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Oversensitive S., Sad S., and Sick S. are created in a different method than Happy S., Sweet S., Smart S., Careless S., and Careful S.
We never see their Jixie stones, or their Car Knights, and their vision may also be different from the Heroes.

The 3rd Movie will be about Doctor H.'s father.
We see Doctor H.'s father alive and well in the ending of the 2nd Movie, and it is shown as a Cliffhanger.
  • Jossed. But it does have connections with Doctor H.'s father.

Alternatively, Season 9 will be about the Heroes looking for Kalo.

Oversensitive S., Sad S., and Sick S. will never appear again.
Look at the facts: Why would the creators use a different superman in the movies who has fire powers when they already have Oversensitive S.? And why don't include the Guling superheroes in the Superhero race? The creators leaked that they will appear in Season 11.

Post Season 5, the locations of the stories went like this...
On Planet Xing, in another different location, and so on.
  • Season 5: Planet Xing
  • Season 6: Planet Guling
  • Season 7: Planet Xing
  • Season 8: Inside "A History of Magic" note 
  • Season 9: past Planet Xing note 
  • Season 10: Planet Xing
  • note 
  • Season 11: Planet Guling? Jossed, Planet Guling is destroyed in this season. Creators also leaked this.
  • Season 12: Planet Xing, probably

It takes place in the same universe as Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf.

But they're on separate planets.


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