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Heartwarming / Open Season

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  • Elliot wanting to repay Boog after he was freed, even though it was to the bear's dismay.
  • Boog receives some Character Development big time.
    • After Boog had parted ways with Elliot after the buck had lied about knowing where Timberline was only wanting Boog to befriend him, he has some character development after entering Shaw's cabin and discovering the horrifying taxidermy animals and heads hanging on the Big Bad's wall, followed by seeing other hunters heading to the forest after escaping from Shaw after he'd returned. Boog returns to bring Elliot with him, to keep him from harm.
    Elliot: What are you doing here?
    Boog: I couldn't go home without my partner.
    Elliot: I don't have a partner.
    Boog: Elliot.
    I don't need the herd and I don't need you. So leave me alone.
    Boog: (beat) Ain't gonna be able to do it. You see, I already saved you once. That makes me responsible for you.
    Elliot: What?
    I saw that. Come on, let me hear you say it. Partners.
    Elliot: No.
    Boog: What was that?
    Elliot: (sighs, mutters) I guess we can be partners.
    Boog: I'm sorry, I can't hear you.
    Elliot: (still muttering) I said I guess we can be partners.
    Boog: P-P-P-P...
    (Elliot chuckles)
    Both: Partners!
    Beth: You are home.

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