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Recap / JAGS 03 E 05 King Of The Fleas

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In this episode of JAG, a wheelchair bound street musician who appears to be a Vietnam veteran, is rapidly playing his accordion, when an East Asian man approaches him. The street musician appears to have been triggered and has a Vietnamese phrase flash in his mind over and over. After he finishes playing, he asks the Vietnamese man to lean closer - and then stabs him.

The wheelchair bound veteran appears at JAG HQ and accosts Harm. Because he mAkes vague statements, Harm thinks he is a crank and passes him off to Bud, with untold instructions to get rid of him. The wheelchair bound veteran then introduces himself as Marine Second Lieutenant Willy Minkies reported MIA. He confesses to killing the Vietnamese man and mentions that he was at a POW camp at Dong Ha. Minkies mentions that Harm's dad may have been there too - then makes the most damming accusation - that Harm's dad may have been a collaborator.


  • Asshole Victim: The Vietnamese man knifed to death was a brutal POW camp commander at Dong Ha, who routinely beat and tortured prisoners, threatened to kill a third of them unless a collaborator revealed the identities of three Wild Weasel pilots to visiting Russians, then executed everyone except the collaborator.
  • Cold-Blooded Torture: Routinely experienced by the Dong Ha prisoners of war.
  • Dead All Along: Willy Minkies was dead all this time. The guy in the wheelchair, whose real name is Roscoe L Martin, found his body in a ditch, took Minkies' dog tags to inform his family, got captured, survived a horrific massacre, and was honorably discharged as Roscoe Martin. Unable to deal with PTS, Martin assumed Minkies' identity.
  • Kill ’Em All: After the Vietnamese POW camp commander identified three Wild Weasel pilots among his prisoners, they were taken away by the Soviet advisors. He then executed all remaining prisoners.
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  • Shell-Shocked Veteran / Survivor Guilt : Willy Minkies aka Roscoe Martin.
  • Sole Survivor: Willy Minkies aka Roscoe Martin. He was the only one who survived a disastrous raid on a VC controlled village. Then he was the only one to survive the camp at Dong Ha.
  • Trauma Button: When Minkies sees a middle aged Vietnamese man applauding him, he flashes back to a memory of a POW camp Commander screaming a Vietnamese phrase over and over, that meant "Don't stop!!" Turns out, that camp commander screamed that phrase to taunt the prisoners while force marching them for 24 hours without any food or rest.

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