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Recap / Murder She Wrote S 1 E 7 Were Off To Kill The Wizard

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While on a visit to her niece's family, Jessica takes a trip to an amusement park created by Horatio Baldwin. Afterwards, Baldwin cuts to his real reason for the invitation — he wants to create a park based off her murder mystery books. Jessica declines, to Horatio's irritation. However, later that day, Horatio turns up murdered in his locked office.

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  • Behind the Black: Wearing Stealth Clothes, the guards (and the audience) didn't see Philip Carson hiding in the dark area of the room when the guards entered after Baldwin's supposed suicide. We also didn't see him exit the door, change clothes, and then pretend to come in. Note that the room was not wide enough for Carson to "slip" past the guards without them noticing, particularly from where he was supposedly hiding and where the guards were standing. His supposed movement should also have disturbed the plants behind him.
  • Book Safe: Well, not an actual book case, but Baldwin's table has a secret compartment that opens when the table thermostat reaches a certain temperature.
  • Locked Room Mystery: Horatio dies in his locked office, but the coroner says that his injuries imply murder.
  • Hall of Mirrors: Jessica uses a mirror to decoy the killer, Baldwin's second-in-command, while confronting him. He takes the bait and fires at her reflection, leaving her unharmed and implicating himself.
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  • Harmful to Minors: Jessica objects to Horatio's amusement parks in general, and especially to his plan of creating a park based on her books, based on thinking that so much shock and murder isn't appropriate for children.
  • Keep the Reward: Jessica does not want the reward Baldwin's widow offers her for proving it was murder, not suicide. When Mrs. Baldwin pays her anyway, she gives it to Baldwin's secretary and encourages her in her writing.
  • Screw This, I'm Outta Here!: Baldwin's accountant attempts to do this during the murder investigation, fearing the scrutiny that will fall upon him and taking his life savings and making a run for the airport.
  • The Thing That Would Not Leave: Inverted by Jessica, who insists on leaving even though her niece tries to convince her to stay longer, stating that guests should be like Halley's Comet and not hang around for too long.

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