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The Feminine TV employees are playing Horizon and made a guild in the Coalition
All three media have shown Omega Zell play from work at some point and the comic has a story in which his boss turns out to have a Coalition character. If Omega Zell actually installed the game on several of the channel's computers, she may be letting it happen because she sometimes plays from work herself. That may have led other employees to be in a similar situation, eventually meet each other in-game and end up making a guild. However, since the situation remains an Open Secret for everyone, the fact is never discussed during teamwork (and hence in front of Omega Zell) and all members of that guild think that one of their guildmates was the first one to install Horizon on her work computer, but stays silent about it to not get in trouble.
...will turn out to be using Arthéon all along.
  • Worse, she may turn out to be the second character or an accomplice of Relic Hunter guild. Facts that go in that favor : same faction, Master Zen, who knows Arthéon quite well, is part of that guild, the guild may be named Relic Tracker's for a good reason. Following that lead, if it's yet another "Breaking the Noob guild apart" plan, it's working quite well.
    • Implication of Relic Hunter guild Jossed.

...will join the Noob guild. In favor of that scenario, her Facebook profile picture showing her in a friendly back to back shot with Ivy (with her Order cursor, however). actually Précieux trying to avenge Dark Avenger.Having the Noob guild fall apart would be a good way to make sure no interference would happen while confronting Sparadrap. Précieux's enthiousiasm at finding a good time to strike at the end of episode 10 of Season 4 seems to confirm it. The theory however has a chronological problem : while Kary was introduced after the reason Précieux is after Sparadrap, one of the first things mentionned in Season 4 prologue was the guild wondering why they hadn't seen Arthéon recently despite him still regularly logging on. Dark Avenger leaving the game happened during the 2-3 episode "What is Arthéon up to?" limbo.

Advertisement: Spectre's girlfriend or wife in real life. That would explain why he was the one accompanying her to the in-game altar other than fact that it would have to be him or someone from Relic Hunter guild and Kary seemed to see the wedding to Arthéon just as fun thing to do in-game to celebrate finding Sourcelame.

  • If that is true, Coalition!Spectre could have actually quit the game from one day to the next because they were having a baby who got old enough to be enrolled in preschool right around the time the Order was introduced in Horizon 2.0.
    • Jossed in Season 5. Spectre had a completely isolated lifestyle at the time, which got Tenshirock started on his crusade. too young to marry in real life, explaining why she could only consider an in-game marriage.

... is a Cross Player.

Sparadrap started to play Horizon because his brother once forgot to close the game after playing

Saphir acted a lot like Omega Zell in her early gaming days

Omega Zell will eventually become Empire's top player and Gaea will become the Coalition's in the long run
... Or maybe even by the end of the series if the pace suddenly goes up a few notches.The theory seems to be around ever since Omega Zell
is part of Justice guild and Gaea joined the Coalition. Episode 10 of Season 4 also gave Gaea a Not So Different moment with Amaras, that can also be seen as Ship Tease.
  • Alternatively, Fantöm and Omega Zell will be each other's Closet Key and the two (Omega Zell and Gaea) will end up as one the top player's significant other.
Omega Zell will eventually become a Twilight warrior
And Fantöm got a new outfit in Season 4 so his old one could be given to him.
  • The new armor is actually due to the fact that the same costume was being used for Fantöm and Amaras, which would cause problems for the duel that will happen in Season 5.
  • But... Saphir decided the assassin class didn't fit him and is considering changing his class via the transition to a legendary class. While the actual class may turn out to not be a warrior, he's certainly going for Twilight since Daylight classes are servants of Lys, who's a woman.
    • Though it would make a nice twist if a Daylight class turns out to be the best option for him. He would then technically have two female higher ups (six if Phoenixes are counted). Or, with his lack of interest in the game background, he could go through the process without protest before realizing who's his new NPC boss.
    • Jossed He's a Twilight berserker
If new Order players ever get introduced, they will be guildmates of Kary's
Bartémulius and Nostariat have a large-scale Monster Protection Racket going on
In other words, most if not all the problems they solve were created by them in the first place. That's why they need players to protect them each time they run into the real thing.
  • The last panel of a comic story involving a giant ogre attacking a town actually had Nostariat say "remind me to experiment on a Smourbiff rather than an ogre next time".
Tenshirock contributed to the victorious side in the duel between Omega Zell and Gaea
The loss did make Omega Zell consider quitting the game, which would have helped Tenshirock's cause, after all.
The trigger for the appearance of the faction of Chaos was marrying in-game during the month that had Bartémulius and Nostariat on marriage duty and having them take care of the ceremony
The delay between trigger and event was meant to be long enough for the ceremony to be completed, but developpers didn't plan for a duel ending in the middle of it. It would explain why one of them was mad at the interruption despite having exposed a complete lack of interest in the whole thing mere minutes beforehand.
Fantöm's debt to the Noob guild
Seen onscreen :
  • Omega Zell: Got him in Justice Guild.
  • Arthéon: Showing up as his in-game wedding.
Either still pending or ...
  • Couette: Helped her level up, that's why she's the first to have reached level 100 after he left
  • Sparadrap: Fantöm caught the Pikouai (mentionned to be quite rare in second book) he keeps talking about. The book claims he caught it himself, but it's a detail that can be easily changed between versions.
  • Gaea: Fantöm has no intention of doing her any kind of favor and considers she's the one who payed him back for the blackmailing from Season 2.
  • Ivy: Possible explanation for her showing up in what must be her level 100 attire in Season 4 finale.
Sparadrap and his brother are actually Happily Adopted
It would explain the "my dad is a priest" thing without involving the guy breaking his vows at least twice. Since the brothers are only three years apart according to the books, something happening to their real parents while both of them were too young to remember (or altenatively Sparadrap remembers and his bad memory is actually some kind of coping mechanism). Their grandmother may still be their actual grandmother if the priest guy is acutally their maternal or paternal uncle (the latter would make the narration claiming she's their paternal grandmother accurate).
  • Jossed, Abraham really is their father, but with a few unexpected twist none-the-less.
(At least) One of the regular or semi-regular characters is secretly a big fan of Gaea's romance stories between Omega Zell and Fantöm
Just because there's almost nobody that would not make it funny. It may even be easier to make a list of people it can't be :
  • Fantöm and Omega Zell themselves.
  • Sparadrap, whith whom too much text seems to disagree in the second novel.
  • Golgotha, at least for the "secretly" part. Let's just say that if she were reading the stuff, a certain scene of the comic would probably be her praising the work rather than worrying about Omega Zell's reaction to its sale at a convention.
Elyx is a Manipulative Bastard and manipulating Master Zen
She's seemingly the Only Sane Man of Relic Hunter guild, but the information given about her in the series and the comic hint to her actually being as screwed up as her teammates, if not more (she was in the psych ward while Master Zen and Valentin were in regular jail, for starters). All this can make sense if the thing that makes her qualify as "crazy" is Hidden in Plain Sight. Now, we know that she can calm down Master Zen's outbursts, but this has the secondary effect of making him harmless for a short while. On the other hand, her Team Mom position gives her authority over Valentin and Nazetrîme, so she could take command of the guild if she wanted. Master Zen admitting that he'd loose his temper if it weren't for her is kept in all versions of the guild's introduction, so the key to whatever "mental illness" she may have may reside in there even if the rest of the guess ends up jossed.
  • Long story short, Elyx may turn out to actually be more dangerous than her guild master.
Revive Kills Zombie will be (at least part of) the key to defeating Tabris
A enormous bunch of damage dealers were shown to have no effect on Tabris during the finale and nobody ever tried to heal him because its would be the last thing they need. Of course, Spardrap will be involoved in the discovery. It would make a certain level of sense as the novels hint that Tabris is technically a moving corpse.

Arthéon has a crush on Saphir, or used to have one
Saphir's first appearance gives off that feeling and he's been surrounding himself with black-haired woman : Golgotha, Nazetrîme (albeit briefly) and Kary (his Season 4 girlfriend). Even Gaea can count if dark brown counts.

Gaea and Ystos's anonymous informers are the same person and non other than Judge Dead
It would make sense for Judge Dead to have both of the pieces of information they got but keeping it secret. All it would take for Gaea's is a subversion of Tenshirock's apparent Clark Kenting (that one is Jossed). Ystos may just happen to know him personaly just enough to get favors from him (they must be be just about the same age, for starters).
  • Jossed

Tenshirock has soft spot for Gaea because she's a lot like his deceased wife
One of the players is related to the old woman accidentally killed be Master Zen
And is really pissed off that he escaped jail.

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