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Recap / Brooklyn Nine Nine S 3 E 20 Paranoia

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Paranoia is the twentieth episode of Brooklyn Nine-Nine's third season.

Rosa and Pimento got engaged, in the midst of a foot chase, no less, and drop the bombshell on a shocked detective squad. Terry makes it abundantly clear that he does not approve of Rosa rushing into marriage with someone as unstable as Pimento.

Jake becomes Pimento's best man and, in addition to putting together the bachelor party, is tasked by Rosa to change Terry's mind about objecting to her wedding. Although Jake tries his best to reassure Terry that Pimento has dramatically improved since coming back to the Nine-Nine, Pimento goes off and drops an even bigger bombshell: someone is trying to kill him!


Meanwhile, Charles, Amy, and Gina become Rosa's co-maids of honor and compete to see which one of them can put together the best bachelorette party and impress their normally stoic co-worker.

This episode provides examples of:

  • Absentee Actor: Holt is said to be off at a conference and only makes a very brief appearance in the stinger.
  • Affably Evil: The hitman is surprisingly polite and cooperative once he's been caught.
  • Bait-and-Switch: Gina's, Amy's, and Boyle's party ideas all initially seem lame until they explain further.
    • Gina's idea is to go to her teenage nephew's birthday party... which is a paintball party. Meaning they get to shoot a bunch of teenagers.
    • Amy's idea is a quiz game... where you drink if you get a question wrong. And the questions are all about Rosa, so everyone loses.
    • Boyle's idea is to go to a restaurant that only serves small intestines... which shut down (because it only served small intestines) and demolish the place.
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  • Best Woman: Charles is named maid of honor for Rosa's wedding, which he gladly accepts.
  • Big Brother Instinct: Terry vehemently opposes Rosa's engagement to Pimento because he believes Pimento's too unstable and will only hurt Rosa.
  • Black Comedy: Adrian's subplot.
  • Cassandra Truth: Terry initially refuses to believe that Pimento is being targeted by a hitman because Pimento is normally paranoid and spouting nonsense.
  • Dresses the Same: Jake meets with the man who ordered the hit on Pimento and they joke that they came wearing matching ski masks.
  • Drinking Game: Amy's party idea is a The Dating Game-type quiz about Rosa, where they have to take a drink for every incorrect answer. Needless to say, everyone is wasted by the end.
  • Faking the Dead: Jake takes a photo of Pimento pretending to be dead to fool the man targeting him and be able to track him down. Later, Pimento decides to leave the force for good, taking advantage of the fact that his enemies now think he's dead.
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  • Foreign Queasine: Charles takes Rosa to Le Petit Colon, a restaurant that only serves intestines. Everyone else finds it repulsive... so it's no surprise that it was closed weeks ago and they are there to help tear it down. Charles helps himself to some leftover tripe as the girls go wild on the furnishings.
  • Hidden Depths: Rosa's well-hidden desire to find a meaningful romantic relationship drives the plot of this episode and, surprisingly, is what gives this episode its emotional heft.
  • Know When to Fold 'Em: The hitman sent after Adrian's, apparently. Once he's been caught, he sits there quietly and politely, and answers Jake's questions with no hassle. Jake notes that he didn't expect a professional killer to be so cooperative.
  • Mood Whiplash: The episode turns darker when they find Adrian's hitman.
  • No Dead Body Poops: Discussed when the team is faking a picture of the dead Pimento. Pimento asks to have water poured on his crotch to make it seem that he relieved himself upon death. The others find it gross and decide to just shoot him from above the waist.
  • Paintball Episode: Gina's idea for a bachelorette party is to take Rosa and the others to her nephew's birthday party and beat him and his friends at paintball.
  • Properly Paranoid: Turns out someone is trying to kill Pimento after all.
  • Stag Party: Both storylines.
    • Jake plans a classy bachelor party for Pimento, consisting of a party bus and a steak dinner, but no strippers (to Hitchcock and Scully's disappointment). It all goes horribly wrong when Pimento thinks someone is trying to kill him, and then turns out to be correct.
    • Rosa's maids of honor (Amy, Gina and Charles) can't agree on a bachelorette party theme, so they just do all three of their ideas. Gina's is to crash her nephew's paintball birthday party, Amy's is a quiz game with a drinking component, and Charles' is to demolish an abandoned restaurant. Rosa chooses Charles' party as the best.
  • Walking Armory: Pimento pulls out enough weapons to arm five people seemingly out of thin air.
  • Wham Shot: Jake tailing the man who put the hit on Pimento and discovering that he works for the FBI.

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