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Recap page for Nancy Drew media of all kinds.

As of now, this under-construction page only covers the video game adaptations, but is open to covering any iteration of the franchise.

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    The video games 
  1. Secrets Can Kill
  2. Stay Tuned for Danger
  3. Message in a Haunted Mansion
  4. Treasure in the Royal Tower
  5. The Final Scene
  6. Secret of the Scarlet Hand
  7. Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake
  8. The Haunted Carousel
  9. Danger on Deception Island
  10. The Secret of Shadow Ranch
  11. Curse of Blackmoor Manor
  12. Secret of the Old Clock
  13. Last Train to Blue Moon Canyon
  14. Danger By Design
  15. The Creature of Kapu Cave
  16. White Wolf of Icicle Creek
  17. Legend of the Crystal Skull
  18. The Phantom of Venice
  19. The Haunting of Castle Malloy
  20. Ransom of the Seven Ships
  21. Warnings at Waverly Academy
  22. Trail of the Twister
  23. Secrets Can Kill Remastered
  24. Shadow at the Water's Edge
  25. The Captive Curse
  26. Alibi in Ashes
  27. Tomb of the Lost Queen
  28. The Deadly Device
  29. Ghost of Thronton Hall
  30. The Silent Spy
  31. The Shattered Medallion
  32. Labyrinth of Lies
  33. Sea of Darkness
  34. Midnight in Salem

     Movies and Television 

Book Series

Nancy Drew Mystery Stories

    Grosset and Dunlop 

    Simon and Schuster Wanderer Editions 

    Minstrel Editions 

    Aladdin Editions 

Other Series

    Nancy Drew Notebooks 

The Nancy Drew Notebooks are a series of books featuring the amateur sleuth Nancy Drew. The stories are aimed at younger readers and portray an 8-year-old Nancy and her friends in the third grade. Each book is illustrated with eight black and white drawings. The series original illustrator was Anthony Accardo, later volumes were illustrated by Jan Naimo Jones, and Paul Casale . The "notebook" in the series title refers to the "blue notebook in which keeps track of her [Nancy] mysteries and writes down what she learns". The stories end with a moral message telling the reader what Nancy has learned. The cover layout has changed and evolved throughout the series. It was initially published by the Minstrel imprint and later switched to the Aladdin imprint. The series ended with volume #69 in December 2005, and was relaunched (from volume 1) as Nancy Drew and the Clue Crew.

  1. The Slumber Party Secret
  2. The Lost Locket
  3. The Secret Santa
  4. Bad Day for Ballet
  5. The Soccer Shoe Clue
  6. The Ice Cream Scoop
  7. Trouble at Camp Treehouse
  8. The Best Detective
  9. The Thanksgiving Surprise
  10. Not Nice on Ice
  11. The Pen Pal Puzzle
  12. The Puppy Problem
  13. The Wedding Gift Goof
  14. The Funny Face Fight
  15. The Crazy Key Clue
  16. The Ski Slope Mystery
  17. Whose Pet is Best
  18. The Stolen Unicorn
  19. The Lemonade Raid
  20. Hannah's Secret
  21. Princess on Parade
  22. The Clue in the Glue
  23. Alien in the Classroom
  24. The Hidden Treasures
  25. Dare at the Fair
  26. The Lucky Horseshoes
  27. Trouble Takes the Cake
  28. Thrill on the Hill
  29. Lights! Camera! Clues!
  30. It's No Joke
  31. Fine Feathered Mystery
  32. Black Velvet Mystery
  33. The Gumdrop Ghost
  34. Trash or Treasure
  35. Third Grade Reporter
  36. Make Believe Mystery
  37. Dude Ranch Detective
  38. Candy is Dandy
  39. Chinese New Year Mystery
  40. Dinosaur Alert
  41. Flower Power
  42. Circus Act
  43. The Walkie-Talkie Mystery
  44. The Purple Fingerprint
  45. The Dashing Dog Mystery
  46. The Snow Queen's Surprise
  47. The Crook Who Took the Book
  48. The Crazy Carnival Case
  49. The Sand Castle Mystery
  50. The Scarytales Sleepover
  51. The Old-Fashioned Mystery
  52. Big Worry in Wonderland
  53. Recipe for Trouble
  54. The Stinky Cheese Surprise
  55. The Day Camp Disaster
  56. Turkey Trouble
  57. The Carousel Mystery
  58. The Dollhouse Mystery
  59. The Bike Race Mystery
  60. The Lighthouse Mystery
  61. Space Case
  62. The Secret in the Spooky Woods
  63. The Snowman Surprise
  64. The Bunny-Hop Hoax
  65. Strike-Out Scare
  66. Zoo Clue
  67. The Singing Suspects
  68. The Apple Bandit
  69. The Kitten Caper

    The Nancy Drew Files 

The Nancy Drew Files, or the Nancy Drew Case Files, is a detective fiction series started in 1986 and released by Simon & Schuster, New York. It is a spin-off of the original series of novels featuring Nancy Drew, with a greater emphasis on adventure, malice and romance. All the books have been written under the pseudonym Carolyn Keene. This series has been targeted at readers who are age eleven and up.

    Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys Super Mystery (1988-1998) 

Super Mystery is a 36-volume series of crossover paperbacks, pairing The Hardy Boys with Nancy Drew. Earlier crossovers include a 1970s TV series, the novelization of one of the TV episodes (The Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew Meet Dracula), two Super Sleuths books (each book containing 7 short stories), Campfire Stories (a book of 7 short stories in celebration of the anniversary of the Campfire organization), and the Be-A-Detective series (6 choose-your-own adventure books).

The series is based on the Nancy Drew Files and the Hardy Boys Casefiles universes, as evidenced by Shock Waves, in which the melted keys from the car bombing that killed Iola Morton in the first Hardy Boys Casefile, are mentioned. The books are written under the Keene pseudonym and are told mainly from Nancy's view. An attraction between Frank Hardy and Nancy Drew was mentioned throughout the series.

  1. ‘’Double Crossing’’
  2. ‘’A Crime for Christmas’’
  3. ‘’Shock Waves’’
  4. ‘’Dangerous Games’’
  5. ‘’The Last Resort’’
  6. ‘’The Paris Connection’’
  7. ‘’Buried in Time’’
  8. ‘’Mystery Train’’
  9. ‘’Best of Enemies’’
  10. ‘’High Survival’’
  11. ‘’New Year’s Evil’’
  12. ‘’Tour of Danger’’
  13. ‘’Spies and Lies’’
  14. ‘’Tropic of Fear’’
  15. ‘’Courting Disaster’’
  16. ‘’Hits and Misses’’
  17. ‘’Evil in Amsterdam’’
  18. ‘’Desperate Measures’’
  19. ‘’Passport to Danger’’
  20. ‘’Hollywood Horror’’
  21. ‘’Copper Canyon Conspiracy’’
  22. ‘’Danger Down Under’’
  23. ‘’Dead on Arrival’’
  24. ‘’Target for Terror’’
  25. ‘’Secrets of the Nile’’
  26. ‘’A Question of Guilt’’
  27. ‘’Islands of Intrigue’’
  28. ‘’Murder on the Fourth of July’’
  29. ‘’High Stakes’’
  30. ‘’Nightmare in New Orleans’’
  31. ‘’Out of Control’’
  32. ‘’Exhibition of Evil’’
  33. ‘’At All Costs’’
  34. ‘’Royal Revenge’’
  35. ‘’Operation Titanic’’
  36. ‘’Process of Elimination’’


    River Heights 

River Heights was an American paperback spinoff series (1989-1992) from the Nancy Drew Files series of mystery stories for preteen girl readers published by Simon & Schuster. The pilot story for this series was Nancy Drew Files #39 ‘’The Suspect Next Door’’. This series (also credited to Carolyn Keene) involved Nancy's neighbor, Nicki Masters, and revolved around Nicki's friends and rivals at River Heights High School. These books, unlike the originals, were mostly romance books. The series lasted for a short time, consisting of 16 volumes and a "Super Sizzler" special edition. Nancy Drew makes cameos throughout the series.

  1. Love Times Three
  2. Guilty Secrets
  3. Going too Far
  4. Stolen Kisses
  5. Between the Lines
  6. Lessons in Love
  7. Cheating Hearts
  8. The Trouble with Love
  9. Lies and Whispers
  10. Mixed Emotions
  11. Broken Hearts
  12. Hard to Handle
  13. A Mind of Her Own
  14. Love and Games
  15. Friends and Rivals
  16. The Jealousy Trap
  17. Super Sizzler #1: Junior Class Trip

    Nancy Drew on Campus 

Nancy Drew on Campus is a series of twenty-five books published as a young adult spin-off from the long-running Nancy Drew mystery series. The series was published between 1995 and 1998 by Simon & Schuster's Young Adult imprint Simon Pulse and followed Nancy and her friends as they attended college and dealt with issues such as date rape and drug usage.

Nancy Drew on Campus utilized reader interaction, most notably in the first two books where they were asked to call a 1-800 number to decide whether Nancy and her boyfriend Ned were to break up or stay together. Nancy Drew ends her relationship to Ned Nickerson in the second book in the series, supposedly based on reader feedback to the telephone poll in the previous book.

  1. ‘’New Lives, New Loves’’
  2. ‘’On Her Own’’
  3. ‘’Don't Look Back’’
  4. ‘’Tell Me the Truth’’
  5. ‘’Secret Rules’’
  6. ‘’It's Your Move’’
  7. ‘’False Friends’’
  8. ‘’Getting Closer’’
  9. ‘’Broken Promises’’
  10. ‘’Party Weekend’’
  11. ‘’In the Name of Love’’
  12. ‘’Just the Two of Us’’
  13. ‘’Campus Exposures’’
  14. ‘’Hard to Get’’
  15. ‘’Loving and Losing’’
  16. ‘’Going Home’’
  17. ‘’New Beginnings’’
  18. ‘’Keeping Secrets’’
  19. ‘’Love On-Line’’
  20. ‘’Jealous Feelings’’
  21. ‘’Love and Betrayal’’
  22. ‘’In and Out of Love’’
  23. ‘’Otherwise Engaged’’
  24. ‘’In the Spotlight’’
  25. ‘’Snowbound’’

Nancy Drew, Girl Detective

    Regular Series 

Books in the Nancy Drew: Girl Detective are released in paperback format by Simon & Schuster. From 2008 to 2012, the mysteries were presented as 3-book mini arcs, drawing the mystery out over three distinct, but linked, titles. The re-designed covers feature model Jessica Silverman as Nancy Drew.

  1. ’’Without a Trace’’
  2. ’’A Race Against Time’’
  3. ’’False Notes’’
  4. ’’High Risk’’
  5. ’’Lights, Camera…’’
  6. ’’…Action’’
  7. ’’The Stolen Relic’’
  8. ’’The Scarlet Macaw Scandal’’
  9. ’’Secrets of the Spa’’
  10. ’’Uncivil Acts’’
  11. ’’Riverboat Ruse’’
  12. ’’Stop the Clock’’
  13. ’’Trade Wind Danger’’
  14. ’’Bad Time, Big Crimes’’
  15. ’’Framed’’
  16. ’’Dangerous Plays’’
  17. ’’En Garde’’
  18. ’’Pit of Vipers’’
  19. ’’The Orchid Thief’’
  20. ’’Getting Burned’’
  21. ’’Close Encounters’’
  22. ’’Dressed to Steal’’
  23. ’’Troubled Waters’’
  24. ’’Murder on the Set’’
  25. ’’Trails of Treachery’’
  26. ’’Fishing for Clues’’
  27. ’’Intruder’’
  28. ’’Mardi Gras Masquerade’’
  29. ’’The Stolen Bones’’

    Trilogy Series 

Perfect Mystery Trilogy

  1. ’’Pageant Perfect Crime’’
  2. ’’Perfect Cover’’
  3. ’’The Perfect Escape’’

Identity Mystery Trilogy

  1. ’’Secret Identity’’
  2. ’’Identity Theft’’
  3. ’’Identity Revealed’’

Model Mystery Trilogy

  1. ’’Model Crime’’
  2. ’’Model Menace’’
  3. ’’Model Suspect’’

Eco-Mystery Trilogy

  1. ’’Green-Eyed Monster’’
  2. ’’Green with Envy’’
  3. ’’Seeing Green’’

Sabotage Mystery Trilogy

  1. ’’Secret Sabotage’’
  2. ’’Serial Sabotage’’
  3. ’’Sabotage Surrender’’

Malibu Mayhem Trilogy

  1. ’’California Schemin’’’
  2. ’’Mystery at Malachite Mansion’’
  3. ’’Stalk, Don’t Run’’

    Girl Detective Super Mysteries 

  1. ’’Where’s Nancy’’
  2. ’’Once Upon a Crime’’
  3. ’’Real Fake’’
  4. ’’Ghost Stories’’

Spin Offs

    Nancy Drew and the Clue Crew 

Nancy Drew and the Clue Crew is a series featuring a grade-school-aged Nancy Drew. Like the Nancy Drew Notebooks, the series is aimed at a younger audience.

  1. ''Sleepover Sleuths’’
  2. ''Scream For Ice Cream’’
  3. ''Pony Problems’’
  4. ''The Cinderella Ballet Mystery’’
  5. ''Case of the Sneaky Snowman’’
  6. ''The Fashion Disaster’’
  7. ''The Circus Scare’’
  8. ''Lights, Camera…Cats!’’
  9. ''The Halloween Hoax’’
  10. ''Ticket Trouble’’
  11. ‘’Ski School Sneak’’
  12. ‘’Valentine’s Day Secret’’
  13. ‘’Chick-napped!’’
  14. ‘’The Zoo Crew’’
  15. ‘’Mall Madness’’
  16. ‘’Thanksgiving Thief’’
  17. ‘’Wedding Day Disaster’’
  18. ‘’Earth Day Escapade’’
  19. ‘’April Fool’s Day’’
  20. ‘’Treasure Trouble’’
  21. ‘’Double Take’’
  22. ‘’Unicorn Uproar’’
  23. ‘’Babysitting Bandit’’
  24. ‘’Princess Mix-up Mystery’’
  25. ‘’Buggy Breakout’’
  26. ‘’Camp Creepy’’
  27. ‘’Cat Burglar Caper’’
  28. ‘’Time Thief’’
  29. ‘’Designed for Disaster’’
  30. ‘’Dance Off’’
  31. ‘’The Make-a-Pet Mystery’’
  32. ‘’Cape Mermaid Mystery’’
  33. ‘’The Pumpkin Patch Puzzle’’
  34. ‘’Cupcake Chaos’’
  35. ‘’Cooking Camp Disaster’’
  36. ‘’The Secret of the Scarecrow’’
  37. ‘’The Flower Show Fiasco’’
  38. ‘’A Musical Mess’’
  39. ‘’Museum Mayhem’’
  40. ‘’Butterfly Blues’’

    Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys Super Mystery (2007-2012) 

A crossover spin-off series with The Hardy Boys: Undercover Brothers series. The stories are told in first person, alternating chapters, between Frank's or Joe's, and Nancy's perspective. The first title in the series acts as an introduction between the characters. This series published one title per year until the end of the Girl Detective and Undercover Brothers series in 2012.

  1. ‘’Terror On Tour’’
  2. ‘’Danger Overseas’’
  3. ‘’Club Dread’’
  4. ‘’Gold Medal Murder’’
  5. ‘’Bonfire Masquerade’’
  6. ‘’Stage Fright’’

    Graphic Novels 

Beginning in 2005, Papercutz began issuing a new series of Nancy Drew graphic novels as an offshoot of the Girl Detective series. The series is edited by Jim Salicrup, written by Stefan Petrucha, and illustrated by Sho Murase. All the storylines are completely new. The manga-style illustrations and technical allusions (Nancy's hybrid car, George's tablet PC) give Nancy and her friends a 21st-century spin.

  1. ’’The Demon of River Heights’’
  2. ’’Writ in Stone’’
  3. ’’The Old Fashioned Mystery of the Haunted Dollhouse’’
  4. ’’The Girl Who Wasn’t There’’
  5. ’’The Fake Heir’’
  6. ’’Mr. Cheeters Is Missing’’
  7. ’’The Charmed Bracelet’’
  8. ’’Global Warning’’
  9. ’’Ghost in the Machinery’’
  10. ’’The Disoriented Express’’
  11. ’’Monkey Wrench Blues’’
  12. ’’Dress Reversal’’
  13. ’’Doggone Town’’
  14. ’’Sleight of Dan’’
  15. ’’Tiger Counter’’
  16. ’’What Goes Up’’
  17. ’’Night of the Living Chatchke’’
  18. ’’City Under the Basement’’
  19. ’’Cliffhanger’’
  20. ’’High School Musical Mystery’’
  21. ’’High School Musical Mystery Part 2: The Lost Verse’’

    Nancy Drew: Girl Detective- The New Case Files 

In 2010, the series was rebooted as Nancy Drew: Girl Detective - The New Case Files. These new novels center around a River Heights that has become obsessed with vampire books. The third novel of this new series, Together with the Hardy Boys, featured a crossover with The Hardy Boys, who also had their own graphic novel series at that time. This ended up being the last issue, and the series was cancelled after that.

  1. ’’Nancy Drew: Vampire Slayer’’
  2. ’’A Vampire’s Kiss’’
  3. ’’Together with the Hardy Boys’’

    Nancy Drew Diaries 

This series, that began in 2013, is a reboot of the Nancy Drew: Girl Detective series. The series continues to follow Nancy and her friends' cases, with first-person narration by Nancy. The series was created to move away from the trilogy format of Girl Detective (besides for the first two books, all titles are now individual mysteries), make books longer than its predecessor, and have a cover artist. The new series also attempted to fix some of the more criticized aspects of Girl Detective, with arguable success.

  1. ‘’Curse of the Arctic Star’’
  2. ‘’Strangers on a Train’’
  3. ‘’Mystery of the Midnight Rider’’
  4. ‘’Once Upon a Thriller’’
  5. ‘’Sabotage at Willow Woods’’
  6. ‘’Secret at Mystic Lake’’
  7. ‘’The Phantom of Nantucket’’
  8. ‘’The Magician’s Secret’’
  9. ‘’The Clue at Black Creek Farm’’
  10. ‘’A Script for Danger’’
  11. ‘’The Red Slippers’’
  12. ‘’The Sign in the Smoke’’
  13. ‘’The Ghost of Grey Fox Inn’’
  14. ‘’Riverboat Roulette’’
  15. ‘’The Professor and the Puzzle’’
  16. ‘’The Haunting of Heliotrope Lane’’
    1. ‘’A Nancy Drew Christmas’’
  17. ‘’Famous Mistakes’’
  18. ‘’The Stolen Show’’
  19. ‘’Hidden Pictures’’

  20. ‘’The VanishingStatue’’
  21. ‘’Danger at the Iron Dragon’’
  22. ‘’A Capitol Crime’’
  23. ‘’The Blue Lady of Coffin Hall’’
  24. ‘’Captain Stone’s Revenge’’

    Nancy Drew Clue Book Series 

This is a reboot of the Nancy Drew and the Clue Crew series published by Aladdin Paperbacks. This is an interactive series, as readers may write down their clues and predictions. A page before the final chapter has questions the reader can answer regarding suspects, clues, and solutions.

  1. ’’Pool Party Puzzler’’
  2. ’’Last Lemonade Standing’’
  3. ’’A Star Witness’’
  4. ’’Big Top Flop’’
  5. ’’Movie Madness’’
  6. ’’Pets on Parade’’
  7. ’’Candy Kingdom Chaos’’
  8. ’’World Record Mystery’’
  9. ’’Springtime Crime’’
  10. ’’Boo Crew’’
  11. ’’The Tortoise and the Scare’’
  12. ’’Turkey Trot Plot’’
  13. ’’Puppy Love Prank’’
  14. ’’The Big Island Burglary’’
  15. ’’The Great Goat Gaffe’’
  16. ’’Duck Derby Debacle’’
  17. ’’Recipe Ruckus’’

Other Books and Resources


  1. The Nancy Drew Cookbook: Clues to Good Cooking (1973)
  2. Nancy Drew Picture Book: Mystery of the Lost Dogs (1977)
  3. Nancy Drew Picture Book: The Secret of the Twin Puppets (1977)
  4. The Nancy Drew Sleuth Book: Clues to Good Sleuthing (1979)
  5. Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys: Super Sleuths (1981)
  6. Nancy Drew Ghost Stories (1983)
  7. Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys: Super Sleuths #2 (1984)
  8. Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys: Campfire Stories (1984)
  9. Nancy Drew Ghost Stories #2 (1985)

     Choose Your Own Adventure 

Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys: Be a Detective Mystery Stories

  1. ’’The Secret of the Knight’s Sword’’
  2. ’’Danger on Ice’’
  3. ’’The Feathered Serpent’’
  4. ’’Secret Cargo’’
  5. ’’The Alaskan Mystery’’
  6. ’’The Missing Money Mystery’’

     Other Books 

  1. The Nancy Drew Sleuth Book: Clue to Good Sleuthing (1978)
  2. The Nancy Drew Scrapbook (1993)
  3. Nancy Drew's Guide to Life (2001)
  4. Nancy Drew Mad Libs (2005)
  5. Clues to Real Life: The Wit and Wisdom of Nancy Drew (2007)
  6. Drew The Lost Files Of Nancy Drew (2007)
  7. The Official Nancy Drew Handbook (2007)
  8. Nancy Drew Classic Paper Dolls (2011)
  9. Nancy Drew & Her Friends Paper Dolls (2012)
  10. The Curse (2020)


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