoot, he's captured and tied to the remains of their mobile home, mirroring what he did to Elliot.

Recap of 2nd Movie

    Open Season 2 
  • One year after the first film, Elliot's antlers have grown back, larger than before. Also, he's about to get married to Giselle, in a ceremony being overseen by Ian.
  • An accident leaves Elliot with a single small antler at his Stag Party, giving him a major case of pre-wedding jitters.
  • Mr. Weenie attempts to give Elliot a pep talk, but it doesn't exactly work.
  • Bob and Bobbie haven't given up hope after losing their pet, and have returned to the forest, scattering dog treats everywhere.
  • Mr. Weenie is lured by the treats back to his owners, which Elliot sees, interprets as a kidnapping, and uses as an excuse to postpone the ceremony.
  • A rescue team is made up of Boog, Elliot, Giselle, McSquizzy, Buddy, and the two ducks Serge and Deni. The head beaver is also asked to join, but can't, due to family obligations. The skunks, who were Giselle's bridesmaids, don't want to break a claw and also excuse themselves. And Ian's got to stay because he's the leader of his herd.
  • Mr. Weenie's owners announce the reunion via short-wave radio to their fellow motor home pet owners, who were already on their way to their annual get-together.
  • After some pleading from his fellow pet, Fifi purposely vomits on his owner to motivate a pit stop and let Roberto defecate.
  • Fifi uses the break to tell the other pets there (a Southern dog couple named Rufus and Charlene, and a pair of cats, one of which is The Ditz) about how horrible wild animals are, having once been scared while in his owner's backyard and accidentally backed into a bug zapper, leaving a small tail blemish.
  • Giselle helps track Mr. Weenie and his owners to a gas station.
  • Elliot, not wanting to go back to the wedding so soon, creates a series of overly complicated on-the-spot plans that ends with Mr. Weenie being left in the mobile home and Buddy stuck to its side.
  • Giselle forms her own plan of having the ducks track from the sky, and gets into a fight with Elliot, causing him to split off from the rest of the group...and immediately fall off a cliff.
  • Bob and Bobbie reach a camp site where all the pets and their owners will be spending a night on their way to the "Pet Palace", unknowingly freeing Buddy when they slam the mobile home's door.
  • The domesticated pets reunite with Mr. Weenie, but learn that he'd rather be feral.
  • Boog and Giselle's team, after an exhausting hike through snowy mountains, meet up with equally-exhausted ducks and learn of Mr. Weenie's current location.
  • Elliot spends his time lost, alone, and following his own tracks near a dumpster in the forest, mistaking them for Mr. Weenie's (and after walking in enough circles, for a whole pack of dogs, of which Mr. Weenie is probably the Alpha).
  • Fifi attempts to forcibly re-educate Mr. Weenie (that is, orders him to roll over and fetch), but Buddy ends up coming to the rescue.
  • There's a chase, but Mr. Weenie and Buddy escape, while Fifi gets the fur on his head burnt off due to an invisible electric fence. Bobbie is devastated when she sees her dog has left her again.
  • Boog and Giselle's group spend the night raiding a camping group's tent and trying (and failing) to let Elliot's recent fear of commitment not affect the doe.
  • Elliot, trying to sleep near the dumpster he kept wandering around, realizes what a fool he's been for not wanting to spend his life with Giselle.
  • Boog and Giselle's team reach the site where the domesticated animals were. However, it's now completely abandoned, and there's no sign that Mr. Weenie successfully escaped. Their only lead is to follow the humans to the pet pampering facility.
  • Fifi, now with an obvious bald spot, has become notably unhinged and twitchy with rage.
  • Mr. Weenie and Buddy reunite with a depressed Elliot. Mr. Weenie tells him that Boog and Giselle are probably going to cross paths with the wildlife-hating Fifi, and they could be in danger, causing Elliot to charge into action...and immediately fall off another cliff.
  • Giselle and McSquizzy attempt to infiltrate the pet haven by using human makeup to disguise themselves as, respectively, a Dalmatian and a Pug. Boog planned to join them, but it was decided that his own disguise of an extremely large tabby cat wouldn't work.
  • A Doberman Pincer is attracted to McSquizzy's disguise, to the squirrel's distaste.
  • Fifi hears the infiltrators asking around for Mr. Weenie, and realizing that they're Mr. Weenie's forest friends, gets the other pets to help capture them.
  • Elliot, Buddy, and Mr. Weenie reach the pet sanctuary, and reunite with Boog, who's just finished a new sheepdog disguise for himself.
  • Finding out from the eye-in-the-sky ducks that Giselle's in danger, Elliot disguises himself as a human, using Buddy as his hair; thankfully, he, Boog, and Mr. Weenie pass for an actual person and her pets, while the person they passed as gets thrown out for being an imposter.
  • Mr. Weenie is quickly distracted by all the treats available, and Boog tries to reel him in, leaving Elliot and Buddy to save Giselle and McSquizzy from torture by shock collar.
  • They fail.
  • The Doberman asks if the squirrel can be free, because he still has a crush despite the difference in species.
  • Elliot manages to bargain with Fifi for sixty seconds to at least apologize to Giselle before they're all fried. The other dogs become pretty invested in his story.
  • Boog's disguise ends up coming off when he chases Mr. Weenie up a water slide, causing everyone to panic from a wild bear on the premises, and summoning a team of security armed with tranquilizer darts.
  • The bear does catch up to the wiener dog, and even saves the other wild animals, since Fifi was keeping them in a plastic mountain the slide passes through.
  • The security team is firing indiscriminately, having hit a human lifeguard a few times, and nearly hitting a food-distracted Roberto before Boog saves him.
  • After Boog and Elliot remove all of the shock collars save for the ones put on Elliot himself, the pets and wild animals work together to take out the security and avoid being shot.
  • During the commotion, a human spots Mr. Weenie, and contacts Bob & Bobbie by radio; they start rushing to the pet sanctuary, even blowing up the gas station they were revisiting in the process, though nobody is seriously harmed.
  • Fifi and Elliot fight over the shock collar remote. Fifi manages to get his paws on it, but doesn't notice Elliot slipping his shock collars onto the poodle during their fight in a pool, resulting in the wet dog shocking all of his own fur off.
  • The animals all get out successfully, and Elliot's glad that domestic and wild animals have formed a new bond.
  • After seeing his owners arrive nearby and Bobbie bawling her eyes out, Mr. Weenie decides to leave with the pets. He tells Elliot that home is where the heart is, and runs off into Bobbie's arms.
  • McSquizzy reveals his true gender to the Doberman, who storms off after having his heart played with.
  • Elliot uses Mr. Weenie's words to try and express his affection for Giselle to her face, which ends up turning into a performance of the song "Close To You".
  • The animals continue singing as the scene changes to Giselle and Elliot's marriage, and also to the human caravans, which features a calmed-down Fifi, and Mr. Weenie's male owner actually singing a note.
  • The song ends on a just-married Elliot, tripping and falling before belting out the last note...which causes his other antler to fall off. Roll credits.

Recap of 3rd Movie

    Open Season 3 


Recap of 4th Movie

    Open Season: Scared Silly 

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