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Recap / Happy Heroes S 1 E 1 And 2

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Chinese episode title: "开心超人的诞生" ("Kāixīn chāorén de dànshēng")
English translation: "It's the Birth of Happy S." (Lookus's English dub)
Original premiere date: July 2nd, 2010

Part 1: Big M. and Little M., alien invaders from Planet Gray, use four of the five special Jixie Stones (known as the Super Duper Machine Rocks in the Lookus English dub) they have at their disposal as ammo for their ship, only for them to crash-land on Planet Xing, and realize the stones were useful for creating minions and that they just wasted four of them. Meanwhile, the vehicles that were hit with the stones also land on Planet Xing, where a mechanic named Doctor H. repairs them.


Part 2: Big M. and Little M. have used the one stone they didn't use as ammunition to turn a television station's satellite tower into a big monster that rampages all over the city. The vehicles that were hit with the stones are powered into fully-functioning Transforming Mecha piloted by four robot heroes - Happy S., Sweet S., Smart S., and Careless S., collectively known as the Supermen - who spring into action to save the day.


"It's the Birth of Happy S." contains the following tropes:

  • Comically Missing the Point: Happy S. refers to Doctor H. as his "dad", and Doctor H. tells him not to call him that. Happy S. responds with "Okay, mom!"
  • Double Take: As Doctor H. is driving away to escape from the robot and dog who want him to return the junk he took from the junkyard, the dog appears right in his car. Doctor H. looks at the dog, looks back at the road and keeps driving as if nothing happened, and then looks at the dog again and reacts.
  • Early Installment Character Design Difference:
    • The Planet Gray symbols on Big M. and Little M.'s belts, as well as the former's headband, do not have antennae on their sides like in later episodes. Big M. also has spiky shoulder pads on his outfit that never appear after this two-part episode. Both characters do retain these designs in the Season 1 intro even after these premiere episodes, though.
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    • Doctor H. has the "mitten hand" variety of Fingerless Hands instead of the standard Four-Fingered Hands.
  • Early Installment Weirdness: Besides the aforementioned differences in Big M.'s, Little M.'s, and Doctor H.'s character designs, there are also the following:
    • The second part does not have a Previously On… segment at the beginning like later multi-part episodes.
    • In the Lookus English dub, Miss Peach does not refer to herself by that name, but as "Peach I." instead.
    • Also from the Lookus English dub, Happy S. calls out his attack as "Happy Knight Punch!" rather than "Happy S. Punch!"
  • Establishing Character Moment: The first thing Doctor H. is seen doing is to scour a junkyard to look for things to repair, establishing that he's a mechanic. Later on, his Celeb Crush on Miss Peach is also established when he develops a Crush Blush while watching a TV show featuring her.
  • Establishing Series Moment: In part 2, the Supermen use their Car Knights to defeat the Monster of the Week for the first time.
  • Five-Episode Pilot: This two-part episode is also the series premiere.
  • I'm Your Biggest Fan: Doctor H., upon meeting Miss Peach when she thanks him for saving her:
    Doctor H.: My name's Doctor H. I'm your biggest fan! I'm a mechanic, and I'm not married!
  • Morton's Fork: Big M. gives the people of Planet Xing two options in regards to the Jixie Stones. If they don't give him the Stones, he'll take over the planet. If they do give him the Stones, he'll use them to take over the planet. Miss Peach comments on how neither sounds good.
  • Second Episode Introduction: Mr. Lightbulb is introduced in part 2.
  • Secret Weapon: Big M. asks Little M. to bring out his secret weapon. Little M. gives him a toilet plunger since a toilet floating among the space junk is what immobilized their ship, but then Big M. clarifies that's not what he wanted. Little M. then brings out the Jixie Stones and reads the directions to figure out how to use them as ammo for their ship... unfortunately, they don't make very good ammo and barely cause any damage.
  • Superhero Origin: This episode shows how the Supermen came to be.
  • Take That!: The title cards for both parts seem to be one, since they depict Happy S. beating up robots in Batman, Superman, and Spider-Man costumes from inside a phone booth.
  • You've Gotta Be Kidding Me!: Big M.'s reaction to Little M. pointing out he may have used the stones improperly.
    Big M.: How come nothing's exploding out there?!
    Little M.: Oh! There's more, sir! (reads from the instruction manual for the Jixie Stones/Super Duper Machine Rocks) "Please do not attempt to use the methods listed above. Never ever try it or face the consequences."
    Big M.: Oh, you're kidding me!

Alternative Title(s): Happy Heroes S 1 E 1, Happy Heroes S 1 E 2


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