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Recap / JAGS 05 E 16 Boomerang 2

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This episode picks up where part 1 left off. PO Kevin Lee will be tried in the Australian Supreme Court, with Brumby prosecuting and Harm as defense counsel. After initially questioning Jenny, she appears to have cooked up a story that corroborates Kevin's account of the altercation a little too well. Suspecting that it is rehearsed, Brumby examines her and forces testimony out of her, that states that Kevin wrestled the knife away from Ian and then stabbed him, invalidating his self defense claim. Kevin then reveals that he actually had a wife and kid in the States all along, that he always wanted to abandon them, and he'd never revealed any of it to Jenny until now. Kevin then states that since he expected to be convicted, he had transferred everything he owned into Jenny's name. He also suspects Jenny of having an affair.


Harm and Bud then tail Jenny as she meets a guy on a boat, and then they appear to ride off together. This appears to corroborate Kevin's theory that Jenny is selling him out so she'd own all his money and things, then be free to consummate her affair. Upon confronting Jenny in court, she breaks down and reveals that Kevin did stab Ian in self defense. On the basis of this, it appears as though Kevin Lee is free and clear of all charges. There is only the matter of his desertion from the US Navy, but after this long, Bud claims that it can be reduced to a simple matter of financial restitution and an administrative separation. Harm still despises his client for desertion during wartime.

Later on, as Mac and Brumby spend their last night in Australia together on a dinner date, Brumby pops the question. They catch a glimpse however, of Kevin, Jenny and the guy she'd been having the "affair" with, together on the boat, riding around and loudly celebrating their freedom. Turns out the whole "affair" and damning testimony was All An Act to get the jury to believe her final testimony as the truth. After all, they'd believe it more coming from an unsympathetic "cheating" wife, rather than a loving supportive wife. Brumby is steamed.


The next day, when Kevin Lee shows up for his flight to the US to get his administrative separation, Harm drops the final surprise on him! Administrative separation is the most lenient consequence of desertion, but for desertion during wartime, the most serious penalty is death! And that is what Harm intends to pursue.

  • Cool and Unusual Punishment: After Harm and Brumby get into a brawl and both accidentally punch Bud in the jaw, breaking it, Chegwiden orders them both to inflict the same amount of pain on each other that they inflicted on Bud. Harriet thinks Bud got this for ogling topless women earlier.
  • Fanservice: MAC rocks a bikini, and even takes her top off offscreen.
  • Karma Houdini: It looks like Kevin Lee is going to skate for murdering Ian Dunsmore, even though it may have been in self defense. Subverted however, when Harm nails him for desertion during wartime, which is a very serious charge. A lot more serious than the involuntary manslaughter he got off for.
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  • Woman Scorned: Jenny appears to be this, and her actions as this lend credence to the forced out admission that Lee acted in self defense. However, it was all an act to ensure that this forced testimony is believed and Kevin Lee gets off.

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