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    The Film 

From the movie:

  • Betelgeuse goes to a whorehouse in one scene. This was a PG movie!
  • "Nice fucking model!" (HONK HONK)
  • BJ also says the word "shit" when speaking to Lydia about why he can't say his name.
  • Barbara states she doesn't want to expose Lydia "to that pervert down there." This is after BJ has groped Barbara and tried to lift up her dress.
  • Blink and you miss it: Immediately prior to showing the Maitlands his scary face, Betelgeuse quickly makes a dismissive jerking-off motion.
  • After the recently deceased football team in Juno's office leaves, one of them asking about the men's room, the same player comes back later and says "I don't think we survived that crash." A smug Juno replies "how'd you guess?"

    The Animated Series 

From the cartoon:

  • BJ still refers to himself as "the ghost with the most" in several episodes.
  • In "Out of My Mind," after he and Lydia have made up, BJ begins eating a plate of spaghetti. The way he maneuvers his tongue (and the way he looks at Lydia while he does it) is a little... unsettling.
  • The episode "Pest O' The West" featured an enraged bull ghost, Bully the Crud, who responds to Beetlejuice's interruption of his wedding ceremony to Lydia by screaming, "Nobody cuts off my nuptials and gets away with it!" According to the writers, yes it was deliberate, and yes they were amazed that they got away with it.
  • The episode "Mom's Best Friend" has Beetlejuice turned into a dog and he can't turn back into himself because of a restrictive collar he has on. Lydia brandishes a pair of scissors and says, "I know how to fix it... we'll cut it off!" BJ shrieks in horror.
  • In "Hotel Hello," Delia is kidnapped by a vampire. Near the end, when Charles rescues her and confronts the vampire, he says, "I'm the only one who bites that woman on the neck!"
  • In "Beetle Geezer," Lydia is apologizing to Beetlejuice about the boring activities she has planned for her visiting 85-year-old grandmother. Charles had impressed upon his daughter how much his mother needed to keep calm, and she advises Beetlejuice to remember what her father had said. Apparently, Beetlejuice was eavesdropping at a different moment, because he proceeds to do an impression of Charles that the kids watching the show should not have understood.
    Beetlejuice: *in Charles's voice* But Delia, you always have a headache!
  • In "A-Ha!", while investigating who allegedly stole Doomie, Beetlejuice finds a poster reading "I am a (picture of a donkey)". When asking Lydia what it means, she looks at the audience and says "No comment", leading Beetlejuice to make many inane guesses on what the poster is meant to say. In case you didn't get it, the poster read "I am a jackass."
    • And before that, one of his guesses was "a rabbit on steroids".
    • There was also another episode where Beetlejuice morphed into a donkey while saying "I am a complete-", before being cut off, and another where he actually says "jackass".
  • A literal example occurs when Beetlejuice is sleepy and morphs based on euphemisms for being tired as he heads off to bed. When he says "I'm pooped," he freezes and decides he should quit while he's ahead.
  • In "Goody Two Shoes", Beetlejuice's antics get his neighbors to fight each other on Good Neighbor Day, causing a fairy named Goody Two Shoes to intervene.
    Goody Two Shoes: Hello. I'm from the Bureau of Sweetness and Prissiness, henceforth referred to as BS&P.
    • In case you didn't get it: Not only are "BS" and "P" two words related to forms of excrement, but also the initials for the Bureau of Standards and Practices — the people who man the radar this is sneaking past.
  • There's a subtle one that doubles as a Genius Bonus in "Not So Peaceful Pines", where BJ develops a literal split personality, and his Bad Side goes on a pranking rampage in Lydia's town. Lydia and BJ's Good Side go get help from Freud Expy Zigmund Void, and we get this little gem:
    Zigmund Void: Aha! It's worse than I thought! We are dealing with an Eat-A-Bus (Oedipus) Complex!
    (cuts to a shot of a school bus with a MASSIVE bite taken out of it)
  • In "A Very Grim Fairy Tale," Little Boo Peep has lost his sheep. Lydia replies, "Maybe we can help you get your sheep together."
  • In "Robbin Juice of Sherweird Forest," BJ is amazed to learn that beetles come from the Sherweird Forest. He never knew.
    BJ: You see, no one's ever told me about the birds and the beetles.
    Lydia: We'll have that little talk later.
  • In "Mr. Beetlejuice Goes to Town," BJ's become a corrupt mayor and his friends are trying to get him out of office. To lure him to a bugged room, Lydia dresses up in an alluring costume, with a veil over her face, and uses a deep, sultry voice. BJ is practically drooling when he sees her, and when she pulls him close to speak quietly in his ear, the whole scene is bizarrely seductive - especially considering how young she is. (Later, when he learns that the gorgeous woman was Lydia, he seems uncertain how to process this information.)
  • One of the few times the Neitherworld is referred to as the afterlife was at the end of "Spooky Boo-tique", after Beetlejuice hits the Reset Button by sending Lydia's store to the Neitherworld their one customer that he didn't have to hypnotize says she's "dying to know" where they've relocated. BJ responds with "let's just say, you'll have to."
  • At the end of "The Unnatural", after the baseball game is called off, Beetlejuice announces it's "a real sister-kisser" and turns into a clown-girl who tries to smooch Scuzzo.
  • In “Highs-Ghoul Confidential”, there’s a moment when BJ’s at his highs-ghoul prom and he asks, “Alright, who spiked the punch?” note 


    The Comic Books 
  • "The Neitherworld Beauty (You've Gotta Be Kidding) Pageant" ends with a "Miss Scenterfold" pinup. How many kids reading the comic knew what a centerfold pinup even was?
  • In "Scuzz-O," Lucky Lucifer notes that "Beetlejuice can certainly make life hellish for a person."


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