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Recap / JAGS 03 E 06 Vanished

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In this episode, an F-14 Tomcat being piloted by a pilot with the call sign "Yankee" and backseater "Bubba" seems to disappear completely without a trace on a stormy night. Harm, Mac and Bud are sent to the USS Coral Sea to investigate. The plane disappeared close to the Bermuda Triangle, which has Bud extremely nervous, as he is a "believer". His "theories" seem to be constantly shot down by Harm.


As the investigation proceeds, a bookmark on "Yankee"'s computer leads the investigation to suspect right wing militia involvement. Harm and Bud head ashore to NAS Jax in Florida and discover that "Yankee"'s family seems to have also vanished without a trace. The messy nature of their house, with an opened milk can and half eaten muffins lead them to suspect abduction. Later, the backseater "Bubba" is discovered at a campsight and claims that "Yankee" ejected him. Seeing a pattern in recent UFO sightings, Harm tracks the F-14 to a militia camp sight - where they are prepping the F-14 to be used in a heinous act.

  • Bermuda Triangle: Bud brings up the theory that the F-14 may have disappeared into the Triangle. Again. And again. And again.
  • The Comically Serious: Harm pulls Bud's leg by mentioning "Operation Whirlpool" where Seawolf class attack subs supposedly ride around in a circle to form vortices and suck up ships and planes. He says this in a deadpan almost conspirators tone. Bud sees through it though.
    Bud: "Are you mocking me sir?"
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  • Flying Saucer: A bunch of UFO sightings were reported along the Florida coastline, ingressing into Georgia. The UFO nuts take pictures, appearing to show a pair of lit saucers flying in formation. Harm takes a look and immediately recognizes the "twin saucers" as afterburners of a Tomcat.
  • I Have Your Wife: The Freedom Brethren militia group have "Yankee"'s wife Leigh and daughter Kim. Which is why he steals an F-14 for them, then uses it to fly a mission for them.
  • Right-Wing Militia Fanatic: The Freedom Brethren.
  • Take That! / Inter Service Rivalry : "Yankee"'s plane captain associates the militia with the US Army in not a nice way.
    Plane Captain: "Militias are more of an Army problem, sir. Redneck Army washouts might paint their pickup trucks in camo and call themselves a militia. What would sailors do? Mount a 50 cal on a bass boat?"

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