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Tear Jerker / Beetlejuice

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    The Movie 
  • The mournful rendition of "The Banana Boat Song" sums up the Maitlands' quandary: "Daylight comes and I wanna go home..."
  • When the Maitlands are being exorcised, it can bring a tear to the eye. It gets so bad that even Lydia's father seems to realize that what's happening is hurting them and pleads with Otho to stop it.
    • Lydia shouting for it to stop doesn't help matters.
  • When the Maitlands realize they are dead is pretty tear-inducing - especially considering that seconds earlier, they'd been talking about continuing to try to get pregnant during this vacation.
    Adam: Barb, honey... we're dead. I don't think we have anything to worry about anymore.
    • When Barbara's relative Jane thoughtlessly says their house should be for a couple with a family, Barbara looks really hurt - it's clear they've been trying to have a child, with no success.
    • The reason they're so protective of Lydia is probably because, now that they're dead, mentoring her is the closest they'll get to raising their own child.
  • Before meeting the Maitlands, Lydia was unhappy with her life. When Betelgeuse attacks her, her parents, and Otho, she thinks the Maitlands sent him. This supposed betrayal is what nearly drives her to suicide.

    The Animated Series 
  • Very early in the series, in "Out of My Mind," Lydia explains to BJ that if her parents learn of his existence, they'll forbid her to see him again. He starts sobbing for a moment, and clutches his heart.
    • Later in the same episode, Lydia is angry at BJ for breaking a promise, and tells him that she's not speaking to him again until he apologizes. It doesn't take long for him to fall into a depressive state, sniffling and unable to keep himself from thinking about her.
  • In "Doomie's Romance," the failed attempt at bringing Pinky to life causes Doomie to sob uncontrollably. It brings Lydia to tears, and even BJ is struggling to hide how much it's affecting him.
  • In "Poe Pourri," Edgar Allan Poe spends most of the episode lamenting about his lost Lenore. Late in the episode, he starts to do it again, and BJ cuts him off, sarcastically noting that he's already said that he lost her. Poe replies, "No! I lost your precious Lydia!" He then resumes weeping - and Beetlejuice, looking stricken, does the same thing. Fortunately, Lyds isn't lost; she shows up a few seconds later with Lenore in tow.

    The Comic Books 
  • In "This Is Your Lice," the first storyline, a hypnotist induces Lydia to lose interest in strange and freaky things, and to behave more like a typical teenager. That's bad enough, but somehow, this also causes her to forget Beetlejuice entirely. Once he realizes what's happened, he's absolutely distraught; he says he's going to "cry my eyes out," noting that "I'm nowhere without my pal Lydia, and now she'll never call my name three times again!"

    The Musical 
  • Lydia's solos "Dead Mom" and "Home" can be construed as such, one for how much she misses her recently passed on mother, the other for how she comes to terms with it and decides to move on, not only for herself but for her father and Delia.


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