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Recap / JAGS 04 E 06 Act Of Terror

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In this episode of JAG men in wetsuits on a boat sneak up to a US Navy ship the Wake Island and try to blow it up. They are discovered and stopped, with one of them even being taken alive. When he is arriving onto US soil in irons, a marine shoots him in cold blood.

Harm is assigned to defend, while Mac prosecutes. Harm is initially going for on insanity defense, along with an appeal to emotion, but suddenly the marine fires Harm and gets a civilian attorney - Mac's old law professor Juanita Ressler. Harm suspects that a right wing businessman and political donor Percy Bates may be involved. Something also bothers him about the shooting itself, and the fact that the investigating FBI agent seems to be concealing something. But can he do anything, since he is off the case?


  • Based on a True Story: The bombing of the Wake Island resembles the bombing of the USS Cole. And the rich Saudi mastermind is a weak expy of Osama bin Laden.
  • Death Faked for You: The marine did shoot the terrorist, but he didn't die, as the FBI had put a vest on him to prevent assassination by his cohorts. Seeing an opportunity to make the attack's mastermind get complacent and reveal his location, the FBI fake his death, even allowing the Navy to try the marine for murder. Harm finds out, but convinces everyone to play along.
  • Middle Eastern Terrorists: Featured here.

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