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Recap / JAGS 05 E 09 Contemptuous Words

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This episode of JAG begins with a news story being printed in a press. We then cut to Harm on a driving range with Congresswoman Bobbi Latham who informs him that he is on the promotion list for O-5 Commander. Upon returning to JAG HQ, the admiral calls a meeting and announces that a serving naval officer allegedly wrote an editorial piece in a local paper, that is highly critical of Bill Clinton. Since the author was anonymous, JAG may have to find the individual first, before s/he can be prosecuted. According to the UCMJ, a serving military member cannot make political statements in public, criticizing the government, as that is detrimental to civilian control of the military.


Harm initially suggests tracking the author's electronic trail, as the article was sent by email. However, this backfires big, as the electronic trail leads back to his own computer. Harm is temporarily relieved of duty, allowing him to prepare his defense, and also find out who framed him. After suspecting and then ruling out Brumby, then seeing this as one of old nemesis Clark Palmer's schemes, Harm appears to be resigned to his fate. But then, in comes Congresswoman Latham, setting Harm up with a conservative former colleague, who is now running a think tank. They offer to represent him, and when it looks like Harm is being offered a deal to resign his commission in return for no charges filed, they even advise him to take it - and then be sponsored for his own run for Congress!

But just as it looks like Harm may have another career change, someone's odd behavior gives him a new lead on who set him up.


Meanwhile, Mac is drawn in to a situation at Bethesda Naval Hispital, where a recently deceased Marine's fiancé wants his sperm frozen so she can be artificially inseminated with it and have his child. However, the Marine's soon to be ex wife shows up and refuses to have him "cut up". Mac must decide what to do, but events just may progress and force an outcome.

  • Clear My Name: What Harm sets out to do.
  • Enemy Mine: What Harm thinks Congresswoman Latham did, when she introduced him to a conservative think tank, as Bobbi Latham is very liberal. She counters that while she and the think tank are on opposite sides politically, she doesn't consider them enemies.
  • Lawful Neutral: What Harm believes must be the position every military member must take, as far as political squabbles are concerned.
  • Rank Up: Harm makes Commander.
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  • Verbal Tic: More like a grammatical tic. A PR associate at the conservative think tank that is courting Harm, tends to enhance her adjectives with adverbs. The "contemptuous letter" contains similarly modified adjectives. This alerts Harm that she was the one who wrote the article and set him up.
  • Well-Intentioned Extremist: The PR exec at the conservative think tank wanted to co-opt Harm, a decorated war hero to run for Congress as a conservative alternative to the draft dodgin' pot inhaling womanizer occupying the Oval Office at that time. So, she impersonated him, sent a letter to an editor that military officers are forbidden by law from sending and covered her tracks.

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