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In this episode of JAG. a Navy husband and wife couple are found standing over the body of a teenage girl, Misty James. The wife, Susan Kingsley claims that Misty and her husband were having an affair, and had attacked her when she confronted them. The husband however, claims that Susan was the one who attacked Misty and bludgeoned her to death. Harm is sympathetic to Susan, while Mac is inclined to believe the husband. Physical evidence seems to corroborate both accounts.


Harm however, has carrier qualifications coming up to keep his flight status current, so Chegwiden sends him out to the carrier Seahawk to investigate an alleged suicide, where an ordnanceman Palermo ran into the path of a landing F-14 and was fatally struck by it. Palermo's grandma isn't inclined to believe he was suicidal, as he seemed upbeat and positive in all his letters home to her. His shipmates also said that aside from a girlfriend breaking things off, Palermo was doing quite well, and didn't exhibit any of the warning signs of a suicidal person.

Back at JAG HQ, Mac will be prosecuting Susan Kingsley and has to contest the case against her old law school professor, who has been retained by Ens Kingsley. To further complicate matters, the trial will be televised, turning the whole thing into a media circus.


Initially Mac's professor Juanita Ressler last seen in JAGS 04 E 06 Act Of Terror appears to have the upper hand, by spinning a compelling story with a perpetually sobbing client. Mac seems to be getting nowhere, only having rumors of past violent altercations involving Susan Kingsley. She is also constantly being pestered by TV reporters to come on air and make her case there, in the absence of which, more rumors and innuendo are flowing around the airwaves about Mac. Finally, when the MP who responded to the murder scene, repeats verbatim a televised account of events by Susan Kingsley, Chegwiden tells Mac that this case will not just be tried in the media, but might even be won in the media, since the other side is being allowed to influence the entire narrative. Mac finally goes on air and makes a plea for anyone to come forward and either substantiate or disprove all those rumors about Ensign Kingsley.


And it looks like that tactic paid off. The next day in court, Mac finally gets to cross examine Susan Kingsley and baits her into ranting about all the other women in the past who wronged her by ogling her guy. Mac presents a picture of a violence prone woman with serious impulse control issues, and thereby wins a conviction for murder. A crying Susan Kingsley is taken away.

In the meantime after some digging, Harm discovers what finally killed Ordnanceman Palermo. Turns out, Palermo mailed a lot of letters home to his grandma, and thereby ran out of stamps, causing him to borrow his best buddy's stamps. His friend had a lot of stamps, because he was actually addicted to LSD, and those stamps were dosed with it, thereby licking a stamp to paste it, would result in him taking a hit. Unknowingly, Palermo licked a few stamps, got dosed really bad, hallucinated and ran to his death.


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