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Drinking Game / Ben 10: Omniverse

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A Drinking Game for Ben 10: Omniverse:

  • Take a shot whenever Ben says, “it’s hero time!”

  • Take a shot whenever there is a transformation sequence. When it’s just a flash of green light, it doesn’t count.

  • Take a shot whenever a new alien for Ben is introduced.

  • Take a shot whenever Blukic and Driba start arguing.

  • Take a shot whenever smoothies are referenced or are being drunk, with an additional sip for each additional character drinking one.

  • Take a shot if a Revonnahgander uses a contraction.
    • Add a sip if it's Rook.
    • Add another sip if another character points out their use of a contraction.

  • Take a shot whenever Rook misuses or misunderstands a human expression.
    • Add a sip if someone corrects him.

  • Take a shot for every “and I use the term loosely” or any variant said by Dr. Psychobos.
    • Take two shots if the line is referenced by another character.

  • Take a shot every time the Omnitrix turns Ben into the wrong alien.
    • Two if he was trying to get Humongosaur.

  • Take a sip for every “let me tell you something” said by Rath.

  • Take a shot whenever Ben ruins Pakmar’s business.

  • Any time Ben does any form of property damage to Mr. Baumann calls for a shot.

  • Take a shot whenever there is a flashback.

  • In the Galactic Monsters arc, take a shot every time Ben screams. This rule starts being in place the first time you see the Galactic Monsters intro, and stops when it is gone.

  • Whenever Ben turns into Eye Guy, take a sip any time he makes a pun with the word “eye.”

  • Whenever Lucy screws with someone with her shape shifting powers or just outright teases/pranks them and then says “SYKE!”, take a shot and then start playing the troll song(yes, the one by Eduard Khil that goes “TROLOLOLOLO LOLOLO LOLOLO, LOLOLOLOLO!”) while you take the shot for better effect.

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