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Drinking Game / Invader Zim

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Drinking game for Invader Zim:

  • Every time a character mentions "tacos" ,"pigs", "monkeys", or "doom", take a sip. Have 911 at the ready when trying to survive GIR singing "The Doom Song" in the first episode.
    • Alternative for "The Doom Song": grab a can of your preferred drink and shotgun it throughout its duration.
  • Every time Zim screams. Good luck surviving the first five minutes of the series.
  • Every time Zim laughs. Optional difficulty if you wish to include the intro.
  • Take a drink any time Dib provides rambling exposition, and two any time it's lampshaded that he's talking to himself or to someone apathetic to the episode's plot.
  • Whenever someone makes fun of Dib, drink.
    • Take two if it's Professor Membrane.
    • Take three if the insult has anything to do with the size of his head. For an extra challenge, try not to die of alcohol poisoning while doing so.
  • Whenever Gaz beats up Dib, drink.
    • Add a swig depending on how much you viewed it as Disproportionate Retribution.
    • For Issue 5, it's heavily advised that you choose between this or it's special challenge or take very small sips.
  • Whenever Zim blurts "Zim" with any variety (like "I am Zim!", "Obey Zim!"), drink.
  • Whenever Zim says "Silence!" or any from of the word "lie", take a sip. Good luck; you'll need it.
  • Each time there is a squeak, take a shot.
  • If Dib actually wins in an episode, take a drink.
  • Take a shot each time the word moose is said, and for every moose that is seen. Minimoose counts, of course.
    • You might want to consider not doing it for Comic Issue 15...
    • Take two shots every time the Giant Moose in a Room enters the screen.
  • Comic Edition:
    • Take a shot if you are reading the first issue. This was a long-awaited revival comic after all.
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    • Take a shot each time a stranger-than-usual word appears.
    • Take a shot for each instance of an obscenely long amount of time going by.
    • Take a sip for each of Recap Kid's expressions at the beginning.
    • Take a swig for each moment you know would certainly not have made it onto the original series. There's actually not that much considering the original show, but they are there.
    • Take a shot for each blatant stab at current trends that weren't around when the show first aired (i.e. selfies, binge-watching, social media, etc).
    • Take a shot each time Dib becomes either ridiculously adorable or ridiculously freaked out.
    • Each time an issue has a guest writer, take a shot.
    • Each time Zim and/or Dib has a What an Idiot! moment that could have easily been detected and prevented by even their animated counterparts, you know what to do, doomed one.
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    • Take a drink for each time there is a bonus comic or etc. at the end of an issue.
    • Issue Specials:
      • Issue 4: Take a shot for each time Zim gets hurt and the Tallest laugh at him.
      • Issue 5: Take a shot for each of the video game references. There is a lot.
      • Issue 11: One sip for every animal that appears (and once per specific animal). Either do this throughout the comic or just look at the cover page.
      • Issue 13: Take a shot each time Zim or Dib insist they're not friends.
      • Issue 14: Take a shot for each of the "creatures" that Dib and Gaz go after.
      • Issue 18: Take a shot for each of GIR's failures at making burritos.
      • Issue 20: One sip for each time the word "bloop" is used.
      • Issue 22: Take a shot each time Benchee takes his job too seriously.
      • Issue 23: A shot for each time Zim complains about the nature of GIR's mind's virtual interface.
      • Issue 29: Take a sip every time a different flavor of Poop Cola is mentioned.
      • Issue 42 and Issue 43: Take a sip each time the Plim watch some new inane show on the Feed (make sure to have a designated driver on standby if you have to go anywhere afterwards).
      • Issues 46 through 49: Take a sip every time a different version of Zim shows up.
      • Take a shot of the strongest beverage readily available when the last version is revealed.
    • Victories:
      • No clear winner = no shots
      • Zim wins = one shot
      • Dib wins = two shots
      • Someone else wins (i.e. Gaz) = three shots


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