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Recap / JAGS 04 E 09 People V Mac

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Mac's ex-husband Chris Rangel shows up one night at her doorstep. He is then followed by loan sharks who beat him up. To get him out of her life for good, Mac gives Rangle a plane ticket and three thousand dollars and tells him to shove off. However, a day later, Chris shows up again, blackmailing Mac about an affair she supposedly had with Lieutenant Colonel John Farrow. Farrow then arranges a meeting with Rangel to buy him off for good. But apparently, something happened during the meet and Rangle is dead.


Both Mac and Farrow are suspects. Harm agrees to defend Mac, while Mic Brumby the new exchange officer from the Royal Australian Navy's JAG branch is assigned to defend Farrow. The two of them butt heads when Brumby suddenly sandbags Harm by trying to pin the whole thing on Mac. Ultimately, the curious case of the missing payoff money leads Harm to find a crucial witness.


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