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Recap / JAGS 05 E 21 The Witches Of Gulfport

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This episode of JAG begins with a group of Wiccan wearing only robes and standing around a fire. The Wiccan priest instructs all attendees, male and female to disrobe. One young woman reluctantly does so. Later we find out, that the priest and all attendees were active duty enlisted Navy, and that the hesitant young woman, a petty officer has accused the priest, a chief of sexual assault.

As Harm and Mac head down to the naval base in Gulfport to investigate, then prosecute the chief, they are stymied by an evangelical civilian community derisive and hostile to the Wiccans, who in turn have closed ranks among themselves and refuse to rat out one of their own. The only recourse may be for Mac to persuade a young seaman to finally come forward too.


  • Maybe Magic, Maybe Mundane: A Wiccan artifact that Bud ordered, gets shipped to JAG HQ and is in Tiner's desk. However, whenever the Admiral complains of certain people and wishes certain misfortunes upon them, those misfortunes seem to eerily occur to them, exactly as the Admiral described it. However, when Tiner ships it away, the misfortunes stop.
  • Your Cheating Heart: Brumby is shown kissing an Australian woman. It was actually part of a sting operation to catch a weapons smuggler.

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