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Recap / JAGS 05 E 19 Promises

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This episode of JAG starts with Harm being awarded his second Distinguished Flying Cross for his Pardo Push earlier in the season. At the same time, a female enlisted crewman has enough of being on deck swabbing duty, and just walks off, going AWOL. Harm and Mac track her down to persuade her to return to her ship before Unauthorized Absence (a minor offense usually warranting only non judicial punishment) becomes upgraded to Desertion, which is a felony carrying serious prison time. However, the Seaman claims that the Navy lied to her during her recruitment - by promising her a career in air traffic control, but ultimately sending her to regular electronics technician school. She therefore feels that the Navy owes her a discharge. Her claim is complicated by her destroyer's skipper - a hard nosed female commander, who is being harsher on her because she doesn't want to coddle her female subordinates. Harm's taking part in a Navy recruitment commercial further erodes trust between him and the seaman, as she feels that Harm is complicit in the Navy deceiving her, and therefore cannot objectively defend her.



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