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This is only to list the episodes and the story-advancing events that eventually happen in them. Please refer to the synopsis to get a full overview of the plot. Names in bold correspond to first appearances as the character described in the sheets.

Season 1:

  • Gaea l'invocatrice (Gaea the summoner): Fantöm, Gaea. Fantöm's status as top player gets established.
  • La guilde Noob (The Noob guild): Sparadrap, Arthéon. Mention of Arthéon's banned level 100 character.
  • Fausse route (Wrong path): Omega Zell. Mention of Master Zen.
  • Dark Avenger le PK (Dark Avenger the PK): Dark Avenger
  • La Coalition (The Coalition): Précieux, Ash, Judge Dead
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  • Le Capitaine Jack (Captain Jack)
  • La pierre de substitution (The substitution stone): First of many Mistaken for Badass incidents between Sparadrap and Dark Avenger
  • Une lueur d'espoir (A ray of hope): Noob engages in a botched attempt at entering Mortegarde.
  • La Tour Galamadriabuyak (The Galamadriabuyak tower): It turns out that the guild is stuck with a level cap of 10 (out of 100) unless they go through another dungeon implied to be much harder than Mortegarde.
  • L'étrange noël de Dark Avenger (Dark Avenger's Christmas carol): Yet Another Christmas Carol.
  • La Boutique (The shop): Omega Zell mentions his dream of joining Justice Guild, Gaea mentions levelling up via Pick-Up Group.
  • Le Donjon de Mortegarde - partie 1 (The Mortegarde Dungeon - part 1): First real sign of Gaea's priority of getting more money over cooperation with the guild.
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  • Le Donjon de Mortegarde - partie 2 (The Mortegarde Dungeon - part 2): Noob finishes the dungeon.
  • Tenshirock le Hacker - partie 1 (Tenshirock the Hacker - part 1): Tenshirock. Mention that he and Ash are old friends, Noob catches his attention.
  • Tenshirock le Hacker - partie 2 (Tenshirock the Hacker - part 2)
  • La guilde Justice (The Justice guild): Saphir. Reveal that Arthéon's former avatar was part of the Justice guild, first indication that Omega Zell's interest is towards Fantöm rather than Justice as a whole.
  • Joueur contre Joueur (Player versus Player): Sparadrap mentions having a younger brother, first time Fantöm is seen since the first episode.
  • Capture d'écran (Screencap): Gaea gets the idea that Omega Zell is in love with Fantöm, Omega Zell denies it despite showing all the signs of Gibberish of Love.
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  • La taverne (The tarvern): Golgotha. Tenshirock has plans for getting Fantöm to leave the game and enlists Gaea's help.
  • Faux Départ (False start): Sparadrap runs into Tenshirock who hints towards having plan for him.
  • Le premier étage - partie 1 (The first floor - part 1): Sparadrap shows off a new staff that he got from an enemy that is not supposed to drop this type of object according to his guildmates. Noob enters the Galamadriabyak tower's first floor.
  • Le premier étage - partie 2 (The first floor - part 2): Noob completes the first floor, thanks to Sparadrap's younger brother taking over his avatar at a crucial moment and turning out to be much more competent than him. At the very end, a scene heavily implies that Master Zen is escaping jail.

Season 2:

  • Mise à jour (Update): Ystos, Heimdäl. Ystos turns out to be Sparadrap's younger brother, Sparadrap's new staff produces an attack far too powerful for his level.
  • La communauté du bâton (The fellowship of the staff): The Noob guild finds out that Sparadrap's new staff is a "present" from Tenshirock, Arthéon mentions the in-game location that may be the only way to get rid of it since it can't be deleted by normal mechanics.
  • SOS soigneur (SOS healer): Couette. After discovering that the staff launches random spells on its own, Arthéon considers replacing Sparadrap, but Omega Zell manages to change his mind back to getting the staff destroyed.
  • Pick up: Omega Zell and Arthéon get curious about Gaea's Pick-Up Group activities and discover that Fantöm has been helping her.
  • Restons zen (Let's stay zen): Master Zen. Master Zen lets the rest of the guild know he's out of jail. Most of the Noob guild prefers Arthéon as a leader to Master Zen, leading him to apparently give up his membership, then kidnap Arthéon in real life.
  • Retrouvailles (Reunion): The Noob guild runs into Golgotha and has her fill Arthéon's slot.
  • Rédemption (Redemption): Fantöm's teammates call a Game Master on Gaea because she had been asking Fantöm to help her level up under threat of getting his avatar deleted by a hacker. The Game Master notices Sparadrap's staff and bans him also.
  • Impression de Déjà Vu (Feeling of Déjà Vu): Sparadrap creates a new avatar, his brother takes him under his wing to level up after Omega Zell refuses to do so and Golgotha has left after Gaea's banning.
  • Curriculum Vitæ (Resume): Sparadrap is back to his pre-banning level thanks to his brother's help, Golgotha decides to move in with Gaea in real life so she can continue spending time with her.
  • Complots - partie 1 (Conspiracies - part 1): Tenshirock sends Gaea a video that she uses to blackmail the Horizon creators into giving her her avatar back. Master Zen convinces Omega Zell and a Game Master that Arthéon has abadonned the Noob guild and offers to take over leadership. Arthéon escapes.
  • Complots - partie 2 (Conspiracies - part 2): Arthéon shows up just in time to show that he hasn't actually abandonned the guild, Master Zen lets it slip that he was his kidnapper and gets kicked into next week by Golgotha. Sparadrap comes back an reveals his brother's in-game identity and the fact that he still has Tenshirock's "present" despite the renewal of his avatar.
  • Le maître des compétences (The skill master)
  • De retour dans la tour - partie 1 (Back in the tower - part 1): Noob enters the second floor of the Galamadriabuyak tower
  • De retour dans la tour - partie 2 (Back in the tower - part 2): Noob completes the second floor of the Galamadriabuyak tower
  • Le PK contre-attaque (The PK strikes back): Sparadrap's staff, which had behaved during the three previous episodes, starts acting at random again. This brings the plan to destroy it back on the table.
  • La grande bataille (The big battle): Amaras. The place that Noob wants to reach is currently under Coalition control. They paticipate in a battleground to help the Empire get the place back.
  • Le choc des extrêmes (The shock of extremes): Events lead Sparadrap's staff to being Brought Down to Normal rather than destroyed and Master Zen's avatar gets banned.

Season 3:

  • Horizon 2.0: A third faction named the Order and Gaea's archer reroll Gaëa are introduced. Arthéon announces that he's about to be sent to Boarding School and that the guild needs a new tank.
  • Reroll: Sparadrap's warrior reroll Spärädräp is introduced.
  • Hacker
  • Recrutement (Recruitement): Ivy, Nazetrîme. Couette and Ivy turn out to have become part of the guild offscreen, Nazetrîme gets recruited to replace Arthéon as a tank.
  • Reportage (Report): Omega Zell's real life job leads him to interview Gaea in real life. Gaea points out that the job gives him a perfect excuse to meet Fantöm and his team in real life. Omega Zell realises that his Gibberish of Love-like situation will be a problem during Fantöm's interview and asks Gaea to come with him to ask questions.
  • Conspiration (Conspiracy): Amaras gets a message from an Order member that infuriates him. While Omega Zell and Gaea interview Fantöm, someone breaks into Gaea's apartment and posts something implied to be Tenshirock's video from Season 2 on the Internet from her computer.
  • Trahison (Betrayal): Roxana. Fantöm turns out to have been illegally boosted all along, but the game's creator and head Game Master seem to know more about it than he does. His avatar and its accomplishments get permanently deleted from Horizon's history.
  • De pire en pire (From bad to worse): Noob finds out about the previous episode's events and that Gaea has been framed for being at their origin. While Empire players hate her and are deserting the faction, a Coalition player mentions she now has many fans in the faction. Tenshirock keeps Gaea's avatar from being deleted, dissipates any possibility of his video being fake, confirms that Fantöm knew nothing and admits to not knowing who's the real culprit.
  • Centralis: While it becomes obvious that the Empire is in a bad spot, Ivy states the simple solution: getting Fantöm to create a new avatar.
  • Rencontre IRL ([Real Life] meet-up): Spectre. Gaea, Omega Zell, Sparadrap and Golgotha give an unsuccessful pep talk to Fantöm. Arthéon and Ystos discover that the Order already has a level 100 player. Arthéon shares Tenshirock's information whith Ystos, prompting him to participate in the efforts to get Fantöm to come back. Fantöm is last seen turning on his computer.
  • Niveau 1 - partie 1 (Level 1 - part 1)
  • Niveau 2 - partie 1 (Level 1 - part 2): The Stinger shows Fantöm's new avatar.
  • Persona Non Grata: Elyx, Valentin. Master Zen, now an Order player turns out to be the video's poster and Nazetrîme turns out to have been working for him all along. Caught on Tape gives Gaea proof of her innocence.
  • Orgueil et préjugés (Pride and prejudice): Fantöm reluctantly joins the Noob guild.
  • Buyabuyak - partie 1 (Buyabuyak - part 1)
  • Buyabuyak - partie 2 (Buyabuyak - part 2)
  • Furie (Limit Break): The Coalition is about to take the Empire's capital and all active players are called in to help defend it.
  • Rosaphir - partie 1 (Rosaphir - part 1): As the battle begins, Fantöm's team turns out to be doing a quest which, once completed, can lead to an instant win for the Empire. Gaea Admirers guild is introduced.
  • Rosaphir - partie 2 (Rosaphir - part 2): Noob runs into Amaras's team while trying to keep the Empire's leader from being captured and Roxana kills Sparadrap's beloved pets right in front of him. Fantöm's team shows up to help.
  • Rosaphir - partie 3 (Rosaphir - part 3): Arthéon leaves his Boarding School. Spectre makes his presence in-game known to Amaras and Fantöm, organises a three-way battle between them and gives the two others a year to prepare for it. Noob completes the quest in place of Fantöm's team.

Season 4:

  • Prologue - Horizon 2.2: Pironess. The Noob guild members appear without Arthéon and hint that his absence is something unusual. Fantöm seems to have left the guild.
  • PK.Dilles (PK.Dilloes): Tabris. Arthéon is mentioned to regularly log into Horizon without joining the guild. Omega Zell announces the he has been made guild leader.
  • Conflit d'intérêt (Conflict of interest): Roxana shows a But for Me, It Was Tuesday attitude towards killing Sparadrap's pets when confronted about it. Dark Avenger's situation with Sparadrap causes him to quit the game and Précieux swears to "avenge him".
  • Sourcelame: Kary. Arthéon shows up to be Sickeningly Sweethearts with Kary in front of the rest of the guild and explains that the two of them are cooperating on a quest for a legendary item, a sword named Sourcelame. He also explains that he only gave an officer title to Omega Zell, before transferring it Gaea because of complaints.
  • Dramegatique: Gaea's leadership has the predictable consequence of making Omega Zell leave the guild. A member of the guild reaches level 100.
  • Bad Reputation: Gaea joins the Coalition and Gaea Admirers guild. Omega Zell reaches level 100. Sparadrap ends up with the officer title.
  • Reconnaissance (Recognition): Fantöm is confirmed to be back in Justice, Omega Zell joins.
  • Même pas en rêve (In your dreams!): Sparadrap reaches level 100.
  • Donjon du chaos - partie 1 (The Chaos dungeon - part 1): Arthéon is able to join the Noob guild thanks to Kary having exams. Gaea tries doing the dungeon with her new guild but gets seperated from the other members. Omega Zell tags along with Fantöm's team for the fist time.
  • Donjon du chaos - partie 2 (The Chaos dungeon - part 2): Gaea runs into the reduced Noob guild and decides to cooperate with them to finish the dungeon. Sparadrap shows his first sign of having "grown up" a little. Tabris explains part of his plan to Fantöm's group.
  • Donjon du chaos - partie 3 (The Chaos dungeon - part 3): Omega Zell's presence ends up making the difference between victory and defeat on his team's Boss Battle. Gaea finds out that Gaea's Worshippers guild owes Amaras a large sum of credits for which she's now responsible as leader. In her attempt to escape the situation, she ends up guildless and forbidden to join a guild until she pays up.
  • Incompatibilité (Incompatibility): Gaea reaches level 100, runs into Omega Zell for the first time since he left the Noob guild and decides she wants to have a duel with him.
  • Apocalypse - partie 1 (Apocalypse - part 1): Arthéon and Kary find Sourcelame. Gaea wins the duel. The faction of Chaos emerges and Kary turns out to prefer participating in the event to finishing her in-game wedding to Arthéon.
  • Apocalypse - partie 2 (Apocalypse - part 2): Arthéon reaches level 100 and starts displaying odd behaviour that includes being more aggressive than his usual self. He gets the idea that Kary was an ally of Relic Hunter guild despite the members obviously not even knowing her.
  • Apocalypse - partie 3 (Apocalypse - part 3): Arthéon disbands the Noob guild. Sparadrap notices something is off and teleports him to a remote location to try reasoning with him. When Arthéon admits to feeling that his time as Noob guild leader has been wasted, Sparadrap decides to fight against him to prove him wrong.

Season 5:

  • Prologue: Arthéon wins the battle, Sparadrap decides to let him go and restart the guild himself.
  • La partie continue ! (The game continues!): Ash and Tenshirock turn out to be Spectre's former teammates. The Noob guild is implied to have been refounded, has Gaëa (the archer) among its members and is doing a quest with Golgotha. Sourcelame speaks and acquires the markings of a Quest Giver. Arthéon is later seen getting job offer from the Horizon creator.
  • Nouvelles ambitions (New ambitions): Saphir come to the conclusion that Omega Zell can only amount to something if he changes classes and the only way to do this without creating a new avatar is to transfer to the same class tier as Fantöm, Amaras and Spectre. Arthéon gets hired to control a Horizon character/world boss.
  • World Boss: Under the cover of a collective battle to protect the Coalition capital from Tabris, Sparadrap attacks Roxana from a distance. Roxana quickly notices and loses her But for Me, It Was Tuesday attitude toward the event for which he was taking revenge.
  • Historique perdu (Lost history): Heimdäl enlists Gaea's help for finding info about Spectre. The payment she requires is both the sum given to the winner of an upcoming tournament and exactly what she owes Amaras. Ivy is present when the deal is made.
  • Réunion de famille (Family reunion): The Noob guild decides to participate in the tournament, and Arthéon tells everyone about his new job and what it entails.
  • Éliminatoires (Playoffs): Heimdäl, Omega Zell, Couette, Spärädräp, Roxana, Ivy and Gologotha are shown to survive the tournament's playoffs.
  • Phases finales (Final phases): Saphir leaves for a quest that could get Justice back to being number one, Roxana leaves the tournament to go after goes after her and Heimdäl leaves also in hope to stop Roxana. The finalists end up being Ivy and Omega Zell. Omega Zell wins, assuring the money will go to Justice.
  • Le Secret de Tenshirock (Tenshirock's secret): Judge Dead turns out to be Tenshirock's son and the person he's actually trying to drive away from Horizon.
  • Magouilles et Gaeabouilles (Scheming and Gaea's trademark Puppy-Dog Eyes): Spectre's Achilles' Heel is revealed, Gaea gets the money she owes Amaras and Omega Zell gets told what class he needs to change to.
  • Crépuscule 2.0 - partie 1 (Twilight 2.0 - part 1): Saphir's quest turns out to have failed and caused the faction of Chaos to be invading the territories of the Empire, the Coalition and the Order. The three-way battle between Spectre, Amaras and Fantöm starts.
  • Crépuscule 2.0 - partie 2 (Twilight 2.0 - part 2): Amaras wins the battle. Sparadrap manages to take his revenge on Roxana. Tenshirock and Judge Dead make up, thanks in part to one of Gaea's ideas. Arthéon hints he may eventually reroll in Noob.


These have a Non-Player Character arc overlapping with the Player Character arc. Volunteers to sum it up in the synopsis are welcome.

  • Saison 1.5: La Pierre des Ages (Season 1.5: The Stone of Ages): Noob participates in the events that lead up to the appearance of the dungeon Justice and Roxxor are trying to complete in Season 2.
  • Saison 2.5: Le Continent sans Retour (Season 2.5: The Continent without Return): The Order emerges, Ivy is introduced, she and Couette join the Noob guild. Early-Bird Cameo for Keynn Lucans and Saryahblööd from Neogicia.
  • Saison 3.5 Les fantômes du passé (Season 3.5: Ghosts of the past): Pragmatic Adaptation of most of Season 3 for the first part. The second overlaps with Fantöm's last day in the Noob guild and introduces Tabris. Early-Bird Cameo for Saly Asigar and Loster Brom from Neogicia.
  • Saison 4.5: La faction du Chaos (The faction of Chaos): The conclusion of the Glacesang battle started in Season 4 finale and the refoundation of the Noob guild are shown. Early-Bird Cameo for Nox Lucans from Neogicia.


This version didn't finish its Continuity Creep until La chute de l'Empire, which is its equivalent to the Wham Episode of the story.

  • Tu veux entrer dans ma guilde ? (You want to join my guild?)
  • Les filles, elles ne savent pas jouer d'abord ! (Girls don't know how to play, first of all!)
  • Un jour, je serai niveau 100 ! (One day, I'll be level 100!)
  • Les crédits ou la vie (Credits or life)
  • La coupe de Fluxball (The Fluxball cup)
  • Desordre en Olydri (Disruption in Olydri)
  • La chute de l'Empire (The fall of the Empire): Starts with the franchise's big twist and ends with a status quo similar to that of the Orgeuil et préjugés episode from Season 3.
  • Retour à la case départ (Back to the starting square): Comic counterpart to Spectre's first appearance and reveal of his intentions towards helping Fantöm get back on his feet.
  • Mauvaise réputation (Bad reputation): A battleground on the Order's territory replaces the weberies version of the Centralis battle for Gaea's storyline (e.g. getting back to the leader of Relic Hunter guild for the Frame-Up and introducing Gaea Admirers guild).
  • A la guerre comme à la guerre (At war like at war)
  • Trois factions, trois champions une légende (Three factions, three champions, one legend): Comic book version of the Centralis battle

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