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Fridge Brilliance

  • Beetlejuice never speaks his own name. It's implied he can't — otherwise, he could summon himself whenever he wanted.
    • This might be part of the reason he gives himself alternate personas in the cartoon, like Grimdiana Bones, Uncle BJ, and Sherlock Homely to name a few.
  • Death causes paperwork for the Celestial Bureaucracy that is the Afterlife. Suicide causes more death, which causes more paperwork. Therefore, suicide victims- who had killed themselves with the hope of either ending their pain, or possibly getting to heaven- are punished for causing more paperwork by having to file that paperwork during their time as ghosts. It doubles up to teach them that suicide doesn't end your problems, while at the same time not condemning them to Hell.
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  • Why are there hauntings in the first place? Ghosts have to have numbers and paperwork and case workers to handle all of that. Think about it; people who die go somewhere ultimately, but even completely accidental deaths like the Maitlands have to spend 125 years waiting for something - waiting in the living world.

Fridge Horror

  • People retain the physical state they were in when they died. We see people hanging from nooses and flattened by cars. Imagine what happens to people who are blown apart or otherwise reduced to tiny fragments.
    • Well, Adam and Barbara were supposed to have died when their car fell into a river, but they're not wet. But that's a production matter, so I don't know if it counts...
  • While Betelgeuse's backstory was cut from the film, it's implied by the fact that suicide victims become paper-pushers in the after-life, and he used to work with Juno. In the original script, he hanged himself while drunk because a woman broke his heart.


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