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Drinking Game / Beetlejuice

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  • Take a shot whenever Lydia summons Beetlejuice.
    • Take two shots whenever Lydia use her full incantation to go to the Neitherworld!
  • Take a shot whenever Lydia refers to Beetlejuice as BJ or Beej.
    • Take a shot whenever Beetlejuice refers to Lydia as Lyds or Babes.
  • Unless you value your health too much, take a shot if Beetlejuice makes a pun.
    • Take a drink when it's a visual gag that is shown during the pun.
      • Also take a drink when Beetlejuice is screwing around with Lydia.
  • Take a shot whenever Lydia's parents are introduced to Beetlejuice disguised as someone else.
  • Take a drink whenever "Mr. Beetleman" is mentioned.
  • Take a shot whenever Beetlejuice pulls a prank.
    • Take a 2 shots if Beetlejuice pulls a prank on Lydia's parents.
      • Take a drink whenever Claire Brewster is pranked or terrified by Beetlejuice.
  • Take a shot any time Claire starts her dialogue with "Like".
  • Maybe a shot if Lydia giggles.
  • Whenever Beetlejuice says, "You know I love/hate em'/it.", take a drink.
  • A shot every time there's a call back to the 1988 movie.
  • A shot whenever Ginger tap dances.
  • Take a shot whenever Jacques falls apart and scatters.
    • Two whenever BJ is responsible for it.
  • Whenever Delia's doing something artistic, take a drink, chug the bottle if people hate it.
  • Whenever Charles is bumbling, take a drink.
  • Take a drink whenever Beetlejuice and Lydia hug each other.
  • Take a shot whenever Beetlejuice says "It's Showtime!"

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