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Recap / Big Finish Doctor Who 116 The Raincloud Man

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The Sixth Doctor and Charley are having an English breakfast in 2010 when the Doctor sees a newspaper article that draws him to Manchester where he again meets DI Menzies. The Doctor saw that someone had found a coin from 2012. Menzies and Charley go to see Kelsa McArthur, a time-sensitive alien to ask if there have been any recent time-disturbances. He has difficulty with Charley due to her being a living Timey-Wimey Ball and says she should tell the Doctor she has already met his future self. However while he is with her he falls downstairs and dies, causing Menzies to arrest Charley. However she is freed by someone called Lish.


The Doctor has traced the coin to a women called Carmen. She is working at the High Straits', a floating Casino where you can bet your future, present or past. Eventually Earth nearly gets involved in an interplanetary war and either the Doctor or Charley will have to bet their life, literally.


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