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Recap / JAGS 05 E 15 Boomerang 1

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This episode begins in Sydney Australia's beachfront Luna Park in 1972, where a US Navy sailor is seen gallivanting with an Australian girl. The two of them are accosted by a trio of Royal Australian Navy sailors, one of whom, a bloke called Ian accuses the girl Jenny of cheating on him, and the American sailor of stealing her. After both parties spot Shore Patrolmen, they go their separate ways, but Ian breaks off from his group to follow the couple. He later confronts them again. The American suggests Good Old Fisticuffs, but Ianpulls a switchblade and rushes the sailor with it. The two struggle, and then Jenny the girl screams as someone got stabbed. The next morning, a body washes up, and based on the uniform, is identified as US Navy Petty Officer Kevin Lee.


In the present day, DC is buried under blizzard conditions, but Mic Brumby, calls them from Australia. He claims that RAN seaman Ian Dunsmore had been listed as UA (AWOL) for 28 years, but has finally been tracked down and apprehended. However, he requested USN JAG officers for an odd reason, so Brumby requested the presence of Harm and Bud. Mac seems a little miffed that Brumby didn't ask for her.

When they arrive, and interview Ian Dunsmore, he reveals that he is actually the American sailor Kevin Lee, and that the Australian sailor Dunsmore was the one who died. Fearing a murder conviction in the Australian justice system, Kevin had swapped identities and ran off with Jenny to the Australian interior heartland. He now wants American naval legal representation.

Since Dunsmore was mistakenly identified and interred in America, his body has to be exhumed and returned to Australia. Although protocol requires only that an NCO accompany the body, Mac volunteers, as a senior officer coming along would convey a sense of respect and seriousness to the Australian government. Also, Bud mistakenly blurts out to Harriet about all the breasts he has been ogling on the topless beach in Sydney, thinking that Gunny Galindez is on the other line instead. As Mac reunites with Brumby, he convinces her to take her top off too! With Harm and Bud ogling from a distance.


  • Crazy Jealous Guy: Seaman Dunsmore comes off as this.
  • Knife Nut: Seaman Ian Dunsmore apparently was one.
  • Troll: Harm trolls Brumby in a big way by apparently driving like a maniac due to unfamiliarity with left side driving. Harm then mentioned that his Chrysler executive stepfather often took the family to the Bahamas on vacation, and Harm learned to drive there. So he was familiar with left side driving. That, and the fact that he is a top notch fighter pilot meant that he was in full control of the car while “almost causing multiple collisions”.

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