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Clara: Since when do you care about the Doctor?
Missy: Since always. Since the Cloister Wars. Since the night he stole the moon and the President's wife. Since he was a little girl. One of those was a lie — can you guess which one?

"The Kardashian family did not become as successful as they are today because everyone was ignoring them. But because we don't really think they deserve their fame, we are willing to believe almost any terrible thing about them. For example, when Lamar Odom was rushed to the hospital a few weeks ago, members of his estranged wife's family hurried to be by his side. And if you believe this Radar Online headline, they did so with cameras in tow, all ready to film that human tragedy for their TV show. It didn't matter that E! completely denied this; Radar still kept the article up and people continued to believe it because it seemed like something those fame-whores would do."

"You could knock me over, with whatever you use to knock over someone who isn't the least bit surprised. Everything with this family you think is... turns out to be."

"When you black out drinking and you do crazy things, you kinda become like Michael Jackson. Like, any story anyone says about you might be true, and even you don't know by the end. I saw an interview with Michael Jackson before he died, and they were like, 'Is it true you bought The Elephant Man's bones?' and he was like, 'I don't know', you know, 'cause how could he keep track of that?"
John Mulaney, New In Town

the weird thing is that there was such an established body of Wacko Jacko humour by that point that the molestation jokes could just slot right in as just another crazy character trait, like “plastic nose”, “bleached skin”, “fucks kids”, “hyperbaric chamber”, “chimpanzee”, without anyone going wait what
Tumblr user argumate on Michael Jackson


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