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  • Deadlands:
    • A perk in Deadlands: Hell on Earth called "Veteran of the Weird West" allows your character to have somehow survived the 200 years between the original Weird West Deadlands and the Wasted West of Hell on Earth. It adds a good number of extra starting points, however, is fairly well-balanced by the chart of Bad Stuff that's happened to you along the way.
  • Dungeons & Dragons:
    • In third edition, a 110-year-old elf is said to be equivalent to a 15-year-old human. However, the sourcebooks have disagreed on whether this is their physical age, or simply the age where they reach full emotional maturity and are considered adults by their culture. In the fourth edition, elves and eladrin reach adulthood in the same time as humans, but stay in their prime for as long as 200-300 years.
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    • Dwarves tend to be long-lived, and can live to be over 700-years-old if they're lucky. Their close cousins the gnomes can live a few centuries too, but not as much (except forest gnomes, who have been known to live a very long time, some as old as 800 years).
    • Giants tend to be very long-lived in some sources. Stone giants live the longest, up to 800 years. Storm giants can live to be 600, while cloud giants can average 400. Other giants aren't so lucky, but can still live anywhere from two to three centuries.
    • Edition 3.5 also has two races that are technically immortal and don't have a maximum age; Elan reach venerable age at 1000 (an elf's venerable age is 350...) and don't have a maximum age, while the Killoren only reach "old" age at around 500 and don't have a venerable age category or a maximum age. Elan, as a created race, are made to be effectively immortal. The first creator of the Ectopic Adept prestige class (from Complete Psionic) supposedly is still wandering the planes, after a few thousand years.
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    • The second edition module Darklords for Ravenloft has a vampire child à la The Vampire Chronicles
    • This trope also applies to several of Ravenloft's human darklords, owing to the Dark Powers' keeping them around to torment.
    • There are a number of people in the Forgotten Realms setting who are much order than they look. The Seven Sisters are more than 700 years old but appear to be in their thirties. Elminster Aumar and Halaster Blackcloak are more than a thousand years old but appear to be just old men.
    • In the 2nd Edition Birthright setting, one of the inheritable blood abilities (drops of divine power left in the mortal world) is Long Life, allowing someone to live up to five times, twenty times or one hundred times longer. One seemingly middle-aged character is widely rumoured to have gained his long life at the very battle where the Old Gods died!
  • Most of the Exalted age extremely slowly beyond a certain point, which normally results in Immortality Begins at Twenty and the occasional Old Master. However, Abyssal Exalted stop aging at all, regardless of what age they were when they exalted. One of the Deathlords (the Dowager) is specifically mentioned as having a(n apparently) 10-year-old girl as a Deathknight servant. Her name is Shoat of the Mire and she's a Dusk caste, which means she will kick your ass.
    • Of course, let us not forget the slightly older-looking, more well-known Raksi and, since Second Edition, Mnemon. Whether because you were scarred by the formless chaos your people fled to at the fall of Atlantis or because you screwed up at wizarding school and they had to build another one, ending up a sixteen year old-looking redheaded hottie for the rest of your unnaturally long life ain't so bad an outcome. Of course, it wouldn't be meaningful if it didn't also make you a cannibal or (one of) The Chosen One(s).
  • Magic: The Gathering has a few of these. All planeswalkers used to be this, before the Mending of Dominaria brought their power levels down from godlike to simply powerful mages. There are however some non-planeswalkers who have accomplished this, and some of the old guard survived the Mending and managed to maintain their immortality through various means.
    • The Elder Dragons, namely Nicol Bolas and Ugin, are immortals. While they do have planeswalker sparks, their immortality stems from the simple fact that they are dragons. And with age comes experience, making them two of the mightiest beings in the multiverse.
    • Teferi, a planeswalker who survived the mending, spent his immortal days mastering time magic, and even without his Spark he can pretty much control his own aging as he likes.
    • Liliana Vess lost her immortality in the Mending, and didn't like the idea of dying (nor did Lichdom appeal much to her). She sold her soul to five demons, gaining eternal youth in return, and then went to work killing the demons. As of War of the Spark, her contract is void, and she's presumably mortal again.
    • Jodah stands out as not only being a non-planeswalker who's nevertheless been alive for almost as long as Urza, but has also outlived him and was the original codifier of the laws of magic. As of his most recent appearance, he's been alive for 4150-something years.
  • In the New World of Darkness, Vampire: The Requiem features a number of examples.
    • Hunter: The Vigil features the head of the Malleus Maleficarum, who's a rogue ghoul sustained by vampire blood, and a number of members of the Lucifuge (including its leader, also called the Lucifuge), who qualify through their status in the organization.
  • Rook Catchfly in Nobilis appears to be ten, but she's actually from the nineteenth century and thanks to the nature of Afflictions, she is totally unable to age. She has been known to protest that she's "not young, just stuck!"
  • The Vampire: The Masquerade RPG by White Wolf has tons of examples of this, of course. One of the more notorious should be Ur-Shulgi, who looks like a small child but is thousands of years old. There's even one über-ancient vampire, the progenitor of the mad Malkavian clan, that appears at one point as 12 small girls with glowing eyes.
  • Warhammer has its elves following this very well, along with many of their vampires. The Slann seem to look the same no matter how many thousand years they have lived, and daemons do not age. Arguably, daemons aren't alive, being at best quasi-sentient magical constructs formed from the emotions of sentient races. That being said, there are a number of Chaos-related things which fall into this trope (if not Time Abyss): the dragon ogres made a pact with Tzeentch for immortality in exchange for servitude (and sterility), and only seem to age and grow when woken by thunderstorms. The sorcerer Udolpho traded his soul for immortality (apparently for himself and his household), with the proviso that he was never borednote . The one who really takes the cake, however, is the Great Enchanter, Constant Drachenfels; thanks to his habit of body-surfing, he is/was old enough to remember the coming of the Slann to the Warhammer world, which means that he, personally, was older than every other sapient species on the planet.
  • Warhammer 40,000:
    • Slaanesh is easily older than 10,000 years old, but whenever s/he chooses to reveal itself to a mortal will take a form that person considers the most attractive.
    • The Emperor himself is provably older than Slaanesh and claims (with debatable evidence) to be five times older, but looks like a human male in his thirties or something. Or rather, he used to look like that before being put on life support for the last ten thousand years; now he looks like what you'd expect him to look like after being strapped to a chair for one hundred centuries.
    • Space Marines in general have a life expectancy closer to a thousand years, but certainly don't look like that, while their Chaos equivalents can live practically forever — and even if they kinda look like shit, it has nothing to do with their age. The life expectancy of a marine is based on Commander Dante Chapter Master of the Blood Angels who is the oldest living Space Marine (outside of Dreadnoughts), and even that is a low figure, considering the the only indication of his age we are given is a quote in one codex where he says he's "served as lord of the Blood Angels for 1,100 years". Considering the most chapter masters are already several centuries old when they take office, it's plausible that Dante's actual age is at least half again that number. However, no Space Marine has ever died of old age and they're ultimately genetically related to the Emperor so their lifespan could be limitless. The Horus Heresy novels even outright say that Space Marines are functionally immortal. Space Marines in Dreadnoughts take this Up to Eleven, they're kept in hibernation between battles Bjorn the Fell Handed fought during the Horus Heresy 10,000 years ago.
    • Also in the Warhammer 40000 universe, there's the Apex Twins, a pair of psychic twins who are alpha-level psykers. They have the appearance of two 6-year-old girls and project an aura of incredible cuteness and harmlessness, inspiring anyone nearby to protect them, even if they were originally supposed to be killing them. Their true age is unknown, but it is known to be measured in millennia.
    • Because of the existence of rejuvenat treatments, everyone (well... everyone with either lots of money or the right connections) in the Imperium can retain their youthful looks for quite a while. One novel has an assassin in her late teens impersonate a fictional noble somewhere past 150.
    • According to most (non-battle) fluff (which isn't a lot), Eldar don't leave school until they're 100, and, according to the codex, show no signs of age until they're about 1,000. And given that Farseers actually get tougher as they get older...
    • Eldrad Ulthran was a young trainee during the Fall which was at least 10,000 years ago (If not older, one of the Codices has a passage from an Eldar poet who mentioned that the Eldar have sung their songs of lament since before humanity's first ancestors crawled on their bellies from the sea).
    • Asdrubael Vect is at least as old as the fall, and possibly far older. He is able to claim that he himself laid the foundations of Commoragh and, while false (he was but a slave back then), no one else is old enough to verify his claims.
    • Yriel is at least a thousand years old, but pictures of him and his model make him look more like he is 30-ish.
    • The Phoenix Lords might be an extreme example, as they are conglomerates of the souls of everyone to have worn their armor dominated by the consciousness of the first and greatest, which suggests that they are biologically three hundred or so while mentally over a hundred thousand.
    • Dark Eldar plays it straight to the casual outside viewer, but to anyone with decent psychic powers or Daemons, this is horrifically averted; they extend their lives by feeding off of the suffering of others, sending their damned souls to Slaanesh in their place. This results in their bodies still aging well past the point of reason and only their sorceries can keep their appearances presentable. However Daemons and Psykers can (must) see through this. For the average human psyker, this is apparently brain bleach enough to make them go insane.
    • Yarrick is, what, four hundred? And still disassembling Orks with an old power klaw. Old Soldier indeed. A common theory is that he is sustained by the fact that the Orks believe that he will always be around to fight them. Since Orks generate a psychic field that can cause things to be true if enough Orks believe it this is not unreasonable.
    • Eisenhorn was 42 in Xenos, 140 in Malleus, and 256 in Hereticus. Hereticus ends in the 7th century of M41, so he'd be pushing 500 but isn't slowing down yet.
    • Kryptmann is rumored to still be at large hunting Tyranids around the Galaxy, despite being more than 2000 years old and on the run for much of this time.
    • Commander Farsight of the Tau looks like he's in his mid 40's. This is misleading for two reasons; He's actually several hundred years old now and Tau generally only live to around 40-50. The Dawn Blade, a unique weapon he found on Arthas Moloch, is able to suck the life out of whomever he kills and adds the years they would have left to live to his own. Given that he's been killing everything from Orks to Space Marines (neither of which has had a single member canonically die of old age yet) he's probably not gonna die of old age anytime soon. Unfortunately he has no idea that this is why he's been living this long, and the fluff implies if he ever knew why, he would immediately kill himself in horror and regret.


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