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  • In Season 2 premiere itself : Gaea telling Omega Zell he's currently doing his assigned task so badly that even Sparadrap is doing better than him. Omega Zell gets furious and says she went too far in her insults. Gaea briefly looks at Sparadrap who's struggling to use his staff correctly and actually takes what she said back.

  • Can't be mentioned without spoiling Season 2's premiere, but really worth it : When Sparadrap has to create a new avatar and Omega Zell (only guild member available for it at the time) refuses to help him level up, Ystos shows up to help him and invites him into the Justice guild to be able to do so. Once that happens, Sparadrap's first reaction tell the news to his brother who's using a laptop in the same room as him:

    Kevin: This is so cool! Do you know what just happened? I just joined the Justice guild! That's the most super strong guild in all Horizon 1.1! You must not know about it. You don't even know how to play.
    Thomas: Do you do this on purpose?
    Kevin: Do what on purpose ?
    Thomas: Haven't you worked out the identity of Ystos the druid ?
    Kevin: Err... no.
    [Kevin goes back to playing, cut to in-game]
    Ystos, to Sparadrap: It's me, Thomas.
    [Kevin turns away from his computer with a very surprised look on his face, looks at his brother's laptop over his shoulder, than back at his own computer]
    Kevin: Wow... That's super neat! I was such a great Horizon 1.1 player, you've manged to reach level 100! I'm such a good teacher!
    Thomas [sighs]: That's right. Now, let's do the Mortegarde dungeon.

  • During Season 3, Morgan's (Omega Zell) latest real life job assignment gives him an excuse to meet the player behind Fantöm. He brings Gabrielle (Gaea) along for various reasons and she starts telling him about Fantöm-related rumors. One has it that the charismatic guy in the Horizon ads isn't the real Max Middle, who's actually horribly overweight because of his professional gamer lifestyle. The second one is that the player behind Fantöm is actually a woman. When Max Middle opens his door, Morgan's first reaction is "Yeah, he's not a girl nor horribly overweight!". Gabrielle's reaction is a nice little smirk.
    • Later, while interviewing Max Middle, Gabrielle brings up Omega Zell and paints a portrait of him much closer to her Yaoi Fangirl fantasy of him than to reality. Morgan, unable to speak, can only protest by discretly tucking her sleeve, but moves to quite conspicuiously pulling her hair when she starts mentioning nude rugbyman calendars.

  • Spardrap gets a Mirror Match in Season 3. He and his double keep missing each other with their attack spells because they have the same aiming skills.

  • The last action of the Omega Zell vs Gaea duel happening in the middle of Arthéon's wedding with Kary that was attendend by team Fantöm, Sparadrap, Couette, Golgotha, Spectre and part of the Roxxor guild and Omega Zell not taking losing in front of them very well.

  • Tenshirock's final plan includes a mash-up of several of his previous ones, including the one that makes the avatar say embarassing stuff with a voice identical to that of their player. The camera focuses on different characters while he explains the situation. When he mentions that the avatar can among other things mention the porn sites on which the player has been, the camera focus is on, of all people, Couette.

  • Everything about Ystos's secondary character, an assassin:


  • At some point during the second novel, part of the strategy used by Justice against an enemy includes Ystos being asked to heal the enemy in question. In other words, the very move that usually marks Sparadrap as the worse healer of the game.
  • Gaea going all fan-girly on Mist after years of mocking Omega Zell's attitude towards Fantöm.



Someone made an animated Caramelldansen Vid (Click here, but be warned spoilers in the form of character appearances) with smourbiff backup dancers and short plot to avoid too much viewer boredom. Sparadrap finds a "Caramelldansen" attitude and enjoys so much he wants his friends to join him. Omega Zell refuses, but Tenshirock has other ideas. And yes, Gaea filmed everything.

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