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A recap page for Happy Heroes. As of now, there are twelve seasons. All of the seasons, except Season 8, are 52 episodes each; Season 8 spans 40 episodes. Each episode is around 10 to 12 minutes long.

All English episode titles shown here are unofficial translations unless otherwise noted.

This list is incomplete. Any and all contributions to it are appreciated.

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    Season 1 (2010) 

    Season 2 (2011) 
Season 2: Happy Heroes and the Happy Superhero 《开心宝贝之开心超人》: The Heroes and the monsters get more powerful, and go to a new and improved school. Planet Xing gets a force-field, the Blue-Ray Defense System, to help protect itself from outside invaders, which is actually quite effective.

NOTE: The English episode titles shown here are the ones used in Lookus's English dub.

  1. The Trail of Careful S. (Part 1)
  2. The Trail of Careful S. (Part 2)
  3. Superstar School
  4. The Crazy Kindergarten
  5. School Clubs
  6. A School Bus Battle
  7. Careless Swan Lake
  8. The Crisis of Being Late
  9. Internet Affair
  10. The Lying Flying Saucer
  11. The Magical Magnifier
  12. Loss of Gravity
  13. The Pet of Careful S.
  14. The Lazy Insects
  15. The Invisibility Cloak
  16. The Resignation Crisis
  17. The Basketball Game (Part 1)
  18. The Basketball Game (Part 2)
  19. Defending Doctor H.'s House
  20. Genie in a Bottle
  21. A Careless New Invention
  22. Delicious Food
  23. Hearts of Gold
  24. The Stealing Duo
  25. Principle's Past Stories
  26. The Exclusive Superman Interview
  27. The Superman's Training
  28. VIP Superman
  29. The Iron Man Match
  30. The Escape of Boss Lightbulb
  31. Find the Circus
  32. Alienation of the Supermen
  33. Scary Storage Room
  34. The Wanted Criminal
  35. Xing Xing Idol
  36. Cockroach's Big Brother
  37. The Transformer Monster
  38. The World of Careless S.
  39. Miss Peach's Dream
  40. This Penguin Isn't Freezing
  41. Missing in the Forest
  42. Crime Fighters
  43. Missing Beast
  44. Special Training for Careful S.
  45. Killer with the Dagger (Part 1)
  46. Killer with the Dagger (Part 2)
  47. Secret Kung Fu Manuals
  48. Save Electricity
  49. The Secret of the TV Station Boss
  50. Looking for Big M.
  51. New Teacher
  52. Race of Champions

    Season 3 (2011) 
Season 3: Happy Heroes and the Battle 《开心宝贝之开心超人大作战》: More upgrading, more interactions with other enemy (and friendly) planets.
  1. Looking for Blue Stars
  2. Chivalrous Heroes (Part 1)
  3. Chivalrous Heroes (Part 2)
  4. Seems to Be an Old Friend
  5. It's All the Door's Fault
  6. Lost City
  7. Incurable Disease
  8. Separate Mutiny
  9. Circus Horror
  10. Doctor's Tooth Extraction
  11. Secret of the Secret Room

    Season 4 (2012) 
Season 4: Happy Heroes and the Adventure 《开心宝贝之开心大冒险》: More interactions with the people of Planet Xing, as both sides are concerned with their happiness. Planets Xing and Gray have an unofficial temporary truce. (Notable for having the longest arc of the series.)
  1. The Fairy Tale Adventure: The Turtle and Rabbit Race
  2. The Fairy Tale Adventure: The Emperor's New Clothes
  3. The Fairy Tale Adventure: Snow White
  4. The Fairy Tale Adventure: Litlle Red Riding Hood
  5. The Fairy Tale Adventure: Cinderella
  6. The Fairy Tale Adventure: Peter Pan

    Season 5 (2012) 
Season 5: Happy Heroes and Happiness on Planet Xing 《开心宝贝之开心星星球》: Big and Little M. find that many years ago, a failed invasion attempt had managed to spread a dormant virus among a good half of Xing's citizens. This virus, when activated, would convert the citizen into a fighter for Planet Gray, and the only way to stop it is to destroy the person's will to fight. Now, the Heroes have to work to fight with words and emotions as well as physical attacks... and they realize that anyone could be an enemy.
  1. Election Parents
  2. A Bomb is Around
  3. The Supermen Don't Pass (Part 1)
  4. The Supermen Don't Pass (Part 2)
  5. The Supermen Don't Pass (Part 3)
  6. The Supermen Don't Pass (Part 4)

    Season 6 (2013) 
Season 6: Happy Heroes and Planet Guling 《开心宝贝之古灵星历险记》: The Heroes and co. journey to the fabled (but very much real) Planet Guling, a place that appears to have been untouched technology-wise, and they are fascinated by the the mysteries of the planet. However, upon meeting the three powerful Heroes there, who are just like the protagonists in that they aren't human, they wonder — is Planet Guling really the technologically undeveloped place it appears to be?
  1. Planet Guling Reappears
  2. Landing on Planet Guling

    Season 7 (2014) 
Season 7: Happy Heroes and the Alliance Showdown 《开心宝贝之开心联盟争霸战》: Two rival planets, Planet Miao and Planet Woof, send ambassadors to Planet Xing to try and form an alliance. Now, in addition to protecting their planet, the Heroes now have to worry about these two planets turning Planet Xing into a battlefield!

NOTE: The English episode titles shown here are from Miao Mi's English dub.

  1. Extraterrestrial (Part 1)
  2. Extraterrestrial (Part 2)
  3. Troublesome Seatmates
  4. The Quirky Planet Side Effect
  5. Rubik's Cube Competition
  6. The Allergy Incident
  7. The Fraud Dog
  8. The Miracle Elixir
  9. The Arrival of the Royal Cat Guard
  10. Quarrelsome Neighbors
  11. I Am Big Monsternote 
  12. Runaway Princess Diaries
  13. The Eternal Smile
  14. Happy Training Hall
  15. I Am a Cat
  16. Friendship Boomerang
  17. A Counterfeit Disaster
  18. Lost Dog Noticenote 
  19. A Difficult Decision
  20. No Laughing Please
  21. The Most Impressive Comparison
  22. Family Heirloom Stick
  23. Lucky Cat (Part 1)
  24. Lucky Cat (Part 2)
  25. No Fish for the Kitten
  26. A Change of Heart
  27. The Anti-Class Extension Battlenote 
  28. No Easy Way to Tell You
  29. I Want My Mom
  30. A Search for Blind Dog Abu
  31. Rivals are Destined to Meet (Part 1)
  32. Rivals are Destined to Meet (Part 2)
  33. Goodbye, Star Planet
  34. Junior is Here
  35. Who Replaced Kalo?note 
  36. Romeo the Editor
  37. Laifu the Dog
  38. Sweetie the Chefnote 
  39. A Ban on Chocolate
  40. Spy Suspicions
  41. Invading Starry Planet with Anti-Inertianote 
  42. Who Reported Me Again?
  43. Great Strength Glovesnote 
  44. Little Monster's Helmet
  45. Jeiro Cat: The Cosmic Thief
  46. Superstar Band
  47. God of War Legend (Part 1)note 
  48. God of War Legend (Part 2)
  49. God of War Legend (Part 3)
  50. God of War Legend (Part 4)
  51. Escape Star Planet (Part 1)
  52. Escape Star Planet (Part 2)

    Season 8 (2014) 
Season 8: Happy Heroes and the Journey of Magic 《开心宝贝之奇幻之旅》: The ambassadors from Miao and Woof have barely departed before Planet Xing's Globe Leader falls into some sort of coma, caused by Big and Little M.'s new partner, the magician Haha Huo. When Haha Huo comes back to kill off the Global Leader, he encounters the Heroes and is forced to escape inside a book, entitled "A History of Magic" written by a person named Haha Xiao. As it turns out, Haha Xiao had four magic staffs that, when combined, could be used to perform a powerful magic, and would be strong enough to wake the Global Leader. The Heroes, using a special device, enter the book to retrieve the staffs. If Xing goes too long without a leader, the planet will devolve into chaos!

NOTE: The English episode titles shown here are from Miao Mi's English dub.

  1. Magical Fellow, Part 1: Save the President
  2. Magical Fellow, Part 2: Token of the Old Grand Master
  3. The Transformer
  4. The Worst Magic
  5. My Magic Studentsnote 
  6. Wand Detector
  7. The Important Notebook
  8. Blessing from the Spell Caster
  9. The Thousand Mile Trail
  10. A Tour to the Starry Planet
  11. Floating
  12. The Magic Pen
  13. The Staff in the Rock
  14. The Discouraged General
  15. The Fast Growth Potion
  16. The Magic Contract
  17. The Misfortune Tellernote 
  18. Counterattack
  19. Which is the Route?
  20. Pain Transfer
  21. Careless Keeper
  22. Happy Crackerman
  23. My Tree Men Friends
  24. A Shocking Distance
  25. Gossip in the Hair Salon
  26. Not Found in Magic History Referencenote 
  27. A Moving House
  28. The Day Disappearednote 
  29. The Pretender
  30. The Secret of Gnomes
  31. The Puppet Finding Its Nose
  32. The Frozen Secret
  33. The Sun Never Sets
  34. Life Correction Paper
  35. Villains Always Shine
  36. Big Monster Sleepwalking Studio
  37. The Silent Partner
  38. The Friendship Across Space and Time
  39. The Ancestor of Magic (Part 1)
  40. The Ancestor of Magic (Part 2)

    Season 9 (2015) 
Season 9: Happy Hero Alliance: Guardians Beyond Time 《开心超人联盟之超时空保卫战》: The Heroes discover a time machine made by a young Doctor to save his father. They accidentally start the machine and, along with Little M., are sent 25 years back in time, appearing in front of the child Doctor: Little H.. They decide to take care of the young boy who just lost his father. Meanwhile, Little M. finds the newly-made soldier and teenage prodigy, Big M.... The Heroes also learn new superpowers and abilities.

    Season 10 (2016) 
Season 10: Happy Hero Alliance: The Hero's Return 《开心超人联盟之英雄归来》: The Heroes bid farewell to Little H. from the past and return to the present to continue their duty of protecting Planet Xing. Big M. and Little M. have more tricks “up their sleeves:” the Discouraged Commander sent Big M. a state-of-the-art cape to aid their progress in conquering Planet Xing. A hero returns to the alliance.

NOTE: The English episode titles shown here are unofficially translated save for the episode "The Supermen are Busy" (taken from the official dub of Season 10).

  1. The Supermen are Busy
  2. Run, Superman Brothers

    Season 11 (2017)

Season 11: Happy Hero Alliance: Interplanetary Crisis《开心超人联盟之星际危机》: In a place far away from Planet Xing, a devastating explosion occurs on the planet of Guling. The three superheroes of Guling arrive on Planet Xing come seeking help from Happy S. and the others. To ensure peace and justice in the universe, Happy S. leads his comrades to assist them in their cause. While they’re finding clues, two mysterious forces of evil are trying to thwart their search for the truth. Their next target is Planet Xing… In addition to the return of the three minor characters, the superheroes of Guling, there is also the appearance of various mechanical monsters and more important characters in the arc.

    Special Season 1 (2018) 
Happy Heroes and the Magical Lab 《开心超人联盟之神奇实验室》.

NOTE: All English episodes shown here are unofficial except for "The Magic Eyes of the Safety Inspector" and "Unsafe Safety Belt".

  1. The Magic Eyes of the Safety Inspector
  2. Unsafe Safety Belt

    Special Season 2 (2018) 
Happy Hero Alliance: The City of Mystery 《开心超人联盟之谜之城》: Set to release in 2018. The plot consists of a mysterious and fantasy-based ancient city in a faraway planet. Accompanying the ancient city of the five chains, Kalo, Careful.S and their new friend Lisa will be present and will gradually expose these chains, one by one. After the crisis is resolved, they discovered an even bigger chain remaining.

    Season 12 (2019) 
Season 12: Happy Hero Alliance: Dangerous Counterattack 《开心超人联盟之绝地反击》: With a richer outlook of the world and the newly reformed superhero alliance, the plot consists of the existing alliance gathering a variety of resources to aid in creating a larger and more complex cosmic system.
  1. The Examiner is Coming

    Season 13 (2020) 
Season 13: Happy Hero Alliance: The Guardians of Energy Nuclear 《开心超人联盟之能源核守护者》.

    The Movies 
As of now, there are also 2 movies; both are around 90 minutes each:

Happy Heroes: The Movie 《开心超人大电影》 occurs sometime between Seasons 5 and 6. Big and Little M., with their new partner Shapeshifter, aim to take over the planet through spreading insect-like viruses through the Internet. Can the Heroes stop this new threat, without losing anyone along the way?

Happy Heroes 2: The Battle of Planet Qiyuan 《开心超人2启源星之战》 occurs sometime between Seasons 8 and 9. Planet Xing is hosting the first Interplanetary Hero Competition, and of course our Heroes from Xing are in attendance. Cockroach/Zelia is there as well, a pleasant surprise to everyone, especially Happy S. But when the competition is hijacked by a villain of old, it's up to Happy S., Zelia, and Big M. to save everyone and stop the ultimate weapon from destroying the universe!


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