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Recap / JAGS 05 E 17 People V Gunny

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This episode pits the civilian and military justice systems against each other, as Gunnery Sergeant Victor Galindez gets involved in an altercation with a gay man near a gay bar, and ends up accused of a hate crime. Although the military holds a preliminary hearing and exonerates Gunny Galindez, the local civilian DA decides to try him in civilian court. Outraged at what seems to be a shameless ploy to get votes from the gay community, Admiral Chegwiden defends Gunny in civilian court.


Tropes found here

  • Everyone is Homophobic; How Edward Proxy feels.
  • Get Back in the Closet: Gunny's friend Manny believes that homosexual people shouldn't be in the military.
  • Mistaken for Gay: Tiner. He admits to Mac that it was actually his half brother who is gay, and Tiner wanted to see for himself what his brother dealt with on a daily basis.
  • Mistaken for Homophobic: Gunny Galindez.
  • Police Brutality: The Baltimore PD detective who interrogates Gunny Galindez accuses him of this, when he talks to her in cop speak about “adequate restraint”. She thinks he learned that from the MPs but when he says he was a

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