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This page is a work in progress intended to have recaps for all of the episodes of JAG. For the main page for the show, go here.

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    Season 1 
  1. Pilot Movie: "A New Beginning": Lieutenant Harmon Rabb and Lieutenant Junior Grade Caitlin Pike are summoned from Judge Advocate General Headquarters on Bastille Day to report to the USS Seahawk carrier in the Adriatic Sea to investigate the disappearance and murder of the first female Radar Intercept Officer to ever see air-to-air combat, and take a knife to a world of military chauvinism.
  2. "Shadow"
  3. "Desert Son"
  4. "Déjà Vu"
  5. "Pilot Error"
  6. "War Cries"
  7. "Brig Break"
  8. "Scimitar"
  9. "Boot"
  10. "Sightings"
  11. "The Brotherhood"
  12. 'Defensive Action'
  13. 'Smoked'
  14. 'Hemlock'
  15. 'High Ground'
  16. 'Black Ops'
  17. 'Survivors'
  18. 'Recovery'
  19. 'The Prisoner'
  20. 'Ares'
  21. 'Skeleton Crew'

    Season 2 

    Season 3 

    Season 4 
  1. 'Gypsy Eyes'
  2. 'Embassy'
  3. 'Innocence'
  4. 'Going After Francesca'
  5. "The Martin Baker Fan Club"
  6. "Act of Terror"
  7. "Angels 30"
  8. 'Mr. Rabb Goes to Washington'
  9. "People v. Mac"
  10. 'The Black Jet'
  11. 'Jaggle Bells'
  12. 'Dungaree Justice'
  13. 'War Stories'
  14. 'Webb of Lies'
  15. 'Rivers' Run'
  16. 'Silent Service'
  17. "Nobody's Child" The heartless and brutal murder of a little girl sends Harm down the warpath to find the killer responsible for such a heinous thing, but his obsession with solving the case upsets his colleagues.
  18. 'Shakedown'
  19. 'The Adversaries'
  20. "Second Sight" Mac learns her alcoholic father is on death's door, but her grudge toward him from his abuse toward her and her mother gives her plenty of reason not to forgive him or seek closure. Mac struggles with heartache when she must admit that time is not on her side; her father is going to pass away with or without her, and what she does next could hurt her worse than the pain she experienced in the past. In the meantime, Harm discovers that he was misdiagnosed with night blindness and a laser eye surgery operation could fix his nighttime vision problems.
  21. 'Wilderness of Mirrors'
  22. 'Soul Searching'
  23. 'Yeah Baby' Harriet goes into labor in the middle of a trial as Harm adjusts from his recent surgery.
  24. "Goodbyes" Harm considers returning to his dream job as a pilot now that he can see in the dark again, but wonders if this is truly the right thing to do. Before he can decide what comes next, one last case stands in the way. The deranged murdering father Charlie has finally surfaced and is out to find his surviving daughter.

    Season 5 
  1. "King of the Greenie Board": Having resumed his old career as a pilot with his vision corrected, "Pappy" Harm is witness to a new generation of young pilots. Unfortunately, a horrific international incident occurs when the brash young "X-Man" bombs innocents by accident.
  2. "Rules of Engagement": Harm suddenly discovers that he still has merit as a Judge Avocate General when he's forced to come to the aid of the young recruit in hot water with the Russians, and also must teach this young man the price of being cocky.
  3. "True Callings"
  4. "The Return"
  5. 'Front and Center'
  6. 'Psychic Warrior'
  7. "Rogue"
  8. 'The Colonel's Wife'
  9. "Contemptuous Words"
  10. 'Mishap'
  11. 'Ghosts of Christmas Past'
  12. "Into the Breech"
  13. 'Life or Death'
  14. 'Cabin Pressure'
  15. "Boomerang (1)"
  16. "Boomerang (2)"
  17. "People v. Gunny"
  18. 'The Bridge at Kang So Ri'
  19. "Promises"
  20. 'Drop Zone'
  21. "The Witches of Gulfport"
  22. 'Overdue and Presumed Lost'
  23. 'Real Deal SEAL'
  24. 'Body Talk'
  25. 'Surface Warfare'

    Season 6 

    Season 7 

    Season 8 

    Season 9 

    Season 10 
  1. 'Hail and Farewell (2)'
  2. 'Corporate Raiders'
  3. 'Retrial'
  4. 'Whole New Ball Game'
  5. 'This Just In from Baghdad'
  6. 'One Big Boat'
  7. 'Camp Delta'
  8. 'There Goes the Neighborhood'
  9. 'The Man on the Bridge'
  10. 'The Four Percent Solution'
  11. 'Automatic for the People'
  12. 'The Sixth Juror'
  13. 'Heart of Darkness'
  14. 'Fit for Duty'
  15. 'Bridging the Gulf'
  16. 'Straits of Malacca'
  17. 'JAG: San Diego'
  18. 'Death at the Mosque'
  19. 'Two Towns'
  20. 'Unknown Soldier'
  21. 'Dream Team'
  22. 'Fair Winds and Following Seas': As a young fellow gets himself in trouble for enlisting in the Armed Forces before coming of age, Harm goes up for promotion. With the possibility that he may leave JAG for the second time in a row, Mac refuses to say goodbye again. Harm and Mac decide the time has come to make good on their feelings for one another and put them to practice, even if it means they must decide between love and their careers.

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