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This is the recap page for Invader Zim, a Nickelodeon animated series about an egotistical alien trying to take over Earth, and the elementary school-aged boy out to stop him.

All episodes will have unmarked spoilers. Proceed at your own caution. (Not that it matters all that much.)

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Pilot Episode (1999)

Zim and Dib start an intense food fight after the latter discovers that the alien is deathly allergic to school cafeteria food. note 

Television Series (2001-2002; 2006)

     Season 1 

     Season 2 

     Unproduced Episodes 

Completed script and audio

  • "Roboparents Gone Wild": When a power surge causes his robot parents to start acting like actual parents, Zim finds himself thrown out of his base for being a bad child.
  • "Simon Sez Doom": Dib volunteers for a charity program in order to find out Zim's latest plan, after learning the alien has been working there for several weeks.
  • "Invader Poonchy": In order to throw suspicion off himself following one of Dib's attempts to unmask him, Zim concocts a plan to make it look like fellow classmate Poonchy is an alien invader.
  • "Nubs of Doom": Deciding that he needs a henchman that's actually competent if he wants his plan to conquer Earth to succeed, Zim gets to work on designing a underling named Minimoose.
  • "Ten Minutes to Doom": When Zim's PAK is forcefully disconnected from his body, Dib steals it, leaving Zim with only ten minutes left to live.
  • "Return of Keef": When an annoying classmate decides that the duo should become best friends and starts crafting scenarios to do just that, Zim and Dib are forced to work together in order to get rid of him.note 
  • "Mopiness of Doom": After another failure against Zim, a dejected Dib decides to stop fighting the alien and pursue "real science" instead, throwing our villain protagonist into an existential crisis.

Completed script/outline

  • "Day of Da Spookies": Zim tries to get rid of Dib by demolishing his belief in the paranormal.
  • "GIR's Big Day": GIR is taken to a government facility after being hit by a car while wearing his dog suit.
  • "Those!": Zim's latest plan has him commanding a group of slightly-larger-than-normal ants.
  • "Top of the Line": Zim faces off against Tak and other invaders in a SIR competition.
  • "The Trial": Zim is made to undergo an "existence evaluation" to determine if he deserves to be deactivated.
  • "It Feeds on Noodles": After eating Chinese food, Zim is turned into a vampire that survives on noodles.
  • "When Pants Ruled": Dib goes to school to discover that everyone is mind controlled by alien pants.note 
  • "Squishy: Hugger of Worlds": Dib and Zim must work together to stop an alien from hugging Earth to death.


  • "Burrito King": Zim's newest plan involves a local burrito restaurant.note 
  • "Beefus Megabombus": Zim must figure out how to get a hive of meat-making, singing pirate bees off his lawn.
  • "Invader Dib": "Here is the answer to what was going to happen in the climax of Invader Zim, which has been rumored that Dib was going to invade Zim's homeworld of Irk: the answer is nobody knows."


Film (2019)

  • Invader Zim: Enter the Florpus: When Zim suddenly reappears to begin Phase 2 of his evil alien plan to conquer Earth, Dib sets out to unmask him once and for all.


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