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    The Movie 
  • AFI's 100 Years… 100 Laughs: #88
  • Awesome, Dear Boy: Why Michael Keaton took the role and, nearly 30 years later, is still ready for the sequel whenever it escapes Development Hell; he's stated on numerous occasions that it's his favorite role.
  • Celebrity Voice Actor:
    • The Japanese version features comedian Norio Nishikawa as Betelgeuse, actress and singer Shizue Abe as Barbara Maitland and Masato Sako as Charles Deetz.
    • In the Latin American Spanish dub, Betelgeuse is voiced by actor and singer Henry Salvat.
  • Creator Backlash: Alec Baldwin apparently was not happy with his performance.
  • Deleted Scene:
    • There was originally a scene where Lydia was developing photos of Adam and Barbara in Delia's bed sheets and tries to show them to her dad. Seen here.
    • There was supposed to be another encounter with the sandworm when Adam and Barbara were hiding from the Deetzes. Here.
    • There was also an alternate version of the scene where Adam tries to leave the house and it didn't include him on Saturn. Here.
    • The ending was different than the final film version. Here.
  • Looping Lines: While Tony Cox portrayed the preacher on-set, his lines were re-dubbed by veteran actor Jack Angel.
  • Mid-Development Genre Shift: In the original script, the film was imagined to be more of a graphic horror rather than a comedy, and instead of marrying Lydia, Betelgeuse was originally going to rape her.
  • Referenced by...: Creature Features Haunted is very similar, with a ghost trying to get rid of the living family "haunting" his house.
  • Romance on the Set: Catherine O'Hara met her future husband, Production Designer Bo Welch, while making this film.
  • Star-Making Role: This is the film that jump-started Winona Ryder's career.
  • Throw It In!: 90% of Michael Keaton's lines are ad-libbed.
  • Vaporware: The scrapped sequel Beetlejuice Goes Hawaiian. Allegedly, Burton deliberately came up with a ridiculous premise in order to stop the sequel from being made. Kevin Smith was offered the chance to do a rewrite of the script before being attached to the also-unmade Superman Lives. His response to the execs boiled down to "Didn't we say all we needed to say with the first Beetlejuice? Must we go tropical?" However, the script does exist and can be found online.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • The film was originally envisioned as a straightforward horror film before Tim Burton and Michael Keaton got involved.
    • Originally, the movie was to have Lydia be a minor character and was to be your typical movie teenager. She was also supposed to have a nine-year-old sister named Cathy who befriended the Maitlands and was nearly mauled to death by Beetlejuice. Somewhere along the planning process, Tim Burton decided to take character traits from both and make Lydia a Composite Character.
    • Likewise, Betelgeuse himself was a lot more sinister and had something along the lines of a Good Twin named Swallowtail.
    • Also, originally, Burton wanted Sammy Davis Jr.. to play the role of Betelgeuse. Other candidates included Jim Carrey, Tim Curry, Sam Kinison, Christopher Lloyd, Dudley Moore, Bill Murray, Jack Nicholson and Robin Williams.
    • Anjelica Huston was originally meant to be Delia, but she was ill and couldn't come for filming.
    • Heather Langenkamp was considered for the role of Lydia after Tim Burton saw her in A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984). Langenkamp turned the part down because she didn't want to play a goth girl. Other candidates included Jennifer Connelly, Diane Lane, Juliette Lewis, Alyssa Milano, Sarah Jessica Parker, Molly Ringwald and Brooke Shields.
    • Bill Pullman was considered for Adam.
    • Wes Craven was the first choice to direct before Tim Burton got involved.
    • Originally it was going to be mentioned that Beetlejuice committed suicide when he hanged himself over a woman when he was drunk - and that he botched the job and ended up suffocating painfully instead of a quick snapped neck. There wasn't time for it.
    • When Betelgeuse appeared in snake form, he originally was supposed to be snakelike in appearance. It's been implied that they make it look more like the character so that the audience doesn't think it's some random monster from the afterlife. [1]
    • Lydia was going to die and continue hanging out in the house with the Maitlands. The studio rejected it as carrying Unfortunate Implications, telling goth teens they should die and/or that suicide is a good way to resolve your problems.
  • The Wiki Rule: Yep. It covers both the film and the cartoon.
  • Working Title: During a dispute with the Warner Bros. people over the title, which was originally going to be House Ghosts, Burton jokingly suggested they call it Scared Sheetless - and was shocked when they considered it!

    The Animated Series 
  • Absentee Actor: Despite being the co-star, there are five episodes in which Lydia doesn't appear.
  • Actor Allusion: Beetlejuice shows quite a few times that he is well-versed in the works of William Shakespeare (heck, they're actually good friends in the show's canon!). His voice actor, Stephen Ouimette, is a trained Shakespearean actor.
  • Genius Bonus:
    • In "Forget-Me-Nuts," the heroes accompany Dr. Zigmund Void into BJ's brain. The words "Bukowski Was Here" are scrawled on one of the cranium walls; Charles Bukowski was a writer who was known, among other things, for his newspaper column "Notes of a Dirty Old Man."
    • In "Robbin Juice of Sherweird Forest," Alan Airedale sings a continuous ballad either describing BJ's antics or telling him what to do next. The ballad's tune is a slightly up-tempo rendition of "Greensleeves," composed by Henry VIII.
    • In the final episode, "Not So Peaceful Pines," BJ develops a literal split personality, and his Bad Side goes on a pranking rampage in Lydia's town. Lydia and BJ's Good Side once again seek help from Freud Expy Zigmund Void, and we get this little gem:
    Zigmund Void: Aha! It's worse than I thought! We are dealing with an Eat-A-Bus (Oedipus) Complex!
    (cuts to a shot of a school bus with a MASSIVE bite taken out of it)
  • Keep Circulating the Tapes: Originally played straight, but now completely averted. All 109 episodes were released on a 12-disc set by Shout! Factory on May 28, 2013. They can be bought here.
  • Milestone Celebration: "The Neitherworld's Least Wanted," in which BJ's enemies team up to destroy him, was done for the 100th episode of the series.
  • Off-Model: The end scene of "Beetlejuice's Parents" shows Lydia in her red poncho without the black leotard underneath.
  • Official Fan-Submitted Content: The script for "Brides of Funkenstein" was written by a teenage fan.
  • Recycled: The Series
  • Screwed by the Network: Subverted in real life, as both ABC and Fox Kids aired this show simultaneously in the 1991-92 season (FOX aired it on weekdays and ABC aired it on weekends), making it the first Saturday morning cartoon to do so. The show's end in 1992 is normal, as most cartoons based on popular movies don't last very long (The Real Ghostbusters, The Mask: The Animated Series, and Ace Ventura: The Animated Series are the only exceptions). On the show, some of the episodes were thin metaphors about Executive Meddling and Moral Guardians trying to make Beetlejuice's life (aka the show) Lighter and Softer for audiences.
  • Similarly Named Works: The episode "It's a Wonderful Afterlife" shares its title with a 2010 British dark comedy film, although the plots are completely different.
  • Talking to Himself:
    • Tara Strong (under her maiden name) voiced both Bertha and Claire, who had lines together in several episodes.
    • Stephen Ouimette often did this, as he voiced not only Beetlejuice but also the various parts of Beetlejuice when they would separate and act as individual characters.
  • Voices in One Room: Largely averted, according to an interview with Stephen Ouimette. He and Alyson Court would record their lines together, just the two of them, and the rest of the cast would be recorded and added afterward. This makes sense, as BJ and Lydia have more scenes together than any other characters and also have the closest relationship in the show.

     Other Media 
  • Name's the Same: Astaroth, the final boss of the Beetlejuice game for Game Boy, shares his name with the Great Duke of Hell in demonology.
    • One of the storylines in the comic books is called "Scuzz-O," but it has nothing to do with Scuzzo the Monster Clown from the cartoon.


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