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The Mustang is a 2019 independent film written and directed by Laure de Clermont-Tonnerre and produced by Robert Redford. It tells the story of Roman Coleman (Mattheis Schoenaerts), a prisoner with a violent history who shows little interest in rehabilitation until he gets involved in a program to train wild mustangs. He bonds with a particularly difficult horse and gradually becomes friends with his fellow trainers.


The film is based on a real program in the Nevada prison system and features an ending montage of real-life prisoners and the horses they have trained.

Featured Tropes

  • Fake American: Mattheis Schoenaerts is Belgian but does a convincing American accent.
  • Horsing Around: All the horses present challenges to the prisoners, which most of them relish.
  • Moody Mount: Roman's horse, Marcus, is difficult to train.
  • Prison: The film takes place almost entirely in prison.
  • Redemption Quest: Roman comes to terms with his past as he learns to love and protect his horse.
  • Relationship Reveal: It's a first unclear who the young woman visiting Roman is, until she reveals she is his daughter.

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